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  1. In the end, it is the logical consequence of the introduction of this server. NA playerbase split up. For now I guess you have to decide yourself whether you rather want long queue times or tick both servers and playing with high ping until there is a better solution..
  2. Hello, we suspend people manipulating stats permanently every day. It's not allowed to call out players on the forums. The only way to prevent this is by giving accounts a higher value. There is something in the works but it may take some time..
  3. I didn't really think of it in a defensive manner but more in an offensive one. Like you jump in and make enemies run into directions away from cthul to split up enemies and follow up team could catch the one running into their direction. But sure, it was just a thought, I still think there should be a change on the ulti to make him feel better. If you force them to attack cthul when within range for like 2s it would be more reliable but likely too similar to legios taunt..
  4. I think his Q->E combo is quite fun. My main problem with cthul is that his ulti (at least the 2nd part) is quite unreliable and feels a bit lackluster. I feel like this could be reworked. Currently it has a bit of synergy with his E, however, it might be better to remove that synergy and rather add something unique to the game. I could think of some fear spell forcing enemies to ran away from cthul without being able to control their hero. Or some aoe perplex.
  5. How about making his E passive (adding MS if a spell is casted, similar to pyros attack speed gain). Downside of that is that it cannot be cast on teammates anymore. To fix that, his W could be cast on a teammate with a similar, but turned around effect (slowing blitz while speeding up the allied target). That way he would still have a save mechanism.
  6. Most of the time you have the moment as you often stun first anyway but I agree. No harm removing it - like the suggestion.
  7. Good luck in your future endeavors.
  8. The case was already handled through an inquiry. Closing
  9. tried 64bit client? without any further info it's hard to help.. does it install? if yes, what exactly happens on starting the game? have you tried cleaning your documents folder? if no, have you tried cleaning your update dir?
  10. Hello, Thanks for the suggestion. In general this is already planned, however, there is no ETA on it by now.
  11. Dota2 implemented similar upgrades recently. Instead of combining it with frostburn/firebrand/lightbrand they just let it combine with Acco staff, axe and dancing blade + a receipt (in dota more than 1000k). As a super late game item upgrade.
  12. This has been discussed plenty of times and there is no need to remove the jungling capability imho. You gotta ask yourself the question: If you call farm short and one player picks jungle (cause he usually plays short), would you adjust and support anytime they decide to go short farm as well? From my experience, most people are not capable of adjusting their role and rather fight all game with the person who "took my lane". It can bring quite some additional toxicity. @Mezi You keep creating those posts ignoring anything said. Your opinion is really biased. If what you sa
  13. Guess that's your opinion. I also like to play suicide. The more impact you have, the more fun (obviously). With the ability to pull, there is no need to sit inactive in the trees or hug the tower, imho. There are games where you will not have a proper chance due to the support doing really good but in the majority you can annoy the carry which is basically your goal.
  14. I don't think he is "utterly ridiculous". He was nerfed really hard and those got partially reverted plus the changes to his E (which I think are quite healthy). I haven't seen him banned or picked too often in my games. From the usage he is doing good, winrate is below 50% according to the client. If you compare it to other heroes are considered as "broken" (or at least a bit overbuffed), e.g. Artillery (maybe Adrenaline), you can see that their win rates increased a lot while shadowblade's is in a quite healthy spot. I dunno about those rates in certain brackets but for me I kinda like
  15. Elec/Magmus + Tort DS + Cthul (Probably the strongest offlane out there) Pharao + Goldenveil Revenant + Magmus/Cthul
  16. Not the correct place but your acc is disabled. Contact customer support regarding your issue.
  17. He can see the chatlog on https://hon-stats.herokuapp.com/ Also, he can simply watch the match in the game client by opening up the match id. Most of the verbal abuse reports are automatically judged by an AI. GMs mostly handle griefing cases. No, the majority of the reports are innocent. The numbers have been relatively stable over the past. The GM count is increasing. So it's more the other way around. More reports can get handled -> lower threshold for single reports.
  18. Cause it also boosts his RAP karma and he might also be interested in solo reporting. Lets say 6000 reports per week and a GM handles 30 (sure, some will handle more, but it's up to them). It would require 200 GMs to handle those tickets. Thats more than 3x the amount of GMs we currently have. We are recruiting actively. Until the threshold is reached and we are capable of handling all reports, we can't change the system as we need to catch the maximum amount of guilty people (and that's what the current system is good at providing).
  19. One single game on a new acc does not make the priority higher. You need 10-15 successful reports to be eligible to solo report. For your main account, you have created too many innocent reports. You need like 10% more guilty ones to solo report. Hundreds of people are capable of solo reporting and considering we receive ~500 daily reports, I'd say the reporting system works fine. If someone is really griefing, multiple people tend to report the person. Might not be the case for all games but quite often. Having 1 guilty report on a new acc won't prevent you from creating rage repor
  20. I like the camp changes.. might not be super balanced for both sides but nothing that cannot be countered by wards. You can even block the camp if you deem it necessary. If you don't punish the enemy team for having a draconis farming there, it's basically your fault. You gain gold rather fast in MW - getting the camp gold once per minute isn't really a game changer considering that you are fighting 4v5 mid during that time. IF there should be changes to the camp, that would be it's accessibility from both sides.
  21. You are likely a very minor part of the community - and I'm glad that your request does not reflect the "entire gaming community" but likely very few individuals. No need to generalize it.
  22. Hello, you are not allowed to discuss your suspension here, nor to use non English language. Your appeal was already answered.
  23. Hello, it's still hard to win a game with MB mid game. How exactly was he buffed that this changed? I think your opinion is quite biased and you still try to convince people from jungle meta being overpowered and should be removed. But that didn't really change for the past years. The meta never changed in that direction. It has always been like that - just that now there are less jungle players that some years ago. The pubtrain meta was due to xp/gold gain for kills which finally promoted a more active game play early on. But that was also nerfed again so you can't really talk
  24. Actually the trend was not buffing carrys and junglers. Quite the opposite with the buffs for dual lanes. Some years ago it was actually quite boring when it was all about carry farming meta. Supports were in a strong spot almost all the time and introduction of ophelias, somaz, dewarding money etc. made life even more easy for them. Which is also the reason they have been receiving nerfs.
  25. I agree, Mock on parasite is just horrible. It's a farming item while parasite is an active ganker. You don't get a farming item unless you plan to farm which parasite shouldn't for obvious reasons. Legio could farm a mock fairly fast as well but there is no point to do so. Both are anti carrys which should be farming kills instead.
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