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  1. Hello, it's not against the rules to have multiple accounts. However, it's against the rules to grief on multiple accounts. Your inquiries were answered and it's not allowed to discuss suspensions here. Also, please stick to the truth - you own 11 accounts and you were suspended plenty of times among those. Closing.
  2. Salforis R should still be transferable.. Ichor has that niche and he is a valid counterpick to salforis. If you want to play salf, you should ban ichor or pick him last. I agree on dreamcatcher tho. As the item is meant to decrease healing abilities, the state shouldn't be transferable by ichor as its one of the few counters against him at this point.
  3. Hello, please stick to your inquiry for further discussions as forums are not the place to discuss your suspension.
  4. Hello, your inquiry was already answered, no need to create forums threads as it's against the rules to discuss suspensions here anyway.
  5. Hello, if someone is avoiding afk, file a report in game. Whether it's done manually or a software is used doesn't matter.
  6. Hello, please file and inquiry on https://rap.heroesofnewerth.com and provide player name, match id and timestamp so we can have another look.
  7. Hello, you are not allowed to call out other players here. Use the corresponding reporting functionality either through the game client or (if post game) through an inquiry on the RAP page.
  8. Honestly, I'm fine with him not being put in a similar defensive role as the other supports. I would love to see his ability back to transfer stuns etc. I always saw him more in an offensive support role. At least he was much more fun when the had the ability (which was quite unique). Together with his ult granting AS and dealing damage I think having him in some offensive support role would be healthy for him.
  9. Haven't tested after the patch but in all the prior events you could select a "Gift" option on the store upon selecting a product. You would then enter a players name and purchase it for the other player using your gold coins.
  10. Not entirely sure if it applies for the event but most server times for HoN are EST and it's not even 25th on that timezone yet. Even if it was GMT nobody would patch/start events at 2 am (at least not on the games I play)
  11. It's impossible to balance any moba game. Some heroes will always be "meta" as they are in a strong state or capable of snowballing easily due to their kit and thus are favored over others. The only thing that can be done is keeping the balance between some acceptable threshold. If that's done, you will still have to change the meta at some point to simply add some variety and freshness to the game. I think HoN's hero balancing state evolved rather well. Lots of heroes were released in a broken state kit wise and have been reworked to a better one. Balancing is a process that is not mean
  12. If you create a new account and grief on it, you will not be able to play on any account (neither their other nor other newly created ones). (Maybe you did not understand correctly.)
  13. If it's a new/throwaway account or if he is suspended on another account already, all accounts are affected by the suspension. So it does matter.
  14. You can always appeal your suspension or file and inquiry but keep in mind that times provided are EST timezone and it can take up to 1 hour for the lifting process. Also, your suspension might be extended in case you griefed on a throwaway account or on multiple accounts. If you want a proper answer, file an inquiry on https://rap.heroesofnewerth.com
  15. If he griefed e.g. refused to participate, report him using the game client. The screenshot doesn't show any abuse. Besides it's against the forum rules to call out players and you risk an infraction.
  16. Depending on how old your account is and how long you use the email, there was a data breach back in 2012 if I recall correctly. If you use the same credentials, it's possible.
  17. This was brought up quite some time ago. I suggested 10 MW wins. However, it's a question of resources and I think there is something that FB is already working on to resolve the issues.
  18. Hello, I suggest you read through the "What is griefing?" post stickied at this section. If a decision was judged innocent and you are sure it was judged incorrectly, feel free to file an inquiry using the RAP portal and ask for a double check. Mistakes can happen.
  19. As Ceriss said. Closing as suspensions are not to be discussed here.
  20. I wouldn't say that. If you check game benchmarks the 5800x and the 9900k are pretty even frame wise. In some games the amd one is slightly (we are talking about 3-5fps) better and in others it's the intel winning the race. Considering the amd processor is around 100€ more expensive I wouldn't talk about crushing ^ However, fps wise you will not really notice any difference between the high tier CPUs anyway.
  21. Hello, you received a response through your inquiry. Suspensions are not to be discussed here.
  22. First of all, you are not supposed to discuss this here. Second, you gave up bra.. I mean, you died once, blamed your teammate even tho you ran straight into ws + ra and then afk'ed behind the fountain 3minutes into the game after insulting another player. You were not even legit afk as you were purchasing totems while hanging around behind the fountain. This is considered as refusal if you take it harshly. So if you want to come here to cry about the system, you should be telling the whole story rather than what a new GM stated within the description of your suspension.
  23. Personal preference and past experience says intel on my side. But some of the Ryzen CPUs are quite solid compared to the prior poor chips. However, Intel will provide better fps in most cases (e.g. compared 9900k vs 3900X).
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