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  1. Buying wards and putting them in stash (if they are not sold again and back in the shop, nor placed somewhere useful) is bannable, simply report for item abuse and we will handle the rest.
  2. You could also give succu a shot. She is best in trading 1vs1 and can easily sleep another target. Mana management might be an issue. Solid sui heros are also Warbeast/Wildsoul as you can pull any lane without risk and farm these waves (tho, they are not really teamfight heroes and it only works if you have a mid that doesn't need farm as well as else you would simple take too much farm from your cores).
  3. Hello, it's not allowed to call out players on the forums. Use the rap system or file an inquiry https://rap.heroesofnewerth.com/
  4. Bubbles and hag are still super viable on offlane as you always gain the required xp. It's just cruicial to get early level (with any sui hero). Kraken and lode can contest the lane/the pull rather easily. It ofc also depends on your enemy team.. There are quite a few hiding spots left but in general that's almost never an option as enemy will just perma deny and you will not gain the level advantage that you need. Supports usually can't follow you. You don't even necessarily have to fully pull a wave, if you make sure that you distract the creeps once in a while, tower will do the rest.
  5. PR is like the best sui due to his creep deny. You could also block pull camps to prevent the enemy from pulling. Heroes like Phara or Chipper can pull medium camp with their spells without being in danger (or you let their support chase you and pull anyway using your spells). Grinex/NH/Scout can always pull the lane or the camp - support can only be at one place and you are invis so if he guards the pull, pass by and pull the lane. Kraken/Lode are great sui heroes that are a threat to any support. If nothing works you can always hide in the trees if you have a hatchet/bl
  6. Hello, as title says, I found it rather annoying not being able to cast prophets W on self/allies while shrunken/jera shield is on the target. It would be a great QoL improvement on the hero (and a minor buff). Considering he is not played too often anyway I don't see why this should not be changed.
  7. Hello, if you want to report someone, use the ingame reporting system. We do not allow any ingame related reports outside of that feature.
  8. I personally never had anything disappear from my account in all these years..
  9. Agreed. Jungling is a risky strategy. Honestly I think everything is fine atm regarding jungle. Reducing xp/gold gain would result in several heroes could as well be removed from the game.
  10. I would not introduce a separate MMR for groups and solos. This would bring quite some confusion. However, I do see room for improvement on the current system. How about reducing the MMR gain when not queuing solo? Like you will lose the full amount of MMR if you lose. But you will only gain the regular MMR - 0.5*players you queue with. Assuming the game is rather balanced and you would gain 5 MMR for a win and lose 5 for a loss. If you queue as 5 you would have 4*0.5 MMR less (for each teammate) and you would only able to win 3 mmr but you would still lose 5. Numbers could obvi
  11. The case was already handled and there is no need to call out people on the forums. You should provide a proper suggestion on how to improve the current system.
  12. Striders also transition into port boots btw. so the argument is invalid. Also having striders or red boots would be the same. Just cause you want others to play differently it doesn't make the suggestion any more reasonable. He can purchase whatever boots he wants. It doesn't make a difference if he plays just bad and has a horrible positioning. He could play red boots with some armor item instead. There is absolutely no point in investing any effort to block particular items for certain heroes. It would break the balance and do more harm then good. All cause of a (for you) frustrating g
  13. HoN worked fine pre season 1 before seasons for many, many years btw.
  14. People are free to purchase the items they want to. I highly doubt that mode + hero specific restrictions will ever be made (as they do not make any sense). If a player picks red boots and keeps them, does it mean you want to remove them as well? As I said, that does not make any sense at all (and your argument would apply to any hero without an escape).
  15. Meta changed but supports are still in a very healthy spot and it's much easier to support these days than it was earlier. If your FPS drop to those numbers it's definitely an issue on your side. Try using the 64 bit client. I never had these low frames even on 32 bit client.
  16. teammates can help.. even if you are alone with 6 attacks you would never receive the full damage or be shackled over the full duration. another option would be to slightly increase it and change the duration to max of 5-6s (9 will not be reached anyway thus it can be lowered and "buffed" otherwise). Those are just numbers anyway, I just wanted to point out the flaw of the skill again. In higher brackets it's basically not usable as it will get insta destroyed
  17. This is not really patch related but I agree Prisoner's W lacks from it's concept. You can basically leave it on level 1 as everybody can easily destroy the shackle. I think the number of attacks required to kill it need to be drastically increased (e.g. 2/3/4/6). Damage on level 4 is 360 if you are shackled 9s. That never happens. Maybe half of the damage should be applied on impact.
  18. Hello, this acc is already capable of solo reporting. So just report him using this account instead of some basic accounts which are not eligible to solo report players. Else, you can try to encourage a friend or a teammate to report along with you.
  19. Hello, this is not the place to ask for anything regarding your suspension. Go to https://rap.heroesofnewerth.com and file an inquiry in case you do not see the suspension.
  20. It will not matter for HoN. Frame drops however are noticeable even if it's happening within higher frame ranges. Most of the times you will not notice tho.
  21. Hello, that is a known issue. You should not use the report system during the game but report players at the post game stat screen using the hammer besides the players row.
  22. Apparently you did not as the account was unbanned regularly. Next time you can file an inquiry at https://rap.heroesofnewerth.com/
  23. Yes, you can select 144hz refresh rate in the options as soon as you have a compatible device connected through display port cabel. You can also limit your frames using host_maxFPS 144 if you like.
  24. hegelsohn

    3 week ban?

    Hello, you already got your answer on your appeal, no need to create threads on the forums.
  25. There is a donation goal for that purpose. Marketing costs money and if you want to support you should donate towards the goal. Facebook is just one platform but people have to spend time (=cash) on keeping it updated. I'm sure that in case sufficient funds are raised, other options can be considered.
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