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  1. He is not a carry but more of an anti carry to me. One of the very few melee heroes that can be played mid lane vs range without getting boxed out too quickly or losing too hard (salf/zeph have similar abilities to survive). The main advantage is that his ult is superior magic damage. Putting it on the enemy carry in team fights can be game changing as you can easily outplay the rest of his team. He counters invisibility quite good. The movement speed is super good as well. Illusion runes/Geos provides speed whenever you have them available. He is basically unbeatable 1vs1 due to per
  2. Hello, this is not the place to discuss your suspension.
  3. Closing as this is against the forum rules.
  4. Hello, if you bring up google translater here, you should use it yourself and stick to the forum rules. Also, there are threads stickied regarding the "Not corroborated" outcome of your report. Your karma is bad and new accounts are not allowed to solo report unless they reached a certain amount of successful reports. Closing.
  5. Hello, please stick to your inquiry as discussing suspensions is not allowed here.
  6. I have quite a good pc as well and I experienced the issue in the past only the first time I used an AOE targeted spell (and the freeze was only for about half a second). With the introduction of spyglass I have the minor freeze once at the beginning of the game when I use it and it's not important (as I'm in the fountain) but the rest of the game runs flawlessly with stable ~230 fps.. I know the issue was worse for people with a worse computer but it never seemed to be "unplayable" for me even without the spyglass. Curious what exactly are the issues you face and whether it's happening m
  7. Hello, file an inquiry rap.heroesofnewerth.com from your suspended account.
  8. The duration depends on prior suspensions starting at 3 days up to a permanent ban.
  9. If a player plays multiple games and gets reported on multiple of them - if found guilty, the other reports get closed. Simply due to the fact that he is already banned thus cannot be banned.
  10. You provided little information.. what are your PC specs? what kind of fps drops are we talking about? (max + avg + min fps) Vsync turned off in game/windows?
  11. Doubt it. It doesn't necessarily mean that your game was reviewed. The other ticket was likely a report of another game thus the system cannot verify whether your report was valid or not thus it will not grant you rap karma. But it doesn't hurt your karma either. Not 100% sure on that tho.
  12. Hello, if nobody responds to these kind of messages, the person starting it will stop sooner or later. Typing cannot be punished. There is no way to properly measure this.
  13. Typing more than playing seems to be refusal to participate to me. Other than that, I don't see the point of this post. "Dropping what they are doing" is calling out allied positions (if thats the case).
  14. Not sure if it's still worth it after the last nerf. If you have nothing better to do, sure, but his ult has quite a long CD and with only 60% gold/xp gained from killing ancients, it might be better used in a small teamfight.. But yeah, it's a case to case decision to make. If there is nothing worth ganking, you can still take that xp+gold. Else your carry can take it a bit later. Stacking is surely worth it if you have no chance of gaining xp/gold in another way (you are boxed out and are not able to pull).
  15. I personally think it's quite fair to not have every set skin available for silver coins only. I mean, within the last years soo many avatars were made available for silver coins which used to cost quite a lot and provide a great quality. At some point, if you want to complete your set, you should support the game purchasing it via gold coins.
  16. In general, unless you pick bad nickname or verbal abuse, the replays are checked for all griefing actions. It's not really necessary to select the correct category (even tho it helps the GM to faster find the evidence). I agree a generic griefing category would be good and I proposed that some time ago already.
  17. You could question my mq loses to any other hardcarry.. It's the nature of the hero as she has early/mid game advantages due to her ult.
  18. She's a super strong but imho still balanced support.. No need to touch.
  19. Hello, use https://rap.heroesofnewerth.com to figure out why you are suspended. Feel free to file an inquiry.
  20. Following someone around to steal farm falls under refusing to participate/avoiding afk detection. You can also report generic griefing under that category (spamming cc votes/crying is not considered griefing tho). Excessive reconnecting can be also reported under that category (being 4 levels behind is not reportable unless it was refusing on purpose, once again).
  21. Creating a new sub account will not mean that you have a good RAP karma on that account. RAP karma is shared among main and sub accounts. Even if you create a new account (not a sub account) it will have a low priority and you need a second person to report with you. Person could be anyone, not necessarily from the same game.
  22. - Report them as one person. -> Incorrect, it's just you with a bad reporting history. Loads of people can.- Get them banned even if you report as a group. -> Incorrect, reports get handled, you are simple not the only one reporting people. There are ~500+ daily reports. It takes time- Get them globally banned. ThEy jUsT cReAt3 nUuu AcCcCcount. -> Incorrect, if they grief on more than 1 account or have a throwaway account they receive a global suspension Not commenting on the rest as those do not make any sense. You should stop creating rage posts on the forums as those w
  23. Hello, if you want to report someone, report him either ingame or in your case through an inquiry on https://rap.heroesofnewerth.com
  24. Nah.. first of all, she really has a niche spot as secondary offlane support which only works if mid picked a proper tanky hero.. She can't really played in mid as she has no util to obtain lasthits/farm against any mid meta hero (ranged heroes or salf, zeph etc.). She is heavily countered by magic resistance/shrunken and rev wards/dust. Also, I don't see what you mean by last patch? Some patches ago her ult reduced healing for a period of time and she obtained a SOTM. Her base dmg and strength was very slightly increased. Other than that I didn't see any major change.
  25. A similar model like in CS:GO could help. Restricting queues to +-250mmr and allowing to queue with anybody regardless of the rank when in a group of 5. The main problem imho is that it's not really painful for higher players to queue with lower players. As an example, if a 1800 player queues up with few 1400 players, he would get +-0.x mmr. Assuming the average group mmr would be around 1550mmr, he would still be basically smurfing. In that case he should be losing more MMR in case of a loss while only winning a small amount. Like +0.x/-6 - just as an example.. MMR would be based on how
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