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  1. No issues at all with neither 2080rtx not 3080rtx here. FPS are around 220. I also don't think that GFX card matters much in regards of HoN. It's very well possible that the combination of components causes an issue or it could be a driver issues. I would try to reinstall windows (if that was not done yet) to ensure it's not any driver issue (that's quite common when upgrading a graphics card..). Other than that, you can provide your other specs and try some benchmarks to compare your overall performance..
  2. Hello, this was already resolved.
  3. Hello, your appeal was replied to a couple of times and you can always reply back as it's not locked. Discussing suspensions here is not allowed, thus locking.
  4. If the root was physical, DW could solo kill most of the carries regardless of shrunken head throughout most phases of the game (at least the important ones). That would indeed be concerning. Having the damage physical while the effect itself being magical seems to be a decent game to me..
  5. Closing as this was answered as well as your inquiry. No need to look for mistakes on other players/GMs. You used a racist slur and deserve a suspension.
  6. Mybad, regardless it's still some extra damage you earn which should not be neglected.
  7. I don't want to see any of the mentioned heroes in jungle to be honest. I'd much rather see current junglers being viable on lane. Tempest and Ophelia are already decent if played as supports. Their harass and deny potential is really good. Imho underrated as supports. Legio is not really viable on lane, neither is parasite but I'd love to see them in lane more often. While legio is rather easy to adjust, not sure what to do about para.
  8. It was always a very decent item and the effect is really strong. It provides crucial attributes, especially the movement speed. Aside from that it provides the most important thing: survivablity. The longer the carry lives, the longer he can output damage. Escaping a potential gank or surviving a teamfight can be gamechanging. Also the damage is decent. If your carry has 300 damage per hit you have 200 extra just from those illusions. I usually pick it up almost every time I play an agility carry - especially on ranged it's great. Depends on the matchup of course but I personally can und
  9. Hello, file an inquiry on https://rap.heroesofnewerth.com
  10. Sorry to say but in higher brackets he is a non factor as on every position there are far better alternatives. He is an anti carry but can be countered heavily by items (don't forget that you also have a team). He needs to pick up kills as he has a rather poor farming potential compared to carries. A tp counters him early on. Voids on supports, SH on cores (it doesn't counter the magic damage but it gives you time to port out or even counter his silence). His main benefit is to ulti the enemy carry in teamfights so he can be kited easily (or even has to port out/using sh). However, even if you
  11. Doubt its possible to whitelist and such an exception would lead to others requesting the same which doesn't make any sense.
  12. I love the gravekeeper change. It gives him much more flexibility early on.
  13. hegelsohn


    I think I had more diamond chests than silver chests. From my experience cs:go is far worse. It's all about luck, not about a rigged systems. If you expect something, you should not gamble.
  14. hegelsohn

    help im

    Hello, you shouldn't have griefed on multiple accounts.. For further info, file an inquiry on the RAP page.
  15. Responding with insults is not and was never tolerated. It creates a further toxic atmosphere and makes you part of the problem. If you start to reflect your behavior instead of trying to find excuses and blaming other players for your actions, you will notice that the system is actually fine. What manu said is correct. The majority of verbal abuse reports are handled automatically as context does not matter. If someone insults you or griefs, it does not allow you to breach the rules yourself. You don't have to respond with insults. You should report him and move on.
  16. How you determine that someone is not playing "his" role? And who dictates roles and forces you to play one? Just because you are fast in selecting your lane/calling your role it doesn't necessarily mean others have to adjust. I mean, sure it would be better if people adjust but in the end people can play whatever role they like to play. Picking phase should be used to build the best possible team. If someone else wants to play the lane you called, you may as well adjust (especially if the other player is the better one or e.g. a carry-exclusive player). Also, in Dota, if you select
  17. How does it prevent anything? You can still have multiple people selecting the same role. Even if that wasn't possible, people can still go anywhere in game. This still happens in other games too regardless of the role selection. Problem is that people think that this is "fist calls, first serves" and are not willing to adjust.
  18. Hello, you are not allowed to discuss suspensions here. file an inquiry/appeal on https://rap.heroesofnewerth.com/ and stick to English on the forums.
  19. Hello, the reason is not to further split the playerbase. FoC ranked can be compared to regular Dota normal mode 5vs5..
  20. Play calm, don't get mad if other players are not doing what you expect them to do. Be versatile on picking phase - play the role that your team needs instead of insisting to play a role at the start of the game. If people are trolling, don't feed them but adjust your plays. Most important: Don't blame other players. In 99% of the cases you die because of your mistakes, not because of anybody else. If you reflect your mistakes, you will get better.
  21. Hello, disagree on both kraken being weak and the restrain should be reverted. The restrain addition was great. He is now a counter and a threat to enemy heroes with an escape ability. Kraken deals tons of damage with his E. Even if they won't reach the center you will likely get 2 E's off if you ulti someone. It's forgiving already as even if you don't perfectly hit it, you still deal tons of damage with 1 E and your other 2 spells.. If you manage to pk + w stun 1-2 enemies they are likely dead. I don't see the need in buffing him further nor do I see the need to nerf him - for
  22. It's not allowed to discuss your suspension here. Stick to you appeal please.
  23. Hello, first of all, you are breaching the forum rules by discussing RAP related stuff in here and calling out players on the forums. Second, IF you do, you should not be twisting my words. I already told you that ChinaViruses is a generic word not necessarily racist. It could be any other country as well therefor it's not explicitly forbidden by our guidelines. There are all type of viruses (biological, technical etc.) created/worked on in almost every country. I also told you that in the "new" pandemic context it could have a offending meaning but there was simply no internal
  24. Hello, this section is not for technical issues you have with the game. Please try to seek for help on the https://forums.heroesofnewerth.com/index.php?/forum/9-community-tech-support/ section and add some more details like which client, osx, pc specs etc. also a video of the issue would help.
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