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  1. I love the gravekeeper change. It gives him much more flexibility early on.
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    I think I had more diamond chests than silver chests. From my experience cs:go is far worse. It's all about luck, not about a rigged systems. If you expect something, you should not gamble.
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    help im

    Hello, you shouldn't have griefed on multiple accounts.. For further info, file an inquiry on the RAP page.
  4. Responding with insults is not and was never tolerated. It creates a further toxic atmosphere and makes you part of the problem. If you start to reflect your behavior instead of trying to find excuses and blaming other players for your actions, you will notice that the system is actually fine. What manu said is correct. The majority of verbal abuse reports are handled automatically as context does not matter. If someone insults you or griefs, it does not allow you to breach the rules yourself. You don't have to respond with insults. You should report him and move on.
  5. How you determine that someone is not playing "his" role? And who dictates roles and forces you to play one? Just because you are fast in selecting your lane/calling your role it doesn't necessarily mean others have to adjust. I mean, sure it would be better if people adjust but in the end people can play whatever role they like to play. Picking phase should be used to build the best possible team. If someone else wants to play the lane you called, you may as well adjust (especially if the other player is the better one or e.g. a carry-exclusive player). Also, in Dota, if you select
  6. How does it prevent anything? You can still have multiple people selecting the same role. Even if that wasn't possible, people can still go anywhere in game. This still happens in other games too regardless of the role selection. Problem is that people think that this is "fist calls, first serves" and are not willing to adjust.
  7. Hello, you are not allowed to discuss suspensions here. file an inquiry/appeal on https://rap.heroesofnewerth.com/ and stick to English on the forums.
  8. Hello, the reason is not to further split the playerbase. FoC ranked can be compared to regular Dota normal mode 5vs5..
  9. Play calm, don't get mad if other players are not doing what you expect them to do. Be versatile on picking phase - play the role that your team needs instead of insisting to play a role at the start of the game. If people are trolling, don't feed them but adjust your plays. Most important: Don't blame other players. In 99% of the cases you die because of your mistakes, not because of anybody else. If you reflect your mistakes, you will get better.
  10. Hello, disagree on both kraken being weak and the restrain should be reverted. The restrain addition was great. He is now a counter and a threat to enemy heroes with an escape ability. Kraken deals tons of damage with his E. Even if they won't reach the center you will likely get 2 E's off if you ulti someone. It's forgiving already as even if you don't perfectly hit it, you still deal tons of damage with 1 E and your other 2 spells.. If you manage to pk + w stun 1-2 enemies they are likely dead. I don't see the need in buffing him further nor do I see the need to nerf him - for
  11. It's not allowed to discuss your suspension here. Stick to you appeal please.
  12. Hello, first of all, you are breaching the forum rules by discussing RAP related stuff in here and calling out players on the forums. Second, IF you do, you should not be twisting my words. I already told you that ChinaViruses is a generic word not necessarily racist. It could be any other country as well therefor it's not explicitly forbidden by our guidelines. There are all type of viruses (biological, technical etc.) created/worked on in almost every country. I also told you that in the "new" pandemic context it could have a offending meaning but there was simply no internal
  13. Hello, this section is not for technical issues you have with the game. Please try to seek for help on the https://forums.heroesofnewerth.com/index.php?/forum/9-community-tech-support/ section and add some more details like which client, osx, pc specs etc. also a video of the issue would help.
  14. He is not a carry but more of an anti carry to me. One of the very few melee heroes that can be played mid lane vs range without getting boxed out too quickly or losing too hard (salf/zeph have similar abilities to survive). The main advantage is that his ult is superior magic damage. Putting it on the enemy carry in team fights can be game changing as you can easily outplay the rest of his team. He counters invisibility quite good. The movement speed is super good as well. Illusion runes/Geos provides speed whenever you have them available. He is basically unbeatable 1vs1 due to per
  15. Hello, this is not the place to discuss your suspension.
  16. Closing as this is against the forum rules.
  17. Hello, if you bring up google translater here, you should use it yourself and stick to the forum rules. Also, there are threads stickied regarding the "Not corroborated" outcome of your report. Your karma is bad and new accounts are not allowed to solo report unless they reached a certain amount of successful reports. Closing.
  18. Hello, please stick to your inquiry as discussing suspensions is not allowed here.
  19. I have quite a good pc as well and I experienced the issue in the past only the first time I used an AOE targeted spell (and the freeze was only for about half a second). With the introduction of spyglass I have the minor freeze once at the beginning of the game when I use it and it's not important (as I'm in the fountain) but the rest of the game runs flawlessly with stable ~230 fps.. I know the issue was worse for people with a worse computer but it never seemed to be "unplayable" for me even without the spyglass. Curious what exactly are the issues you face and whether it's happening m
  20. Hello, file an inquiry rap.heroesofnewerth.com from your suspended account.
  21. The duration depends on prior suspensions starting at 3 days up to a permanent ban.
  22. If a player plays multiple games and gets reported on multiple of them - if found guilty, the other reports get closed. Simply due to the fact that he is already banned thus cannot be banned.
  23. You provided little information.. what are your PC specs? what kind of fps drops are we talking about? (max + avg + min fps) Vsync turned off in game/windows?
  24. Doubt it. It doesn't necessarily mean that your game was reviewed. The other ticket was likely a report of another game thus the system cannot verify whether your report was valid or not thus it will not grant you rap karma. But it doesn't hurt your karma either. Not 100% sure on that tho.
  25. Hello, if nobody responds to these kind of messages, the person starting it will stop sooner or later. Typing cannot be punished. There is no way to properly measure this.
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