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  1. It's not black and white. Item choices are also dependent on the enemies/lanes. Sometimes it's beneficial for the carry to join the team earlier. Sometimes he can pickup easy kills on lane. The item is cheap and provides damage and more important movement speed. A tarot for example can be easily played without proper farming items as she is also pretty strong early on. Same goes for heroes like nomad if played shortlane and if the enemy setup allows it.
  2. Correct, that was due to hon being a 32 bit application and versions after Mojave didn't support 32bit apps anymore. This is nothing that HoN could have "fixed" without a major rework on the client making it 64bit. You will be able to use the new 64 bit client soon so please be patient.
  3. I said in an AOE (as nomads ult deals damage in a cone). I also said that the numbers obviously have to be different as those are Dota2 numbers which will not fit to HoN. I just like the idea of the spell and at least in Dota it works kinda well and fits to magebanes kit. Imagine higher CDs or simply the debuff/stun being reflected, and the damage being absorbed - it could be tweaked in many different ways. It was an option to show that mage doesn't need a full rework or a transition into a strength hero to become viable. He can outfarm every other hardcarry but lacks teamfight potential
  4. That's like saying nomads ult would counter everything. Ichor had the possibility to transfer debuffs so this is available. There are plenty of instant stuns/hex/mana sunder etc. abilities that can't be dodged (a nullstone would counter those).
  5. That spell works different. It doesn't do the massive damage, it doesn't return damage + stun as a huge AoE. It simply returns the current spell back IF timed properly. Only the activation mechanics are similar. Regardless of that the spell fits better to magebane than to nomad anyway.
  6. He has 2 roles, suicide and dual offlane together with preferably a ranged stunner. His long range stun and his massive W damage makes him basically part of the strongest offlane you can have. Paired with anybody like geo, tort, ds, basically any support with a disable. There is no shortlane combo that can compete a cthul long lane. Meaning that even with a trilane or a helping jungler, your carry will likely remain underfarmed. When he picks up his PK he is one of the best initiators in the game and his ult slow shouldn't be underestimated. His E might not be the strongest spel
  7. Her W is extremely strong, especially in laning and when it comes to ganking. Moira is a hard support but also got a free initiate. On top she can counter enemies initiates fairly easy. If played correctly she's imho the strongest support by far in the game and buffing her doesn't really make sense. Her kit is great as it is and the nerfs were more than justified. I dunno why she isn't more popular however as she is really strong and has a great kit. She basically has no direct counter and counters basically every spell dependent hero herself.
  8. People are alpha testing. It has nothing to do with fairness. And this is not related to the thread.
  9. A cumulated timer would be hard to implement and is not necessary imho. Regular (allowed) afk periods would also count into this. Suicides hiding in the trees would count into this. Goldenveil sitting on a tree would count into this. I'm not saying the last 2 mentioned cases is how the hero/role should be played but in fact you cannot punish people for leeching xp on a hard suicide lane (even tho there are better options to actually play the lane). Due to the lack of GMs I agree it might be an issue for Garena. For NA/EU if people repeatedly go afk in intervals it can be reported as
  10. Who says that? A rework can be a partial rework or anything. The main idea of this thread is making MB more viable/popular and more fun to play. Nowhere is stated that 1, 2 or more changes need to be applied or if he needs to be transferred into a strength hero which is especially for a legacy hero imho not the way to approach this change. I also didn't state that the active effect on his E would necessarily be everything that should be changed. But honestly I only see space for changes on his E and R.
  11. Almost every hardcarry needs 20min of farm. Most of them even more to be viable. Your "rework" is basically a completely new hero and the only spell that is similar is his lackluster E .. While the active E got some parts that I like it would be completely overpowered. 10 seconds of casters just dying without other impact. Imagine a pyro combos and just dies.. Doesn't make too much sense besides it doesn't require any skill to use.. MB is a hardcarry and I wouldn't transfer him into something else. His currently passive spells should gain a fitting active (or at least one of them) an
  12. There is a reason why I stated that numbers need to be tweaked as in Dota loads of heroes are overpowered in some way. Besides that he still relies on his W and Q meaning that E will likely be the last maxxed out spell either way. It however brings some variety as with good timing this could used in an offensive manner even early into the game. And again, numbers could be totally different. Yet it would fit into mage's kit and his role as an anti mage.
  13. As a legacy hero obviously mana burn, blink and the ult have to stay. I find him quite lackluster due to his E. In theory he is the carry with the fasted farming potential due to his high mobility. However, facing a proper dual lane makes it almost impossible to win the game unless the enemy team fails to finish the game before very late game. Even tho I'm not a fan of Dota2 but their active ability on his E makes the hero very viable there and gives him more survivability and variety in his plays. Also, the spell fits perfectly into the hero's design and since ichor lost his uniqu
  14. That depends on various factors like the amount of people reporting, the suspension history on the target etc. The priority doesn't matter too much tho as you need 2 people reporting as long as you are not on a stable high/top priority.
  15. You could also ask why dota2 can't be original as it also took quite some stuff from HoN.
  16. What exactly does that have to do with the donations? They are independent from gold coin purchases. You can give the amount you want for the goal you want to see achieved in Newerth.
  17. Hello, this is not the place to report people. Use the ingame reporting functionality. It's also against the forum rules to call out other players.
  18. File an inquiry on http://rap.heroesofnewerth.com/ This is considered as bug abuse/stat manipulation and is punished harshly. Provide playername and match id. You can obtain the match id using /gi before the game is remade or in the post game chat window topic.
  19. I'd still prefer a dual lane over the jungle meta. The farm advantage your carry gains over the enemy carry is just huge (unless you pick a terrible long lane). You can ward to prevent jungle ganks, you can even gank the jungle or at least annoy him. Core jungle heroes have always been a threat to a dual offlane. They were always farming really fast. As legio/parasite you usually hit level 6 around 4 minute mark while sharing XP on a dual lane makes you underleveled and a potential kill. But then again, your carry is freefarming and the enemy carry is not. I'd still say that's a bigger advanta
  20. Thread and inquiry were answered, closing.
  21. Just fyi: Even if you DC you can still open up the match through your match history and report someone. If people try to "bypass" the ingame reporting system we deny those reports as inquiries/appeals are not meant for that. There are a few exceptions where we allow reports: Abuse not happening within the game, e.g. stat manipulation, verbal abuse via PM/whisper/postgame or verbal abuse through microphone where you have to provide a video of it. Everything related to a match will be handled through the ingame reporting. The amount of falsy reports is huge and there is no point shifting th
  22. That restriction is gone since ages while the sub account prices were highered not too long ago.. However, I kinda like the idea to force new accounts to play a certain amount of midwars games. For potential new players this would also be a good thing to get to know the heroes/items and it would make it way more annoying for smurfs. If such an action would be granted I'd also vote for slightly lowering the sub account prices, simply because it gives more value to the main account. The more money is spent the more worth are individual accounts and the more people try not to get suspen
  23. Hello, discussing suspensions is against the forums rules. But to clarify: You are not globally suspended for griefing on 1 but on 3 different accounts. So your good behavior "for several months and without any infringement" is simply not true. Everything else can be discussed if you appeal your suspension but for serial griefers chances of appeals being granted are rather low. Closing.
  24. As I said, perfect score on subs doesn't mean you may solo report. Overall score is important. Also, besides TOP priority there is also "Very high" meaning more than ~65% guilty rate. Once you got that you may solo report. Every single ticket of mine had prio very high as soon as I reached the threshold. Before I reached that, priorities varied from very low to very high so I assume for everything below (those who cannot solo report) the other factors do play a role as the status highly diverges there depending on lots of factors. However, if you are a reliable reporter those other f
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