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  1. You basically simply farm easy-med-easy-med until you are 5 and are able to take a hardcamp. He is farming slow in jungle so it's not really worth it. I dunno if there is any corpse trick - I haven't seen it - if you want a balph jungle video, search for zlapped who made some.. Still not really effective even for a pro jungle player but that's cause the hero isn't intended to be played in jungle.
  2. If you pick a legio you should be aware of the enemy carry being freefarming. It's crucial to get your PK early and once you obtained it you can often get an easy kill on the enemy carry who is likely trying to obtain a cleaver. Delaying the cleaver by getting a kill 8-10min into the game will highly negatively impact the enemies mid/late game. If you farm a whispering helm it could potentially already be too late as once the farming item is obtained the harm you do is really minor.
  3. There was a period where maxing W was superior but since the E buff some time ago it's E first. I personally always get taunt on level 4 as the level 2 W damage isn't too much of an advantage and you can get easy kills on enemy mid/shortlane with the level advantage you have by that time. That's always situational - if enemy heroes have too many hard escapes it's better to get taunt on level 8 (e.g. if you face a sui bubbles and won't be able to kill their mid either.
  4. I have to disagree here. Having a wildsoul/carry in jungle is horrible, also in high TMM. Unless he is fully slotted 12min into the game, he does more harm then good as he consumes too much farm on the map for the abilities he has. Also, only 2 jungle heroes are really capable of helping to win shortlane (Parasite, Ophelia). Rest needs early farm to transition into mid game. A decent offlane only needs to be afraid of those 2 jungle heroes while their own carry has full freefarm. The jungle to protect safe lane/abbandon long lane strat has always been popular among the bracket
  5. Agree with your proposals. Personally to me it was a top tier support, however, the inability to transfer stuns to enemy heroes took a lot of fun away so I only picked him up 1-2 times afterwards instead of regularly. I agree he was too strong back in the days but it just took a huge fun portion away and for plain survivability I'd rather choose a different support.
  6. You were asking for a discussion on a topic you brought up. If that's the outcome I can only wish you all the best for your future endeavors. I don't really know what you expected - nobody officially stated that there won't be any changes/nerfs to the jungle. But it's highly unlikely that a full transition into a 2-1-2 meta will happen in the near future as it would require a lot of work and isn't really a desired approach anyway.. It may have worked out for games like Dota2 but it also required a lot of work and changes. Plus the goal should be to have every hero being playable/viable.
  7. It's fairly easy to counter jungle players. Simply put some pressure on them. A strong dual lane, some offensive wards, even a suicide like grinex/scout/nh is a pain if you have a legio trying to get his PK. The biggest disadvantage of jungle heroes is that they lose their impact really quick. E.g. if legio does not manage to get his PK in time (~7-11min), he will not get "easy" kills on the enemy carry. If he does not get easy kills on the enemy carry, the enemy team will have a huge farming advantage at that time as their carry was free farming and a possible dual lane contested your c
  8. When jungle players were meta, nobody complained about jungle picks. Now, where 2-1-2 is viable, people tend to rage upon jungle picks. Shellshock can be played on sui just fine btw. You got a free pull without putting yourself in danger. You have free lasthits without putting yourself in danger. I like the fact that HoN provides the variety to play various lane setups..
  9. Don't see a problem with those items to be honest. EP changes are minor - the item can now be used. Grimoire changes were also reasonable. The item was really not usable before. 20% magic lifesteal is totally fine and for the active the CD is high enough. Just because those items were not picked up before and are picked up now, it doesn't mean they are broken.
  10. Indeed a nice page you put up there. For the chatlog, you should be adding the side (Legion/Hellbourne) as an qol improvement.
  11. It really depends on the sui hero. Those who can obtain easy lane control by denying creeps or being able to safely pull the lane are still a problem for the carry and can do enough harm to gain an advantage while getting some levels. There are plenty of juke spots to grab a level here and there when it's not possible to pull the lane. I agree that decent supports can still manage to "win" the short lane for the carry but it's not like suicide heroes don't stand a chance. Heroes like PR are really strong on sui. Heroes like phara and chipper can safely pull camps without getting themselfes in
  12. If you nerf the jungle to an extend where it's not worth going into the jungle, you make legio and parasite more or less useless. It would require way more changes than just nerfing the jungle and those changes also need to be balanced. I don't see that coming in the near future - maybe slowly..
  13. Hello, timezone is always EST. It can take up to 1 hour for lifting the suspension as they are lifted in batches automatically.
  14. Hello, besides it's not allowed to discuss suspensions here, nor is it the correct section, I'll leave you a few comments here: - your appeal was not even handled yet, so I dunno how you want to show the "stupidity" of HoN support - you started insulting teammates 6minutes into the game. In your appeal you claimed that you did that cause "they tried to make you lose". 6 minutes into the game. The game lasted more than 70 minutes. Do you see the problem? - 100% of your judged reports were deemed innocent. Means every time a GM spent time on one of your reports, it was a time
  15. There is quite some skill required to jungle. Not to farm but to make the correct decisions. If you face a dual offlane and your carry is in danger or your mid is having problems, it's the junglers job to make wise decisions to support those lanes. As the enemy carry lane will easily win vs a suicide, you need to make sure that you win the other 2 lanes to stand a chance. I barely saw any dominating junglers lately. I do see people picking jungle, but they are barely doing good. 2-1-2 is superior imho. It also depends on the bracket I guess. In lower brackets the carry misses last hits ev
  16. The counters are kinda generic as they are basically anti-casters and "counter" every caster. I'd not even say counter but they are decent vs caster setups. If you want to keep it in a generic manner you could also mention Moira as her W basically counters every caster as well... A blacksmith with no mana is basically a walking tree. If you don't want to put the same heroes over and over as counters to casters, you should focus on hard counters. In that case, blacksmith would no have any as his skillset can not specifically countered. A hard counter would be e.g. legio to demented as
  17. As far as I know purchases automatically lead to the account being verified.
  18. the cap is 1700 anyway after placements. this is reachable as support as well - no immortals etc. needed.
  19. Nah, there is not. Also, while this would work on subs, people could still create new accounts.. besides that, this is only an issue between 1700 and 2000+ mmr.
  20. All accounts should have been reset to 1500 including old accounts at the start of this season. Placement games determine your MMR and give you more or less MMR. Rest is business as usual.. Around +5 mmr for a win and -5 for a loss. -10 if you leave and get terminated. Not sure if you can get more for archiving immortal/annihilation after placements but nothing significant I'd assume. As the season was hard reset, your prior rank should not play a role for your MMR after placements.
  21. You can make a donation towards the mac client goal to help/speed up the development.
  22. Hello, don't spread false information here. Also, discussing suspensions on the forums is against the forums rules. Your inquiry was already answered. Closing.
  23. Draconis, Tempest and Ophelia have always been viable on lane. That doesn't make them imbalanced at all. It's variety. Legio and Parasite however are pretty much useless on lane to be honest. At least they are far less effective than playing them in the jungle as they level incredibly fast in the jungle compared to them laning (unless legi cutting the lane strat..)
  24. Hello, the banlist is only working for public games, not for matchmaking for obvious reasons.. Ask a teammate or a friend to report with you in case you notice someone breaching the rules.
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