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  1. Honestly, I could never imagine to play any similar game to HoN. After trying LoL which I uninstalled after the first game (incredible trash game) I tried Dota2 cause reallife friends pushed me to. I was super worried that I would not be able to learn everything again. It felt slowish at first but overall it's still quite fast and I got used to it after some time. Not everything is balanced but the meta seems to be shifting frequently. All heroes are playable. It heavily relies on counter picking and the comeback potential is imho far higher than in HoN. I like that there is no concede vote. P
  2. It's not about being interested or not. It's about people being lazy when the answers to their questions are already there. It can be important to someone but that doesn't mean that we have to support laziness. And that FB decided it's not beneficial to allow that further, simple as. About the missing threads, I don't know, I can just assume that there was no activity/or the threads had similar topics to this one, so things were cleaned up.
  3. Forums take also time to maintain. Rules are constantly broken, players are being called out, bans are discussed. Honestly, I have to agree with Ceriss - there were no meaningful threads around for a while. You can always use an existing thread to write what you want.
  4. Hello, it's simply not possible, sorry.
  5. 0-0-0 as a jungler after 10minutes can happen. It's not big of a deal. As soon as core item is picked up, jungler gets active. The meta will likely remain until the game ends and there is no point to think about any major changes regarding that as this point.. There are ups and downs regarding having a jungler in your team. If he can farm uncontested, he can have a great impact after 7-10mins of the game. It depends on the jungler ofc. Salomon for example will remain useless quite a bit longer while para, ophelia, legio or sols can be great for ganks even during jungle phase. Downside is
  6. Not on the forums, only on https://rap.heroesofnewerth.com
  7. Going afk is not reportable. It's called avoiding afk detection for a reason. If you go afk, the worst thing that can happen is you getting kicked. If you however, follow a teammate while afk or occasionally moving to reset the afk timer, it is considered griefing and you will be banned.
  8. It wasn't really a "good way" to jungle with him. He was noticeably slower than other junglers which makes him kinda not having any momentum. Let's say legio obtaining his PK 7-10min into the game, he will actually have a chance of killing the enemy carry rather easy. RA did not have the ability means free farming carry will keep his advantage up and you will lose late game at some point. RA relies on having a hotbl when jungling and even if he manages to get a PK it will be kinda too late already as his kill potential is also far lower than a legio/para/tempest for example. I'm not sayin
  9. Hello, you received a response few hours ago.. Timezone is EST plus approx 1 hour. That's not reached yet. You have to be patient.
  10. There are actually many heroes almost identical in both games and it works quite well. Also, there are plenty of really good designed heroes in HoN and I'm pretty sure valve is experimenting with them for a long time now. This article is nothing new. Data miners found heroes like zephyr, puppet and more years ago already on dota2's source code. It makes sense to invest money in some of HoN's assets from valves point of view and it makes sense to sell rights on certain assets on Garenas side. I would not be surprised if we end up seeing one or another port in the future - it's quite costly to i
  11. HoN was quite good over a long period of time. As already mentioned, other mobas are losing players more and more as well. Even Dota2 is struggling, especially after the recent decision to cancel the next major. The pro scene is enraged and the word "dying" is used quite frequently. Surely it will not die anytime soon but as soon as the pro scene moves on, it's just a matter of time. Basically this happened to HoN as well. I remember when zlapped was like the last "pro" streaming and providing content as the rest already moved on. It's bad decisions that were done by Garena mainly - but that's
  12. In case steam would acquire HoN, they would like use hero assets for dota (as they already wanted in the past) rather than hosting the game on steam.. that would be just my guess. Data miners already found plenty of HoN's heroes on dota2 source code like zeph and puppet.. At least that's what I would do if I was working for steam.
  13. In what world would would that make sense? If you pay for a game, it does not mean that the company running it is supposed to keep it running forever. There is no basis for a lawsuit.
  14. Pretty sure, aside from the few assets used on AoV, Garena has other plans as well. They could sell partial rights or even certain assets. Other famous moba's could be interested in buying certain parts. Or they plan to put more into AoV. Many scenarios are possible - it could even be an entirely new game reusing some of HoN's assets. Surely it will be worth more than a few thousand people willing to subscribe or some people gathering a couple thousand dollars.. So yeah, I personally do not think that they would even consider to keep it running unless someone is really making a great offer (so
  15. Many people would pay but that wouldn't really matter or change the fact that the game will be closing.
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