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  1. File an inquiry on http://rap.heroesofnewerth.com/ This is considered as bug abuse/stat manipulation and is punished harshly. Provide playername and match id. You can obtain the match id using /gi before the game is remade or in the post game chat window topic.
  2. I'd still prefer a dual lane over the jungle meta. The farm advantage your carry gains over the enemy carry is just huge (unless you pick a terrible long lane). You can ward to prevent jungle ganks, you can even gank the jungle or at least annoy him. Core jungle heroes have always been a threat to a dual offlane. They were always farming really fast. As legio/parasite you usually hit level 6 around 4 minute mark while sharing XP on a dual lane makes you underleveled and a potential kill. But then again, your carry is freefarming and the enemy carry is not. I'd still say that's a bigger advantage than having a jungler with some more levels. As soon as the enemy jungler leaves the jungle, your carry will be having his farming item and can clear jungle/lanes/anchients. The early farming item scales hard into mid/late game and unless the carry gets killed a couple of times he will usually outcarry the enemy team.
  3. Thread and inquiry were answered, closing.
  4. Just fyi: Even if you DC you can still open up the match through your match history and report someone. If people try to "bypass" the ingame reporting system we deny those reports as inquiries/appeals are not meant for that. There are a few exceptions where we allow reports: Abuse not happening within the game, e.g. stat manipulation, verbal abuse via PM/whisper/postgame or verbal abuse through microphone where you have to provide a video of it. Everything related to a match will be handled through the ingame reporting. The amount of falsy reports is huge and there is no point shifting that work from regular GMs to SGMs as the system was designed for catching those who are likely to be guilty and actually deserve a punishment. IF a SGM decides to handle your inquiry (report) that's his decision but the response you received just showed that in that case the player was already suspended (not that someone looked at your specific report).
  5. That restriction is gone since ages while the sub account prices were highered not too long ago.. However, I kinda like the idea to force new accounts to play a certain amount of midwars games. For potential new players this would also be a good thing to get to know the heroes/items and it would make it way more annoying for smurfs. If such an action would be granted I'd also vote for slightly lowering the sub account prices, simply because it gives more value to the main account. The more money is spent the more worth are individual accounts and the more people try not to get suspended on those especially when they know it would take them quite some hours to actually play FoC on a fresh account without any account vanity. I think this could actually be healthy for the game.
  6. Hello, discussing suspensions is against the forums rules. But to clarify: You are not globally suspended for griefing on 1 but on 3 different accounts. So your good behavior "for several months and without any infringement" is simply not true. Everything else can be discussed if you appeal your suspension but for serial griefers chances of appeals being granted are rather low. Closing.
  7. As I said, perfect score on subs doesn't mean you may solo report. Overall score is important. Also, besides TOP priority there is also "Very high" meaning more than ~65% guilty rate. Once you got that you may solo report. Every single ticket of mine had prio very high as soon as I reached the threshold. Before I reached that, priorities varied from very low to very high so I assume for everything below (those who cannot solo report) the other factors do play a role as the status highly diverges there depending on lots of factors. However, if you are a reliable reporter those other factors doesn't matter as you will always get very high/top prio depending on your guilty rate (in case 65% above).
  8. I answered this in my first response. There are other plans and higher priority items to work on. This would be so far on the bottom that I dunno whether this will happen at any point. We try not to touch the code on that application. There are not sufficient resources. There doesn't always have to be a "reason" but in most cases it's no priority/not enough resources
  9. It requires 10-15 decisions to be eligible to solo report. And no, not every report within hon's lifetime counts. However, the current RAP system was introduced around the time this was implemented. You won't have a 100% accuracy but it's close enough.
  10. Yup, thats perfectly fine as well if you use compatible browsers. The rap score needs to be 65%+ to be eligible to single report players. Top priority was something like 95%+ for a long time. Might be possible that this changed by now. But as long as you have more than 65 you should be fine and be able to single report. That's basically the most important info to get.
  11. Apparently that's not possible with a script. You can only determine your rap score of your current logged in acc. If you want to do it overall you can use the script on each acc and do the math yourself. var guiltyCount = 0, warnCount = 0, innoCount = 0, rapScore; $('.rowlink tr').each(function(row) { switch ($(this).find('td:last-child').text()) { case 'Innocent': innoCount += 1; break; case 'Warning': warnCount += 1; break case 'Guilty': guiltyCount +=1; break; default: break; } }); rapScore = (warnCount + guiltyCount)/(innoCount + warnCount + guiltyCount); console.log('Innocent: ' + innoCount); console.log('Warning: ' + warnCount); console.log('Guilty: ' + guiltyCount); console.log('Rap %: ' + rapScore); You can use Tampermonkey to use the script on the rap domain, you could as well open your browser console and paste it directly.
  12. If you are really interested in it you can do it yourself using some tampermonkey script calculating your decisions. It's plain javascript and requires like a couple of minutes to setup. I don't think we will implement that in the near future.
  13. It's currently not planned to display anything like that. The plan is to reach a point where the priority is not too important anymore and every ticket can be reviewed.
  14. Nobody should clear the camp early on tbh. Either it's that valuable that the whole team decides to do so or you just don't do it. However, Ophelia and Parasite both can take creeps at all stages of the game. It will still not be their mode tho.
  15. I also like the idea of a single mixed camp. Decent propose.
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