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  1. teammates can help.. even if you are alone with 6 attacks you would never receive the full damage or be shackled over the full duration. another option would be to slightly increase it and change the duration to max of 5-6s (9 will not be reached anyway thus it can be lowered and "buffed" otherwise). Those are just numbers anyway, I just wanted to point out the flaw of the skill again. In higher brackets it's basically not usable as it will get insta destroyed
  2. This is not really patch related but I agree Prisoner's W lacks from it's concept. You can basically leave it on level 1 as everybody can easily destroy the shackle. I think the number of attacks required to kill it need to be drastically increased (e.g. 2/3/4/6). Damage on level 4 is 360 if you are shackled 9s. That never happens. Maybe half of the damage should be applied on impact.
  3. Hello, this acc is already capable of solo reporting. So just report him using this account instead of some basic accounts which are not eligible to solo report players. Else, you can try to encourage a friend or a teammate to report along with you.
  4. Hello, this is not the place to ask for anything regarding your suspension. Go to https://rap.heroesofnewerth.com and file an inquiry in case you do not see the suspension.
  5. It will not matter for HoN. Frame drops however are noticeable even if it's happening within higher frame ranges. Most of the times you will not notice tho.
  6. Hello, that is a known issue. You should not use the report system during the game but report players at the post game stat screen using the hammer besides the players row.
  7. Apparently you did not as the account was unbanned regularly. Next time you can file an inquiry at https://rap.heroesofnewerth.com/
  8. Yes, you can select 144hz refresh rate in the options as soon as you have a compatible device connected through display port cabel. You can also limit your frames using host_maxFPS 144 if you like.
  9. hegelsohn

    3 week ban?

    Hello, you already got your answer on your appeal, no need to create threads on the forums.
  10. There is a donation goal for that purpose. Marketing costs money and if you want to support you should donate towards the goal. Facebook is just one platform but people have to spend time (=cash) on keeping it updated. I'm sure that in case sufficient funds are raised, other options can be considered.
  11. Hello, it's not against the rules to have multiple accounts. However, it's against the rules to grief on multiple accounts. Your inquiries were answered and it's not allowed to discuss suspensions here. Also, please stick to the truth - you own 11 accounts and you were suspended plenty of times among those. Closing.
  12. Salforis R should still be transferable.. Ichor has that niche and he is a valid counterpick to salforis. If you want to play salf, you should ban ichor or pick him last. I agree on dreamcatcher tho. As the item is meant to decrease healing abilities, the state shouldn't be transferable by ichor as its one of the few counters against him at this point.
  13. Hello, please stick to your inquiry for further discussions as forums are not the place to discuss your suspension.
  14. Hello, your inquiry was already answered, no need to create forums threads as it's against the rules to discuss suspensions here anyway.
  15. Hello, if someone is avoiding afk, file a report in game. Whether it's done manually or a software is used doesn't matter.
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