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  1. Hello, you know this is not the correct section but to answer you: Your points are bannable and get banned on a daily basis. Keep in mind that it's called excessive verbal abuse so unless there are racist/homophobic/deathwish lines 1-2 outbursts are not sufficient. Calling someone a noob (which is not an insult per se) needs to be really excessive (15+ lines). Foreign languages are handled in a similar way, however, our AI is not able to handle all languages so these needs to be handled manually. This means that sometimes 2 reports are required if your report karma is too
  2. The described problem is one any int hero faces basically. The solution is an item that actually pierces spell immunity on all spells. (maybe 60% spelldamage is converted to superior magic damage and maybe Grimore is a good item for such thing). For magmus, there are quite some nice ideas, I'm still in favor of making him able to move while in sandstorm. I wouldn't directly buff his late game scaling with SOTM as this is a global problem and it requires a global solution imho.
  3. hegelsohn

    Thx Devs

    Other games do have a similar mechanic of some autobans depending on pick rates/win rates with some rng included on top of the regular bans. Considering there are soo many heroes to play, this could be an option to implement at some point as it also adds some more variety to the game.
  4. Hello, apparently that's not always possible. Just on certain events. You could try contacting customer support and see if they can provide you with a possibility to do so.
  5. Yeah, some trolls are doing that for quite a while.. Closing for now as there is nothing to be done about it.
  6. 15min seems a bit much for the junglers core item but yeah, that's not bannable and the game shouldn't be lost within that time frame. It surely happens but then again it likely wouldn't have made much of a difference as mid and shortlane were losing either way.
  7. Mind elaborating this further? I'm not sure what you mean by afking for 15 minutes. Either the timer kicks in after a few minutes or you are avoiding afk detection which should be reported.
  8. You should at least provide a match id and some timestamps for this..
  9. Mitigating that issue is not really possible, especially when it comes to connection/hw. Also, I don't see hardware/connection as a problem here. This is just a rare case. A solution could be similar to other games: You do not instantly random but lose some starting gold over time extending the timer for the picking. You only random when you lost your starting gold. The downside of this is that it can extend the picking phase by quite a bit.
  10. For me, also the easiest thing to do is giving the bottom circle a different color. Easier in a sense that visual effects on heroes are irrelevant and it's easy to distinguish regardless of what hero/avatar you play.
  11. Mag is in a fine spot, I agree his SOTM is not really worth picking up. A possible effect could be being able to move at normal speed while steambath is active and slightly increase the damage and/or give enemy heroes a miss chance when effected by steambath.
  12. If you go through silver bracket games, the amount of "inappropriate" item pickups is wide spread. This is not due to origin of the player. There are always cases where this happens - even in higher brackets. Considering the amount of people that were banned in the past for going scout codex and play for KS only, those were not only Russian players for example but it was fairly even split. People tend to jump on the Russian blame train. Yes, I agree the language barrier is partially a problem. But generalizing is still inappropriate. Like half of the people are considered Russian jus
  13. Russians were never a problem. Obviously, if you spread hatred from the start of a game people might act worse. Every game has these kind of issues. There is really no point to bring that "discussion" up over and over as there is no feasible solution. There is no benefit from country based servers. This brings large infrastructural problems aside from the problems with the playerbase and that you will never be able to find an actual game if you do that. Scratch the bias towards other countries. It's the same with Turkish people or Latin players. I can see the hatred spread towards other n
  14. Also, if needed, he can use his Q as an escape mechanic. Honestly I think apex is in a really good spot atm.
  15. Great stuff, I'd love to see veiled rod granting allied heroes invisibility as well. Maybe at a slightly higher cost. It encourages teamplay much more (at least that's what I experienced in my few hours of dota2). Really interesting change to kraken ult. Gonna try that asap. Same goes for Cthulu and Engi.
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