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  1. Hello, as said before please contact the customer support regarding that matter. However, I can still see stats and avatars on your account so I'm not sure whether your problem was already resolved. It also shows your pre-season 1 stats: https://www.heroesofnewerth.com/playerstats/ranked/Sfgjsdd So you should discuss that with the support team in case anything is still not working as intended.
  2. Did I misunderstand the geo change? cause for me it doesn't sound like a nerf. Besides the reduced movement speed it can still reveal invis heroes, just not permanently within the fog. The range was increased means every 3 seconds he reveals everybody even in the fog. Those heroes he has vision on (allies, wards etc.) are still perma shown and he now detects incoming enemies through an even higher distance.. Nitro rework sounds interesting but really strong - gonna see how that works out. For Kane I like the idea, however, I also see a potential frustration it might cause. If players get a permanent bonus damage they could play him mid and rush staff using it as a tool to "lasthit" almost dead targets to ensure they get the bonus to end up carrying at some point instead of actually focussing the important targets. In the end it would be the players fault, however, I see some potential frustration when this occurs and the team ends up losing the fight due to bad calls. I'm a bit worried about ichor: Not being able to transfer stuns when used on an enemy means that he will get stunned himself? For me his whole presence relied on an outstanding (broken) W. Playing aggressively against certain lineups countering their spells. If he can't transfer the stuns anymore (or even worse, he gets stunned himself) his kit is quite underwhelming compared to other support heroes and I feel his other spells should have been buffed a bit. The hero itself was already a niche pick - the fun part was the aggressive use of him and I'm afraid that is kinda gone now (considering that all his common itempickups were nerfed as well)
  3. Hello, you can always file an inquiry in case you are suspended. However, I don't see any suspensions on that date. Could be just a ban from matchmaking (chatserver issue which occurred some days ago.
  4. Being afk is not bannable. Leaving has nothing to do with RAP. Report people avoiding afk and check the leaver whether he manipulates stats. Those cases can be reported. I also dunno why you state this as it would be happening often. In thousands of game for me similar things barely happened. Sure you have a DC/leaver once in a while but the majority of my game are just fine.
  5. While the suggestion itself isn't bad it won't happen as it doesn't work for HoN due to many factors such as: a) GMs being volunteers. If you want to make sure to have GMs available 24/7 they need to be paid and this would be sort of a full time job. b) The changes on the game would be massive. It would require rewriting larger parts of the codebase and due to a) there is no point of blocking resources for that purpose. c) Also the benefits are rather small cause even if you kick the player on time it will be still hard (unlikely) that you win the game at that point. That been said there are other things that would help more to prevent this from happening and that would cost less resources + it would work with GMs being volunteers. However, it's not on any priority list and it will take time to implement (if that's going to happen at all).
  6. I edited your post as it is not allowed to call out people on the forums. As EU already said, simply contact us using an inquiry via the portal if you stumble over cases of stat manipulation. As a sidenote, the player you mentioned has been handled.
  7. In general that is working fine. There is a long term bug which barely appears on reports not being shown. Besides that, in most of the cases the player already got suspended for a different game thus your report will be automatically closed.
  8. Hello, I personally don't see a reason why the reporter should be hidden. There is no need as people barely check or need that info anyway. There wouldn't be much of a difference. Hiding the offender name will not happen simply due to the resources it would need as not only GMs would be affected by that. Also, reports for bad nickname would not work. Over all the years of being a GM there barely have been any cases which where judged in a biased way. The amount of those decisions are negligible. In case you stumble over such a case, feel free to leave me a message on the forums/discord or file an inquiry. As GMs can't pick tickets themselves the chances of even getting a ticket where a friend is involved are rather small.
  9. Both answers are correct. Avoiding afk/refusal to participate is the category to report people following others around. Besides bad nickname/verbal abuse/staff impersonation, replays are always checked for all griefing actions. However, the more accurate you are in describing the offense/providing timestamps the less are the chances for mistakes being made.
  10. Obviously Succu/Ello and even Bomb are top tier. Artesia and Revenant are also extremely good but underestimated in most brackets. The only melee heroes that can contest ranged heroes are those that have lifesteal. The best one would be salforis. BH works in lower brackets but suffers vs good players. My current favorite is Xemplar. He struggles a bit early vs ranged but if you manage not to lose too hard and get at least your bottle and preferable red boots he is a threat to almost every hero as soon as he got his ult and even you might have lost the first minutes you easily recover. In general a mid hero should be a good ganker. There is no point going mid just to farm - you need to help winning lanes. Therefor heroes like SS/flint should not be played mid lane (not to mention their squishyness and lack of escape so they instantly die to any gank).
  11. Don't judge others by your own standards. Not everybody rages and retributive justices leads to what you described above - getting suspended yourself. Insulting other players just makes you part of the problem. It literally has no positive effect on the game. It just further lowers the mood of your team and makes things worse. Besides that, the "troll" or "griefer" won't magically stop griefing if you insult him. Ignoring those players on the other hand will lead to them losing interest in griefing in most cases. I enjoy the majority of the games I play and I don't care too much about others actions. I lastpick what is needed so the team setup is not fked up from the start. If people rage/insult just mute them/report them. If someone takes your lane just go to a different lane and adjust.
  12. The reasons why reviewing all reports would have a negative impact on the game are easy to explain: If 2+ people report someone or a reliable reporter (someone where most of his reports turned out to be guilty) reports someone the chances of an actual guilty decision are rather high. There are 700+ reports each day and loads of them are rage reports or reports by people who have no idea what griefing actually means. The GM team can not handle every incoming daily report due to the lack of manpower. If we would consider every report as valid and if we would have to review every report, that would mean that more rage reports will be reviewed. The more rage/incorrect reports reviewed the more actually guilty reports will not get reviewed as it's not possible to review every incoming report on a daily basis. A GM does around 30 decisions minimum per week which means he/she spends approx. 3-6hours a week on reviewing reports. It's a voluntary position. If you do the math you would need around 160 GMs to handle every single ticket. Currently we are around 30+ and we plan to grow up to 80 people at least to handle more reports. However, that still means that there needs to be a system which filters bad reports from good ones as the more bad ones we handle, the more actual guilty people will not get punished. People complain a lot about the not corroborated state but it's not an option to let every report into the pool as more people will be griefing without getting stopped as more time is wasted on reports that are not worth watching at all. It's not like we introduced that status to do any harm to the game. It greatly helps us to filter good from bad reports. Our statistics show clearly that way more people receive a proper punishment than some years ago which means that the system actually works just fine. What we try to archive by onboarding more GMs is to lower the threshold for being able to solo report players more and more. Tho, this is a process that simply takes some time. Maybe at some day we will have enough GMs to handle every ticket. Until thats the case the system will remain in place as it is to prevent that GMs have to review troll reports over actual guilty ones.
  13. With "watching someone nearby die" I meant your dual mid situation for instance. Still laning phase, your 2nd mid is about to die and you just watch where you could have easily helped him. Obviously you don't have to put yourself in dying as well. A classic example is a NH picking up codex sitting nearby teamfights just to codex KS or pounce to lasthit low enemies without actually attacking them or using smoke to help his team. There are rules of conduct/terms of service which people can/should read upon account creation. Obviously, every sort of action that is done with malicious intentions could be considered griefing. The categories can't cover every aspect but they do cover large areas (and the most common ones). Also - while you should always try to select the correct category - the category doesn't really matter. If you select verbal abuse/bad nickname we (or the AI) will check the chatlog. For any other category the replays are checked for griefing actions. You could report for avoid afk and the played fed twice and he will still get his punishment. Replays are checked for every griefing action therefor the chosen category is not too important. However, it makes the GMs life easier if proper timestamps, a proper category and a proper description is provided and it helps to avoid mistakes (things can be overlooked).
  14. Not conceding is not bannable - under no circumstances. Following someone around over a longer period of times falls under avoiding afk/refusal to participate. Going dual mid is fine. However, watching someone die nearby also falls under refusal to participate.
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