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  1. Hello, That is not R.A.P related, you are in the wrong part of the forums! Best,
  2. Hello @`_support, From what you described in the first part, it sounds like they are indeed griefing and upon reporting them they should receive the proper punishment. The more reporters the better and more chances for the ticket to get it and be handled faster, assuming your priority is low then 2+ reports are needed to the ticket to get in and remain there for a GM to handle, but if your priority is high (top priority) then only your report will suffice. I suggest you read the R.A.P Feedback sub-forums pinned threads, especially this one: At the end of that particular game in t
  3. I do not know why you have that, might be because you used mods in the past or w/e! And again the mods are allowed not everyone single one of them but most of them are ok to be used!
  4. Basically when the Host creates a server for the tournament to take place in, they select “Tournament rules”, since it shows on top of each player (that are using mods), that some files are moded, the tournament rules can detect those and prevent them from playing on the server. or something similar to that
  5. From my knowledge all the tournaments so far did not allow players to use any mod regardless if zoom hack or runes spawn timer etc What do you mean “enforced”? enforced where?
  6. Yes that is correct, at this moment we do not have the tools to check any logs or to discover who is using any forbidden mod, the developers might have or might not have a way to check that but unfortunately at the current state of the game I do not think this is a priority worth wasting time and resources on. Just because someone is suspecting someone that doesn't mean it is true, so to sum it up: yes you will need proof in order for the GM team to take action against the forbidden mods' users, either screenshots, maybe the user is streaming ( stream link) etc. There are many things that
  7. Hello, 99% you might think you had it or it was another similar alt avatar, you can't loose a product that you owned, contact customer support, they can check and tell you 100% what happened, I never heard about a product disappearing, the chances are that you never had it in the first place! happened to me as well
  8. Hello, That is something you should report directly to the Senior Game Masters either by private message or create a ticket to our help desk >https://rap.heroesofnewerth.com/ In general the mods are allowed (gpm mods, UI mods, rune spawing mods, kill streak mods etc) but mods like zoom-out or similar mods that gives an unfair advantage to the user were not allowed and will not be, the punishment for this might differ from one user to another, can start from 3-day, 5-day, 1 month... to even permanent suspension Have a good day,
  9. Hello, This is not the place to make reports. You can report that here: https://rap.heroesofnewerth.com/
  10. Hello, @JustPlayNub, This is not the place to discuss your active suspensions, or any suspension, I just answered you privately at the recent PM regarding this issue. For the future, if you are suspended and can't find a reason for that suspension just create a ticket, and we will talk there since these things should be discussed between the suspended and the SGM team, not on public. Ticket here > https://rap.heroesofnewerth.com/ Have a good day,
  11. Hello @pipireis, Sometimes for some individuals the reports won't go through, when that happens we advise people to create a ticket to the help desk https://rap.heroesofnewerth.com/ Make sure you mention the reason on why have you reported it there and not in-game, Additionally you are free to contact any SGM via discord or forum PM. Best,
  12. Hello, @Lutzxxx I said this multiple times on the forums etc, just because someone “called a lane” it doesn't mean it is rightfully yours to have, NO, Everyone can go on any lane they want regardless if someone from their team “called it”, but to have the positive attitude towards wining the game and not to grief and make the the team lose the game. If you and your friends let's say called: “top farm”, you go there and some other comes with you two, that doesn't make that player a griefer and instantly you should report him, because there are no rules broken and that is perfectly fine (if
  13. If you still fail to reach us from there you can PM me with the details!
  14. Subject must be minimum 3 characters, max 30 Description min 10 characters
  15. Hello, If you were suspended for leaving a match, then please be advised that the system is fully automatic, You will have to contact customer support here at http://support.heroesofnewerth.com or via e-mail at support@heroesofnewerth.com, for any sort of help regarding this issue. And this is something Game Masters have no power over. Cheers,
  16. Hello, Usually when you log in on https://rap.heroesofnewerth.com/ with that account it should show your current suspension, there are some suspensions issued by SGMs that won't show there and you will have to create a ticket, you can do that as well on the link I shared here. Best,
  17. Report A Player News R.A.P Hello, players of Newerth, this thread will be here with the sole purpose of announcing new changes, modification on how the R.A.P system works etc. The Latest modifications made (already in place) Mute part of an active verbal abuse suspension was removed which means the mute is no longer a thing, you will not be muted anymore regardless of the offense. Suspensions for verbal abuse that included a mute, currently: 3-day suspension, then 3-day mute 5-day suspension, then 3-day mute 1-week suspension, then 1-week mute 2-week suspension, then 2-week mute
  18. So if someone calls you different names ex, “fagit” and you answer back still in abusive terms you should be excused of your behavior just because he started? From where i see it you are guilty the same as the guy who called you “fagit”, you are responsible for your own actions Talking about abusive, your last suspension: [00:23:06][Hellbourne][nGnL]MagicGirlJ (Magmus)> ebcause hes an ape [00:23:32][Hellbourne][nGnL]MagicGirlJ (Magmus)> fagit [00:23:40][Hellbourne][nGnL]MagicGirlJ (Magmus)> FAGIT [00:23:46][Hellbourne][nGnL]MagicGirlJ (Magmus)> FAGIT [00:24:05][Hell
  19. Hello, You can report 1000, that doesn't mean your priority will get higher, before reporting or even before you come here to make a thread I strongly advise you to read the pinned threads on this section and you will understand and your questions will be answered. You can't solo report when you have low priority, the system does not trust you so your tickets will be auto closed, what you can do? ask your teammates or your friends (does not have to be part of that game) to report that particular guy, the ticket will get through and the player (IF he did break the rules) will get suspended
  20. We are not talking here about in-game report but a direct report to the SGMs, these are manually hand-picked by the SGMs and handled
  21. Hello, If you have proof then you can submit it to us SGMs, GMs can't really use any evidence that it's outside their game and ticket, but we (SGMs) can use it. You just contact any of us by forum pm, discord pm or help desk ticket, and we will gladly help out. Cheers,
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