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  1. That would require a ton of work from devs in the first place and then again more work from the GMs who would need extra tools and permissions for that work. That won't be happening, not any time soon and maybe not at all, there are way too many priorities right now and lack of resources and manpower etc Ahh, and the mute function was removed some time ago, meaning that the players will only get suspended, regardless of the chat abuse or in-game offenses!
  2. Hello, This has been discussed multiple times tbh and each time the answer was "no" From the fact that this would be a bad idea and would be a waste of time, what would that accomplish? What would then happen? GM go upon request and? threaten the player to stop or they will get suspended? would that be a good idea? Do you actually think that the griefer would care about a GM spectating? and most of the players have no clue what is griefing or what not, so that would waste a huge amount of time, we do not have enough man power to start with, there are a lot more important issues to dea
  3. You're welcome, that is the point of being able to gift, hope you enjoy it! Happy Holidays everyone!
  4. Hello, You just don't defend yourself by doing what he did, you just do the opposite, ignore/mute him, wait for the game to end, report and play another! You “defending” that way is not ok, and might lead to what just happened to you! PS: no need to make multiple threads from different accounts either, and also I would suggest you don't try to share/sell your accounts or your HON access might be revoked and also your accounts permanently banned!
  5. Hello, @Cenic1996, It doesn't really matter why you did what you did, or who started it, it's all about your own behavior we are talking here, no one forced you to do that.
  6. I think this has been discussed multiple times and won't be happening due to multiple reasons, one of them was mentioned by @Ceriss, If you want to help and make some gifting to your loved ones how about you do it as everyone else does? get some coins and spread some love, that way you support the game and do a special thing for your friends as well!
  7. Too bad, this Santa can't gift anymore, maybe another Santa will appear and be kind to gift you What I can do Is wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year!
  8. @Yuffie Let's not turn this thread into a request product from store (already is apparently) Just this only time, you should have the product in your vault, enjoy it (that was an expensive one lol) And Merry Christmas!
  9. Both you (that copy and paste it) and the author will be held responsible for that instance!
  10. You should have it in your vault, Merry X-Mas!
  11. Most of them were available for a limited time only, might appear back on future events or you can try plinko!
  12. Sorry @Lokosnick but that is out of the question, it is simple as that, you break the rules you get suspended, maybe players that break the rules should behave in the first place? It's not about forgiving, i mean we do let minor offenses slide/being lenient from time to time when they deserve it, people do mistakes, have rage moments, but when they are keep on doing it despite being at "their 4-5th suspension", that is no longer a mistake but a habit and you can't really stop that, eventually they will do it again and again and ruin other's game experience, would you like that? And I don't
  13. Hello, You will be able to play after 2020-11-25 11:23:46 And for similar and future cases, please don't open a thread if you already made a ticket, you should ask your questions there!
  14. Hello, I can say for sure that account creation is working just fine, it is something on your end, be careful with the password. As you can see here, worked!
  15. I like Noblesse and Jujutsu Kaisen so far, will definitely take a look at your list here! Keep em coming!
  16. Hello, What will be the point in having that? so people could avoid it yet still go around it and grief without getting banned? How about you start with your own behavior? Maybe don't use the offensive words, just try and play the best you can and if there are others who break the rules maybe instead of griefing back just report them? I like how most of the people that come here are the ones that just got suspended! And let's be real here, I don't think the problem here is the R.A.P system but the players, you should review your behavior and also review the R.A.P rules and ToS before
  17. I do not know what you are talking about but the account creation is working just fine, 100% sure it's a problem on your end. Worked just fine using this http://heroesofnewerth.com/create
  18. Hello, Opening multiple hon clients at the same time and queening all together (multiboxing) its allowed, that is if the parties (accounts) involved do not break any rules. If that person who uses those accounts break any in-game rules on any of those accounts or all of them, then those account will be “handled” by the GM team. These offenses should be better reported to the SGMs directly - https://rap.heroesofnewerth.com/ Hope this answered your question about this matter, if not, feel free to ask more, and we will gladly answer! Have a good day, ==`Shattered==
  19. Hello @jamithan, This is something we cannot assist you with directly, not our field of work, and we don't have the tools for it either, However, you can submit a ticket to customer support, ask them to help you with your clan issue and I'm sure they will help you in no time http://support.heroesofnewerth.com/ Have a good day, —`Shattered
  20. Hello @animal15 Before coming here to make a public thread about it, have you submitted a ticket to our help desk to see why were you banned? and from what I see you did! I will not answer here straight the reason to your suspension (yes 900 months means pretty much permanent) There are 2 reasons we usually give permanent bans for: Stat manipulation: players that disconnect from ongoing games in order to alter their mmr and rank Account sharing : giving out your account and password for others to use. Being a paying customer or playing Heroes of Newerth for a long time does no
  21. Correct, still, even if reported in game, the GM who will get the ticket will most likely escalate it SGMs so we will still take care of it, but yes these cases should be reported in rap portal!
  22. Hello, Well it depends, if done once just for the "luls" or whatever the reason, I would not consider it as stat manipulation or griefing If that becomes a habit, and they do it countless times with the clear intent to alter their stats then that it becomes a problem and those players will have to answer for their deed and that we can call stat manipulation Hope that this answered your question, —`Shattered
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