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  1. Hello, Why do you have to keep spaming forums about it, this is something that is against the forum rulles If you wanna report an GM/SGM then file an inquiry HERE Community can't help you on this matter, Have a great day, `Shattered
  2. Hello, There is nothing to be disscussed here since it's against the rules, And why do you have to lie about it? you already got your answer on our helpdesk, Coming here won't do you any good, plrease refrain from making these kinds of threads in the future. Aditionally you can also check this sub-forum for more information about how the R.A.P system works. Support has nothing to do with in-game suspensions and the R.A.P system, Here is where you should file and inquiry or an appeal if you have been suspended or need information about something R.A.P related Have a
  3. Hello, You are correct, this is not the place to discuss this. If you want information you can go to this sub-forum, you could also file an inquiry here Aditionally you could pm me on discord >`Shattered#7277. Cheers,
  4. Hello, You can see why you were suspended and appeal it here This is not the place for that. Cheers
  5. `Shattered

    Ursa Set

    You're welcome Note: you must have the alt avatars in that particular order for you to be eligible. Also the multipliers are no longer added auto into your account upon purchasing thre requiered products, you will have to ask customer support for them,
  6. “Not corroborated” has two possible reasons: Your report has successfully pushed the reported player's record on top of the list and, while actions were Indeed, taken against the player, your report was technically closed. --It was not closed in vain; it was closed because it was not reviewed and the player it was against is already serving a suspension. You were the only player who filed a report for that match. The actions reported did not appear to be of any relevance for other players involved in the match, so your report was closed automatically after two hours. --Reports
  7. `Shattered

    Ursa Set

    Hello, This is not the place to ask but well since you already did, here you go Ussuri (Gauntlet) Nothing Uproar (Flux) URSA Bonus I (1.2x Silver) Kodia (Devourer) URSA Wildflower Maize (Name Color) Axia (Moraxus) URSA Bonus II (1.4x Silver) Barrage (Bombardier) URSA Taunt Scoria (Magmus) URSA Bonus III (1.6x Silver) Gunclaw (Gunblade) URSA Courier Grizzington (Sir Benzington) URSA Bonus IV (1.8x Silver) Arctos (The Gladiator) URSA Corps Announcer Pack Mistress of Arms (Master of Arms) URSA Bonus V (2.0x Silver) Cheers
  8. Basic Definitions and RAP Staff What is Rap and what does it mean? The Report-A-Player (RAP) System is a community-based game enforcement establishment. It is run by Frostburn Studios with the strong support of volunteer Game Masters (GM) who devote their free time to improving your everyday game experience. Problematic players who have broken one of the official Heroes of Newerth Conduct Rules may be submitted via the RAP form in-game for review. The GMs will then scour through the reports and rule on each case. Offending players are then automatically punished by the RAP system
  9. If your thread title is vague your thread will not be responded to by Frostburn or GM staff. Clear thread titles are essential for allowing future forum users to make the most out of the search function Example of Vague/Poor/Bad Thread Titles: (actual examples) "FB please read" "I have a question" "isnt this reportable" "i just got warned" " "why is it that..." "Reporting" "is this bannable?" "ticket unsuccessful" Such threads will no longer be reviewed by myself, and are unlikely to be reviewed by any of our hard working Se
  10. Purpose of RAP Feedback RAP Feedback is for posting questions, suggestions, or discussions related to RAP. This forum is not for reporting other players, appealing suspensions, or contesting ticket results. In order to keep this forum as user-friendly and constructive as possible, we kindly request that you respect the following rules. RAP Feedback Forum Rules DO NOT POST SPECIFIC MATCH NUMBERS OR PLAYER NAMES IN THIS FORUM SEARCH SEARCH SEARCH If you are asking a question, chances are it has already been answered! If the topic already exists you may post foll
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