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  1. Hello,

    I can see your ticket is 15h old, you didn't wait that long, some patience and some of us SGM will take care of it, no need to that info here, these cases are best to be handled between you and SGM directly!
    You are not the only one filing tickets, there are many tickets, and we are just a few SGM dealing with those!


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  2. 17 hours ago, TvinklD said:
    • Hello, entered the game after a long time, played a couple of games and was banned for feeding for 100 years?
    • Your Heroes of Newerth account has been suspended.
    • Start: 2021-11-19 13:06:11
    • End: 2096-11-19 13:06:11
    • Type: Regular
    • Name: Permanent suspension
    • Note: If the suspension name contains a "then" action, this new suspension will automatically be applied after your current suspension ends.
    • Note: If you are suspended for a bad nickname, you must wait until the Type becomes "Bad nickname" before you can change the nickname.

    Create a ticket there and we should discuss it! here is not the place!

  3. 8 hours ago, VaYha said:

    Player is destroying all games. He writes - "I will destroy game" - and he is doing it. We can report but if we rmk report doesnt work and there is no possibility to get rid off this cancer.  


    Next time I would appreciate if you would try making a ticket to RAP directly or contact an SGM rather than asking for suspensions on public forums!
    Also refrain from posting sensitive info as well such as: names, match ID's, screenshots etc!


  4. 12 hours ago, Ghuru said:

    You have answered this in a timely and reasonable manner. I must apologise for not acknowledging my mistakes and being rude to your team. Thanks for your work. 

    You're welcome, and I would appreciate if similar issues might occur in the future, please just make a ticket and wait an answer there before making a forum thread or contacting anyone!

    Have a great day!

  5. Hello @Ghuru,

    Before coming here with this post, have you maybe file a ticket/appeal this decision?
    And from what I can see there is more to it than that "retarded pick" comment, no one is pushing you away, you are doing it yourself!
    And again maybe file an appeal and see what is what and then if you don't agree you can come here and share your concerns!


  6. 1 hour ago, TauroJr said:

    but I am no longer verbally harassing, my report is for denying a creeps to an ally and I am explaining the reason

    And this is what?

    [00:15:41][Hellbourne]TauroJr (Devourer)> move *****
    [00:15:43][Hellbourne]TauroJr (Devourer)> support
    [00:15:51][Hellbourne]TauroJr (Devourer)> silver trash
    [00:15:58][Hellbourne]TauroJr (Devourer)> retarded
    [00:16:13][Hellbourne]TauroJr (Devourer)> epic silver with 0.6 kd
    [00:21:03][Hellbourne]TauroJr (Devourer)> ***** noob
    [00:21:06][Hellbourne]TauroJr (Devourer)> pathetic troll
    [00:21:24][Hellbourne]TauroJr (Devourer)> uninstalls game
    [00:21:28][Hellbourne]TauroJr (Devourer)> silver trash
    [00:21:33][Hellbourne]TauroJr (Devourer)> retarded

    And this was 3 days ago, so if you keep doing it you will serve a more severe punishment!

  7. Hello,

    This is not the appeal section, and since you can't appeal it, it means it was a manual suspension and in that case you go make an inquiry to our help desk!
    Your current suspension is not related to any creep denying or anything like that, but you being verbally abusive, and no, you did not learn your lesson it seems!
    Anyway, you should not appeal this one since it will not be granted!
    It's about 162178960 <match ID!

  8. On 9/7/2021 at 6:40 PM, Hokter said:



    I can conclude... If you know you'll get banned. You may do whatever, you can grief as much as you please. Because regardless, you'll only be banned for one violation, and all other accusations will be droppped.


    Personally, I'd say that's a flawed system.

    That is not the case, might be one offense and the other tickets will be closed upon "you" being ruled guilty to one of it, but with each suspension the suspension will get higher and higher, also we can keep track of suspensions of another accounts the guilty still plays while being suspended, and if he wishes to keep breaking the rules then we can apply a global lock, meaning he won't be able to access hon at all for that period or permanent!

    With each suspension, the length goes one up, until reaches 6 months, while he is at 6 and keep breaking the rules then the permanent one comes!, at that point it's bye bye  HoN!

    Anyway, what me and my colleague shared with you, it's already on this forum section, you could just get the info needed yourself, read the pinned threads then if you don't find your answer, do make a post! 

  9. 1 hour ago, Toilet&#x60;Duck said:

    Is it just me or FrostBurn focusing on entirely the wrong thing with their RAP???

    The last 10x reports I've done for people making smurf accounts (losing or quitting the first 6 games) and then going immortal in the next few games have been ignored or unsuccessful. Same with players who actively avoid working with team, like that jungle who's afk for 40 mins and then complains that the game is lost when they want to play.

    On the contrary, I reported someone the other day for telling me to kill myself (he annoyed me for another reason) and it was accepted and enforced on the same day....

    FrostBurn please stop focusing on people saying "nasty things to each other" and start focusing on what actually makes bad games (bad balance).

    Stat manipulation offenses are not to be reported in-game, but filing a manual report to rap! since those are not handled by regular GMs!
    With that being said, maybe read and inform yourself first before making false accusations and saying that RAP is not working properly!


  10. I don't I have more things to explain to you at this point.
    And for the record, you've also been warned not to use that word, have you stopped? NO, why are you banned?

    Please refrain for being verbally abusive like you did at:

    [00:20:26][All]`IIuBo (Devourer)> pirshli pidroasi

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