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  1. Hello, Please refrain from calling others publicly, if you do not agree with a decision just contact us by creating an inquiry at https://rap.heroesofnewerth.com/ Or message me here on forums with the details, no need to create a thread. Have a good day,
  2. Ok guys, the OP got his/her answer to his questions, so I guess there is no need to keep this thread open anymore since is going nowhere. If anyone have more questions, then feel free to open a new thread Enjoy your day!
  3. 1. Go to Options ⇒ Sound and enable “Unit Reactions” and move the delay slider to 0 2. Open replay and set perspective to the player that is disconnected. 3. Watch the match from that players view; make sure you can hear his unit reactions. 4. Find out the point where he was controlled. 5. Switch replay view to the player you suspect controlled the disconnected hero. 6. Left click the disconnected hero. You will hear the disconnected hero's unit reactions when moved. 7. If you cannot hear unit reactions, switch view to another suspect until you find the correct one.
  4. Hello, That is bug, some players use that exploit to alter their rank and mmr, Dev team will start working on a fix soon, I guess that is not one of the priorities but it's still there on the top of the priority list Note: people that use that exploit to their advantage to manipulate rank and MMR risk getting their account suspended, we do not tolerate people who abuse the system! If you encounter people leaving games in that manner then please do report them, follow the link my colleague shared Have a good day,
  5. What you are saying will never be a thing, that is the reason we suspend people, so they won't be able to play hon for that period of time, in that time they will have to reflect on their behavior and maybe learn from it, if they won't learn from it and decide to keep on griefing then the next suspension will be even higher up till permanent suspension if it's the case How is that a punishment? letting them play public games? maybe don't break the rules and you won't get any punishment? In any case, what you are saying it makes no sense tbh.
  6. Hello again, Why would I have something personal with you? I don't even know you, you clearly said you don't care about the system and how does it work, but somehow you still had questions. Those type of questions and answers can be asked and answered on this sub-forum not on RAP help desk, there we deal with appeals and inquiries mostly, and since you had no clue about the single report, karma, not corroborated, etc, I closed that ticket, it's like you want answers but when I try to answer them you don't want to hear it! So, why should I waste time on that?, since you fail to understand, and when you can easily read them here. create a thread, ask your question politely and I'm sure you will get your answers. But instead you go all rage mode and call me out on forums, like this will help, how will this help? This thread will be locked as well, but let's see what you have to say, since you wanted to be heard, let's hear it, let's discuss! but please do read our pinned threads before doing that! Thank you!
  7. Updated, more visible for people that encounter this error!
  8. Hello, That suspension length means permanent, that is something that SGMs can issue for certain extreme cases, guess you are one of those, I won't say why you got suspended here, since that is not allowed, but follow the link from my signature, and we can discuss there. Best,
  9. Hello, You can find that mod in the following link: https://trello.com/b/vOSfrxj8/hon-mods-repository It should work,
  10. Hello, Like I answered your Private message, if he wants answers he should be the one since his account what we're talking about here, so ask your friend to file and inquiry https://rap.heroesofnewerth.com/ We will review and give an explanation there. Best,
  11. Hello, Being a paying customer or playing Heroes of Newerth for a long time does not exempt you from the rules. If you want to see what was the reason behind your suspension i suggest you file and appeal or inquiry about it at our help desk: https://rap.heroesofnewerth.com/ There an SGM will get in touch with you and explain everything you need to know about your suspension. Have a good day,
  12. I see you managed to appeal your suspension, I will be closing this, we will discuss there.
  13. Like said, we do not discuss suspensions on forums, I just pointed with in the right direction, use the link that I share and create an inquiry about it, if you can't appeal!
  14. You are banned on this account, the one that you writing right now. if you log in with it on help desk, you can appeal your last suspension!
  15. Hello, Log in here : https://rap.heroesofnewerth.com/ with the suspended account and you will see the reason and have the possibility to appeal your suspension. Forums are not the place to deal with suspensions. Best,
  16. Most of the people encounter a problem where their inquiry won't go through, that usually appears when/if you don't meet a certain requirement. In order to submit a ticket/inquiry to help desk you must fulfil some requirements or else you will get the red bar error and your ticket will not go through. Here are those 2 requirements: Subject must be minimum 3 characters, max 30 Description min 10 characters
  17. Hello, Sorry for the inconvenience, had some issues at home, answered! Have a great day,
  18. Hello, @pvplvl80 this is not the place to report people, you can use the in-game report system for that, and in the future please do no post names or match id's Additionally, you can contact us via help desk, you have the link to it in my signature! Best.
  19. Hello, It seems like you have been suspended, I won't say here any details since it's against the forum rules. If you want for your suspension to be reviewed then you can appeal it here: https://rap.heroesofnewerth.com/, Login there with the suspended account and appeal your last suspension, an SGM will review it and answer it as soon as possible. Have a good day,
  20. Hello, @asheelarry24, you report them using the in-game RAP function, you can also leave me a message here o forums or additionally you can create a ticket directly to our help desk. You have the link to that in my forum signature! Cheers,
  21. Hello, Just because you were able to make accounts and grief, “until now”, it doesn't mean that the system does not work, maybe you were not reported, no one looked into your account to see that you created accounts to break the rules and walk free! We are a small group trying our best, so we can't just handle it instantly, might take some time, but we always prevail! Anyways, thanks for letting us know about your “adventures” Cheers,
  22. He was just giving an advice, I can't see anything wrong with that! Anyways, the OP got his answers, no point in letting this thread go since nothing constructive will happen, if any of you have something to suggest or discuss then you can just create another thread! Have a good day!
  23. Hello, What my colleague said is true and valid, there is no point in discussing something already decided and also checked by more than 1 SGM If you already open an inquiry and got your answer then what is the point of coming in here and threaten? Such matters cannot be handled on forums, but privately between you and a senior game master, (like you already did) Voice chat is not recorded in the replay, if he truly was abusive via microphone, well we don't have any evidence to use against him, so we can't do anything on that matter For these type of cases you can always use a recording app, record the offense, share it to us and if there is enough then we can deal with it! You can't just fight fire with fire, you verbal abusing him back is no excuse, you are responsible for your own behavior, you can't just say “he made me do it”. This thread will not bring anything constructive and like the other one, it shall be closed, so please refrain from creating another about this exact Issue! Have a good day,
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