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  1. Hello, Before making any complaints or suggestions you should review your behavior. Discussing suspensions on forums is against the rules. The current suspension is indeed 3 months but that is not due to just some words but much more than that. "(Valkyrie)> t***h nomad (Valkyrie)> he is r******d (Valkyrie)> our mid line is t***h too (Valkyrie)> m**********r (Valkyrie)> 0iq (Valkyrie)> a*e (Valkyrie)> i dont wanna talk with a*e (Valkyrie)> 0iq (Valkyrie)> t***h nomad" In any case your last suspension's length is not based only on that but yo
  2. Having a bad day at work etc doesn't mean you can break the rules and get away with, and I don't see a reason why you made a forum post since you just got an answer on your ticket! And since this suspension is 3 months, means you are really abusive and not just a bad day at work. Closing!
  3. Upon owning a full set of alt avatars there are special bonuses, some of them have the pet, not all of them! --Sang-La Pack --Heroes of Oz --Revenge of the Neutrals --Candy World --The URSA Corps --Blackwal Owning all Alt Avatars in the entire set grants special effects to all the Alt Avatars of the set (each avatar receives a panda pet). You can find all the alt avatars needed in order to obtain the set effects here: https://hon.gamepedia.com/Alt_Avatar/Set_Alt_Avatars
  4. Hello, @DaisyTaylor If you log in here rap.heroesofnewerth.com with your in-game account and password you will be able to see your current suspension and be able to appeal it! There are cases when a description won't be shown even if you do as I said above, and it seems this is the case with your suspension, that is when the suspension was added manually by one of us, SGMs, and in this case you will have to create an inquiry just like you did, and an answer will be provided there!
  5. You already made a ticket, it's there, you will get an answer shortly, patience!
  6. You are not allowed to discuss suspensions on forums, so please stop! wait for your answer there on rap portal!
  7. @akaninjastarplease create a ticket https://rap.heroesofnewerth.com/ or log in here with your account to check your current suspension and appeal it.
  8. Maybe log in with that account on rap.heroesofnewerrth.com, and you can check your suspension there? This is not the place to check your suspensions or to appeal!
  9. Hello, This is not the right place to report, use the in-game report feature, if you encounter any issue reporting there then you can make a ticket here:https://rap.heroesofnewerth.com/ Why your ticket didn't get through? And before posting a thread please read the forum rules, calling out other player's names here is not allowed
  10. I do not know what you are talking about, we tend to answer in max 24 hours, some might take a bit longer, but no way there is a 1-week ticket! Leave me a PM on forums or discord! `Shattered#7277
  11. It should show a reason if you log in to https://rap.heroesofnewerth.com/ with your account, the only time when a reason will not show regardless of that is when you have been globally and/or manually suspended by a Senior Game master and in that case you will have to create a ticket, and we will get back at you with an explanation!
  12. Let's take this privately, no need for us to spam forums for it, add me on discord `Shattered#7277
  13. https://rap.heroesofnewerth.com/ Create a ticket there and will be answered shortly!
  14. Hello, Here are the URSA alt avatars and their set bonus: Ussuri (Gauntlet) Nothing Uproar (Flux) URSA Bonus I (1.2x Silver) Kodia (Devourer) URSA Wildflower Maize (Name Color) Axia (Moraxus) URSA Bonus II (1.4x Silver) Barrage (Bombardier) URSA Taunt Scoria (Magmus) URSA Bonus III (1.6x Silver) Gunclaw (Gunblade) URSA Courier Grizzington (Sir Benzington) URSA Bonus IV (1.8x Silver) Arctos (The Gladiator) URSA Corps Announcer Pack Mistress of Arms (Master of Arms) URSA Bonus V (2.0x Silver) Ofc if you want to be eligible for the bonus s
  15. The mute feature has been removed a while ago, regardless of your offense, you will not be muted anymore and instead you will get a regular suspension. Even if we were to give "an early release" so to speak, this is not the right place for that, submit a ticket to rap.heroesofnewerth.com! If players can't behave then that is on them, you should find a way to suppress your anger, usually muting players and ignore them in-game can do the trick!
  16. Hello, I already told you, no need for further debate, especially not on public since this should be discussed in private, your case has more to it than just that what you claim If you want answers then file a report, coming here pointing fingers and arguing about your suspension will not solve things, will probably make them worse. So please stop making threads about ongoing suspensions, those are not to be discussed with the public.
  17. When you solo report, and you don't have enough karma for your ticket to go through, it will be closed after 2 hours, no chat logs or in-game will be checked. If you want to increase your karma then you will need to ask others to help you report that player (outside players that didn't play in that game can report as well) That way your report will get in and will be reviewed, if that gets guilty then your priority will slowly get higher and higher, upon reaching Top Priority you will be able to solo report and that will be 100% reviewed! Note that you can lose priority as well! I will
  18. `Shattered

    Bonus set

    Only URSA can give silver coins as bonus for owning certain alt avatars, what ninja set are you talking about (the shroud maybe?) https://hon.gamepedia.com/Alt_Avatar/Set_Alt_Avatars/The_Shroud
  19. There is no need to ignore anyone or anything, you just throw 2 words “ignorant”,” flawed”, you should explain yourself, why do you think that? Are you trying to say that the one who started the grief train is the only one that should be held responsible and not the others that followed "tried to defend themselves"? Trying to defend yourself against griefers by doing the same (fighting fire with fire) or even worse, doesn't make you a griefer as well? why should you be excused? Please enlighten me!
  20. woods still! I do not think this deserves a debate or even worth creating a thread, regardless of calling jungle or woods, everyone knows what one tries to say when calling “woods”
  21. that was due to your connection and/or server lagging, your clicks probably made the hero move.
  22. Hello, That is 100% not accurate, just because you were suspended for a game where others break the rules too (you reported and nothing happened) it doesn't mean they will get way or the GMs are not doing their job, that might mean that the ticket is in queue and will be handled soon or your ticket was closed due to low priority. I repeated myself like hundreds of times, if you don't have all the information about the R.A.P system and how it works then please don't spread false information, might mislead others. Just because you reported someone it doesn't mean that they will get banned,
  23. Sorry, this Santa here is dry, hopefully some other HoN Santa's will gift you!
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