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  1. You were manually banned for griefing, therefore permanently banned!
  2. Hello @Helel, It was indeed rejected mistakenly by one of our GMs, it should be working right now!
  3. why would you care for a stat reset? why don't you ask for a in game cosmetic to enjoy while you can still play hon
  4. @DellOptiplex, - Someone calls lane , then other player goes that lane without saying anything , and is not teamplaying at all ( but still " plays " - which can't be reported as he's playing People have to understand that calling a lane is not a rule or something mandatory for players in that game to respect, yes it's rude and depending on the situation can be grounds for reporting and suspending for: If you and your friend called bot and some other 2 goes there as well, but they are playing normally without nagging you then you should change the lane if they don't listen and
  5. i am not blaming, just saying that i can't gift you that
  6. Share your alt avatar, announcers desires, and maybe Santa will be kind to deliver!
  7. 1x General Noroi should be on your vault waiting to be used in-game!
  8. Thanks to everyone who contributed, either with money or with their time, I have no regrets, if it were to volunteer myself for a similar or another HON project, I would gladly do it all over again! Congrats and good job to every single employee and volunteer that kept the game up and running, I will still be here till the end!
  9. Hello, There is no need to open multiple tickets and also to create forum posts about your suspension, you made a ticket, then wait for it there!
  10. Hello, Due to the massive griefing on multiple accounts, your hon accesses have been revoked, that means you won't be able to play hon on any accounts, new or old!
  11. Hello, I can see your ticket is 15h old, you didn't wait that long, some patience and some of us SGM will take care of it, no need to that info here, these cases are best to be handled between you and SGM directly! You are not the only one filing tickets, there are many tickets, and we are just a few SGM dealing with those! Cheers,
  12. Hello, This is not the place for reporting nor discussing these types of things, and also you are not allowed to post screenshots, naming others etc! Feel free to make a ticket to RAP about it, and we can look into it! https://rap.heroesofnewerth.com/auth Have a good day,
  13. Do as @Ceriss suggested and we will handle it!
  14. Hello, Your suspension length is not based on that instance but your overall history, each time you get banned your suspension will go higher!
  15. Hello, Next time I would appreciate if you would try making a ticket to RAP directly or contact an SGM rather than asking for suspensions on public forums! Also refrain from posting sensitive info as well such as: names, match ID's, screenshots etc!
  16. You're welcome, and I would appreciate if similar issues might occur in the future, please just make a ticket and wait an answer there before making a forum thread or contacting anyone! Have a great day!
  17. Hello @Ghuru, Before coming here with this post, have you maybe file a ticket/appeal this decision? And from what I can see there is more to it than that "retarded pick" comment, no one is pushing you away, you are doing it yourself! And again maybe file an appeal and see what is what and then if you don't agree you can come here and share your concerns! Cheers,
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