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  1. Hello, Please do create threads on this section only if you have some suggestions to make or questions RAP related to ask!
  2. And this is what? [00:15:41][Hellbourne]TauroJr (Devourer)> move ***** [00:15:43][Hellbourne]TauroJr (Devourer)> support [00:15:51][Hellbourne]TauroJr (Devourer)> silver trash [00:15:58][Hellbourne]TauroJr (Devourer)> retarded [00:16:13][Hellbourne]TauroJr (Devourer)> epic silver with 0.6 kd [00:21:03][Hellbourne]TauroJr (Devourer)> ***** noob [00:21:06][Hellbourne]TauroJr (Devourer)> pathetic troll [00:21:24][Hellbourne]TauroJr (Devourer)> uninstalls game [00:21:28][Hellbourne]TauroJr (Devourer)> silver trash [00:21:33][Hellbourne]TauroJr (Devou
  3. Hello, This is not the appeal section, and since you can't appeal it, it means it was a manual suspension and in that case you go make an inquiry to our help desk! Your current suspension is not related to any creep denying or anything like that, but you being verbally abusive, and no, you did not learn your lesson it seems! Anyway, you should not appeal this one since it will not be granted! It's about 162178960 <match ID!
  4. That is not the case, might be one offense and the other tickets will be closed upon "you" being ruled guilty to one of it, but with each suspension the suspension will get higher and higher, also we can keep track of suspensions of another accounts the guilty still plays while being suspended, and if he wishes to keep breaking the rules then we can apply a global lock, meaning he won't be able to access hon at all for that period or permanent! With each suspension, the length goes one up, until reaches 6 months, while he is at 6 and keep breaking the rules then the permanent one comes!, at
  5. Hello, This is not the place for reporting, use the in-game reporting system, and please don't call out players or post any sensitive information!
  6. You never fight fire with fire, it will only make it worse, and you might get caught in it, and you could also risk a suspension! So just ignore, mute, and try to mind your own game, if you can't do that then you can leave the game and play another!
  7. Stat manipulation offenses are not to be reported in-game, but filing a manual report to rap! since those are not handled by regular GMs! With that being said, maybe read and inform yourself first before making false accusations and saying that RAP is not working properly! https://forums.heroesofnewerth.com/index.php?/forum/33-report-a-player-feedback/ Cheers,
  8. Hello, If you have something to say, please do so in a well-mannered way, and please don't post sensitive information and call out players names! If you can do that, then feel free to open another thread!
  9. Hello, There is a time zone difference when it comes to suspensions, might take 4+ hours more or less usually but in your case your suspension is already over!
  10. I don't I have more things to explain to you at this point. And for the record, you've also been warned not to use that word, have you stopped? NO, why are you banned? Please refrain for being verbally abusive like you did at:[00:20:26][All]`IIuBo (Devourer)> pirshli pidroasi
  11. Since your past suspensions were all related to homophobia and racism, and it was not 1 time, not 2 times but close to 5, you should have been aware that the use of those words is not tolerated and even a small use of them (considering your priors) as well, you will get suspended! So see, we have 0 tolerance when it comes to people that have been banned before, and they keep doing the same stuff. Please do that, I insulted you by saying the truth? how about you insulting other players with your homophobic and racist comments? that should be allowed, right?
  12. Hello, Your use of that word has nothing to do with other player, you personally used it, no one mention it and also this is not your first time you've been banned for that word! If you insist on bragging about it, I could easily pull off those reports that resulted in your suspension. No one insulted you in that particular game, you out of the sudden: [Lobby][Hellbourne]`IIuBo (Kraken)> yeah i like him [Lobby][Hellbourne]`IIuBo (Kraken)> i was banned at 2 weeks [Lobby][Hellbourne]`IIuBo (Kraken)> when sil talk to me pidor [Lobby][Hellbourne]`IIuBo (Kraken)> nice? And b
  13. `Shattered


    You probably had the other ones, and you didn't notice you had them, those were never free, those are separate and optional to get in order to enhance the visuals of that particular punk alt avatar's skils.
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