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  1. Hello, Report in-game, this is not the place to do reports!
  2. Maybe play safe on the lane, get some farm until your 2 farmers have enough items then proceed and push etc Mostly when there are 2 junglers one of them is griefing and will ruin the game, if that happens just play it safe, do your best and after the game ends make sure you report the griefer or if you can't play due to them griefing then you can leave and play another game! Just because on/two teammates decide to grief or having a fight, doesn't mean you are free to do so without repercussions, you are not excluded for any punishment for breaking the rues, we often encounter the same line
  3. Hello, This is not the place for such threads, report them in-game!
  4. Hello, We understand your frustration, and we can double-check it without a problem however this is not the place to call out any player and point fingers at, since the issue only involves you, your suspension and that said SGM, so it should have been handled that way, if you feel that the SGM who handled your ticket didn't make the right choice, and you think it's unjust then you can always ask for another SGM to check, and please refrain from discussing personal suspensions with the public and also to post names and match IDs here on forums. Feel free to add me on discord `Shattered#7
  5. Hello, This is not the place for such things, all i can say is that you are globally locked from playing hon for a short period of time due to you breaking the rules on an account named: Ve......es. log in to rap with that account, and you will be able to see and appeal it!
  6. It's not about appealing but reaching to us SGMs, open a ticket here https://rap.heroesofnewerth.com/
  7. Hello, Might be due to a mistake from our GMs, the system might also don't accepted your ticket, anyways you should file a report about it, so we can investigate to see what is the issue!
  8. How can you appeal something that didn't happen yet?
  9. In game report should be enough, it will be helpful for our GMs if you could add some time stamps and some short info about the reported's behavior!
  10. @Soraismaybe read the pinned threads before posting? those are helpful
  11. Hello, For you to be able to see the reason you log in with the account you played lately, regardless of what account you log in to RAP IF you still can't see anything then it means one thing, that you've been manually banned by a senior GM, the only way to get info about them and to appeal still by using RAP page, you will have to open a ticket and get in touch with an SGM, you will get all the info after an SGM will take your case! https://rap.heroesofnewerth.com/
  12. Like i said, this is not the place to discuss, head to the link provided earlier and create a ticket, you will get your answers there!
  13. Hello, Basically those 60 years it's meant as in permanent suspension, and there are few deeds that can get you that amount, you either account shared(gave your credentials) to some friend or you stat manipulated. If you want more info related to your suspension head out to the link @Cerissprovided in the previous post here and I or other SGM will give all the info regarding your case! Cheers,
  14. Hello, There is a chance that was a mistake as well, I don't mind helping you or giving you feedback on that particular player and that particular game! Toss me a DM, and we can talk about it!
  15. Hello, There is already an ongoing ticket related to this, please wait patiently for your answer there, if you have something to say please do so there! Cheers,
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