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  1. Hello guys, There is also a section for these types of topics, you should head there, read the pinned threads and then if you have questions you might create a thread, (that does not work for reporting players or discussing certain individual, calling out names or sharing sensitive information). https://forums.heroesofnewerth.com/index.php?/forum/33-report-a-player-feedback Cheers,
  2. Please do not call out players or forums not report them here, not the place for that!
  3. @mariokuat firstly forum is not the place to report players and second we do not handle Garena/SEA! And please do not call out players by sharing sensitive information etc
  4. Please refrain from creating such posts again, no name-calling, no posting match IDs, no sharing sensitive information, if you want something to be done about it then please report it either in-game or create a ticket here > http://rap.heroesofnewerth.com/
  5. Hello, There is no such thing as "ban request", you can only report people, and we will decide what is what, also, please don't do that here on forums and refrain from name-calling or posting sensitive information, as I see you already reported it into the right area please be patient and wait for your answer there! Thanks!
  6. Hello, You can upload that screenshot to any hosting platforms (imgur) etc and share the link here https://rap.heroesofnewerth.com/ Create a ticket, and we will look at it and handle it accordingly!
  7. I tried to be reasonable and help you, but it seems you do not care, so why would we?, it you keep opening similar threads they will be closed! Have a good day!
  8. Hello, Ohh but we do care since we are here volunteering our free time to help out this game and keep players that can't play by the rules far away from ruining the experience of others. No wonder your other threads were closed since it didn't meet the requirements, I mean you can't just bust in and point fingers at everyone. If you want answers about your RAP status and suspensions you can contact us privately at http://rap.heroesofnewerth.com/, since these issues are delicate and has nothing to do with others but yourself! If you have suggestions on how to improve the RAP system yo
  9. Hello, This section is not for reporting players, you can report them via in-game report system, additionally you can create a ticket here >http://rap.heroesofnewerth.com/
  10. Hello, If you want to know the reason or anything about a possible suspension of yours you can create a ticket here > https://rap.heroesofnewerth.com/
  11. This is not a report section, what you can't report in-game you do report via our help desk https://rap.heroesofnewerth.com/
  12. Hello, That is definitely something doable, it will be taken into consideration and added to the to-do list! Thanks for the suggestion!
  13. Hello, Firstly discussing suspensions here is against the rules and second, there is nothing hard to understand. you served 1 month suspension then you came back and resumed your offensive behavior, and therefore you were found guilty and suspended again thus the 2 month-suspension! While for you that word means nothing and might not be offensive, for others is very offensive. So he was offensive towards you, and therefore it was needed for you to grief back?, and now you come here to do what? to ask what? Whatever you are trying to do here will not change anything about your current
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