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  1. The title pretty much says it all ,why are they still given as overall mastery rewards if we cant use them
  2. Lavender

    Season reset

    I get it u guys wanna make money from new sub accounts and stats' resets but the season is going on forever now and its actualy boring ,tmm feels dull and people arent really playing as seriously (as compared to when the season was fresh and everyone was competing to show on the ladder) or many even quit it all-together. Please consider
  3. So the most broken hero in the game right now,Calamity, with the highest win% ,ban rate ,pick rate (in high tmm at least) ,that nobody knows why it does so much damage is literally the same as before the patch,but 40%wr heroes like adrenaline and shadowblade that very few people play are pretty much getting removed from the game.Adrenaline was literally a bad hero ,its not a good carry nor a good mid, definitely not a support ,it cant farm ,it cant just one shot people without items despite what people claim (this is literally ridiculous),it relies alot on positioning because its not a tanky h
  4. Heroes: Magebane : small buff in his starting stats (hero feels weak atm and its useless if it gets shut down on lane) Swiftblade :complete removal of his active w effect (hero already had 2 immunity spells ,now its literally unkillable) Dampeer :should only be losing 1 essence upon death Shadowblade :back to what it was before the nerfs ,no attack speed penalty on q +grants full hp if used ulti on self on that form(hero unplayable atm) Adrenaline :Q shouldnt have cooldown at any level and ulti should be 2 second stun (hero cant farm and cant solo kill people anymore ,
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