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  1. Use the picks of your enemy to your advantage instead of raging about the picks in your team. ^i liked this advice the most. thanks, ill take that with me in the future. thanks also for the advice on what to do about my rating.
  2. Find tl;dr further down under suggestion. INTRO/CONTEXT/BACKGROUND/PROBLEM This might be the first time i post on this forum. Ive played this game since beta and never gotten further than about a score of 1500, which is fine, i deserve to be here. But, at this bracket there are play styles that doesnt do well with the current balance system or game mechanics that works on higher brackets? (one thing is nerfing supportive items ,like making astrolabe more expensive?! this is not the point of the post though) Its the problem with junglers. People (on this bracket?!) are picking jun
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