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  1. If you turned it on for all of players then why didnt you just turn it off? Are you going to reset the games effected by your massive mistake? What are you doing to compensate the players that accidentally queued into BR server games and lost / fed because of 400 ping games? Can we delete the BR matches from our game history?
  2. because of this you should give everyone an optional stat reset, its no fun stacking up leaver % because sometimes your power or internet go out and you actually do get leaver
  3. well you can at least do something about the leaver % that we are getting, its not like you even made an announcement as a gaming company that you were having server issues
  4. everytime i try to make submit a ticket it shows a red line at the top. not sure if it actually is getting submitted or not. can you please unsuspend me friend? I still cannot play or find our what i did wrong or submit a ticket ?. hon is the only thing that's good in my life ? hey cool eye of sauron! im also real big fan of lotr <3.
  5. Is there any way to find out what i did to get my accounts suspended? It is my first time using the RAP forums. I tried to log in to the HON RAP website but it doesn't show me having a ticket open or the thing that shows you what you did or how long the ban is. I'm just curious to what I did cause I don't feel like I did anything wrong. I never grief in game, I try my absolute best to never insult and call people bad names. I don't think I did either so I don't understand why I would be banned. Is it possible that my room mate who uses my computer did something on his account and then we got i
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