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  1. Aluna is just a hero. You are the one playing as a support. The problem is that people on midwars usually don't pay atention to their teammates. Worse, sometimes have very specific expectations that are impossible to know unless written on chat. So, to shut down every expectation, just play it safe and tell your teammates that you are playing Aluna support. Personally, I would never assume someone is going for an Aluna support build on midwars but I also have learned to check constantly my team's inventory on the scoreboard.
  2. New hero added: Old Draconis. The new draconis and the old one are two completely different heroes with different character models and gameplay and they can exist at the same time. I remember one of the given reasons for the removal of the old Draconis was an overlap with FA due to the split shot. In practice, the old draconis was a unique hero who had an aoe/space control focus. I remember criticism over Glacius/Martyr/Monarch, Magmus/Rally and even Artesia/Ellonia but each hero eventually found its role and/or niche. Also, another problem spoken of at the time was of Draconis being play
  3. You don't counter Void Talisman, you are countered by it. Only thing to do is to play around it. However, Hellflower should counter VT, as does any magical stun. VT and SH can't be up at the same time.
  4. LOL As a general rule, I assume nobody (including myself) knows how to play the game and everyone is owned by lag. I'm stuck on NAEast since forever, but it was way worse before. 350 ping around 2012 vs 100 - 120 ping I get these days.
  5. I don't remember ever being another version of Klout. The auto-1st sounds nice, and it can even be implemented as a QoL change. The ult reads awful though, as the current double fear + teleport has a lot of utility and decent power. Klout aside, I do remember a Gunblade iteration that turned critical damage into a DoT and could launch himself from far away. Was fun while it lasted, but I don't mind it never coming back.
  6. Pick Empath, easiest hero in the game to play. It may even be the only easy hero to play.
  7. Go away and never look back. You didn't even complained about gameplay or balance, which are way more important than some 3rd party tool like discord or the RAP system which works silently. The point of a videogame is to have fun, and you are not having it. It has never happened to me with HoN, but sometimes I had to force myself to quit some games as I liked them but for one reason or another I was just not having fun anymore. If you stop playing but begin playing again some months later, you may even have some fun.
  8. I don't care about asking for more silver or lowering silver prices. If I see an alt avatar I like I just buy it with silver. I made sure to have a silver reserve enough for at least one full priced alt avatar. My personal bias compels me to ask for more midwars silver as that is what I play most of the time but I really don't care. However, I would like for coupons to never expire. I don't think there's even an official explanation as to why they expire, but guessing aside, making avatar coupons last for long and even giving them outside of the mastery system seems like a good way to increase
  9. Nomad is by far my favorite hero, followed by Pharaoh. I like how those two have had so few changes over the years. I also like Slither, Nitro, Bramble, Scout, Benzington, Goldenveil, Magebane, Ophelia, Flint and many others I've starred on the learntorium. And I still miss the old Draconis. Forever a favorite. While it resembles Slither or FA, it really is was (please bring old Draconis back lol) a hero like no other in the current pool.
  10. Please don't encourage South American players to play in the BR server. Ping is still lower on USEast. Playing from Perú I got 200+ ping on the BR server and some others were claiming in game 400+ ping. International internet cables don't seem to cross the Andes, so it's likely that the high ping is just a western South America issue. My experience was just a Midwars game that was remade almost inmediately, so I'll still try to join some more games to see how it goes.
  11. Adrenaline uses a lot of mana to deal an unremarkable amount of damage. While the rework is still recent and the hero is now fully committed to his restrain niche, I think his 3rd skill should be adressed asap as it's almost useless. I think it should be passive and no longer pull unless activated. This shoud make the hero both more fun and consistent to play. Also a passive cleave on an AGI hero hasn't been explored that much. Also, pull distance/stun may scale based on the number of stacks or something. Sometimes it feels like the stacks have no impact, and sometimes they just have no i
  12. Super niche Adrenaline reminds me of the early access time in which most heroes like Riftwalker, Rally and Prisioner were designed to give teams some specific tools. I wonder if future remakes will go that way. I like this Adrenaline remake but I'm still mad about the Draconis remake, which turned a unique hero into a complete different one. Unlike the Adrenaline remake, in Draconis case a new hero woud've been better. I can wait to try old Rampage with his new first that trades MInmunity for a faster charge.
  13. Emukle

    Nomad Buff

    Nomad doesn't need anything extra like a SOTM or a rework. He's a hit and run style hero, and his kit lets whoever plays him do exactly that. If anything, unnerfing his ult to how it originally was (30 sec CD at lvl 3) may make him more consistent.
  14. What is this? I asummed it was a torrent link but I can't open it with a torrent client. Does this actually allow me to download HoN64 if I somehow manage to find a way to download v2 torrents?
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