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  1. Small update. I still can’t bind keys using the Control + key method, but I found the “Select Hero” option in the controls menu. I have set the key that I normally do to that permanently. In the past, I have bound the select hero key each game. The ctrl on my keyboard and all the mouse buttons do work as I have tested them. however, the problem still remains that if I use a micro character like Warbeast, Wildsoul, Pollywog Voodoo wards I don’t have a quick way to bind and control their extra stuff during a match.
  2. Hope what I wrote in title makes sense. I have a Logitech MMO mouse.i think there are 12 buttons on the mouse. Used it for years and no problem at all. I came back to HON yesterday after a 4 or 5 month break. No hardware or software issues after many matches until today where the key bindings on the mouse just changed on its own during a match. Several of the key binds for abilities just changed to bindings that could only be made on the keyboard, and some of the binds for items were changed to what I had for the hero abilities. No clue at all why the binds on the mouse just changed
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