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  1. If you want someone to help you try to use google stranslate and write post in english. ?Translated: "Help, I can’t start the game, everything was normal yesterday, but now it’s a mess. When starting a match, it says "Your client version is not compatible with the match system server. Please update your client and try again." I even completely uninstalled the game and re-installed, updated and still such crap. Help "
  2. I like your stream Supa and it's nice to watch you! ? Good luck! Followed!
  3. lvl 6 - 30 plinko tickets * lvl 9 - 30 or 60 plinko tickets lvl 14 - 60 plinko tickets I'm not sure for the reward at lvl 9 and please correct me if i'm wrong. ?
  4. I would say that 2 bans per player will be much better then now. The games 1800+ are always same.. Every player is waiting to pick some OPI hero. I agreed the fun from playing midwars isn't like before. So many people playing for the win and care about the mmr. I think more bans from the start will work better. p.s. I'm missing the Random pick in Midwars, was fun so i vote for it.
  5. MiniMishi

    HoN Live

    Isn't working for me too.
  6. As far as i can understand he have problem with the ping. In Eu server the ping is normal but in Rus server is high.
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