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  1. Sounds like even more of a shit show than I could've imagined. I don't know what the majority of players think of the new map (many players are already too far gone to bring back), but as you said, most players thought the old one was fine. I know that hellbourne had a higher win percentage, but that never bothered me and I'm sure a lot of players feel the same way. In my eyes the old map "worked" a lot better than the new one ever will and frankly I'm getting tired of having to adjust to new paths every patch. Anyway, there's no point in arguing further since the chance of something coming out of it is basically 0. I just wanted to show that there are those who'd like the old map back with the slim chance of sparking an action. And then again, even if the will to revert the map was there, it would probably be too much of a risk to make that big of a change again.
  2. There's been a great amount of patches already. Many of the issues still stand (you can direct path yourself all kinds of weird ways) and everytime something is fixed, another issue is introduced. I get that it's scary to revert now, but no matter how much you polish a turd, it will always stay a turd. I am exaggerating here, but why build upon something that's flawed when you already have something that works? I personally don't mind the double Kongors. Neither did I mind the solo Kong with "Hellbourne advantage". The new map obviously builds on double Kongors, so I'd gladly see them go if it meant we could have the old map back.
  3. The map has been tweaked so many times since 4.0 that I honestly think just reverting it would've been better. As I see it, the 4.0 changes were drastic decisions to bring life into the game before it collapsed completely and in my eyes it failed. This might not be the case at all, but at this point it doesn't really matter. I haven't liked the map since 4.0 ( I'm not sure if I liked it with the kong in river either, since I barely played during that change) and instead of trying to fix it and causing new issues every patch, I'd rather see it reverted to something that works. I get that making a major change like that again would risk chasing away people who've gotten used to the new map, but I think changing to something that has been proved to work would be better in the long run and potentially bring back old players as well. Just my two cents. I'm happy to be proven wrong.
  4. When they removed the dmg buff to Vorax during heal, the hero completely fell off the map in my eyes. It might have been too strong, but I haven't seen any Skrap having much of an impact since. I'm not even sure it will perform decently in a push lineup anymore. With that said, I haven't personally played it since and can't tell for sure if it's as bad as I think it is.
  5. I buy milk at the grocery store every week. Why won't they arrange the products the way I want it?
  6. Just remember that it's never your fault and everyone else sucks and you'll be climbing in no time.
  7. How much do I have to donate to get a Staff of the Master effect on Engineer?
  8. As a long time Valk suicide player, I like the way RUS_AGENT007 is thinking. Lower CD/Charges will help immensely against supports who are able to box you out with spammable spells.
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