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  1. Are you sure that the Dota 2 shop is so much more intuitive than HoN's or do you just feel that way because you're used to it? Whenever I play Dota 2, I have no idea what I'm buying.
  2. Engineer and Emerald Warden After those I'd put Valkyrie, Chipper, Slither, Andromeda, Myrmidon, Aluna, Empath, Rhapsody, Circe, Shellshock and Armadon.
  3. TobakaZ

    CC 15

    Why bother playing a game with someone who clearly doesn't want to? If they're not having fun, chances are they'll grief and I won't be able to either. I'd rather just go new and have fun in the next one.
  4. Check out Honcast for most of the games they covered: https://www.youtube.com/user/honcast
  5. Yeah, it's tough finding good free to use music. Generic EDM music is pretty much the only thing you can find ?
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