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  1. Use the hard camp to pull your lane creeps and get lane control/free exp in your tower
  2. Don't look too much into my sad as fuck post, as I'm probably just an overly dramatic Negative Nancy at this point. Not claiming to have a solution either, but only 30% of games being "completely fine" shouldn't be brushed off when it comes to anyone, playing at any rank, in any game. I know it's tough for the developers to do anything about this, as it's mostly an issue with the community, but nobody should play a game where they're expected to generally have a bad time. Even if the problem lies with the individual in these cases, I see too many people sharing the same negative experi
  3. Cool to see that you're still around and making HoN related stuff! I'll be sure to send you a thought when my memory starts to fade and I'm browsing the internet for some nostalgic HoN content
  4. It hasn't been working for years. It's just that it's actually greyed out now.
  5. TobakaZ


    Bring back random gold!
  6. Yes! A step in the right direction!
  7. This thread is awesome! Instead of fueling it with the usual stuff, `_support steps up and gives us some top tier kek! Thanks for the wild read
  8. Considering the low playerbase, I've rarely had big issues with the team balance. Most often it's been while solo queueing on odd hours. However, below is a recent game where we 4 man queued on hellbourne and I can only assume they 4 man queued on legion as well. I get that getting games on higher ranks is tough, but games as unbalances as this isn't really fun for anyone involved. Not sure if things will or can change with the current player base, but I'm hoping we won't have to deal with more of these games in the future.
  9. Are you sure that the Dota 2 shop is so much more intuitive than HoN's or do you just feel that way because you're used to it? Whenever I play Dota 2, I have no idea what I'm buying.
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