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  1. Sometimes when you cast your 3rd ability sub-ability (the instant meteor) before you ulti it will create a slight delay that sometimes fizzles up your ulti and sometimes its just works fine. I have tried it in practice so i don't think its ping related.
  2. From a player perspective i agree no help should not allow teammates be able to deny you
  3. Yes but where are the details how long am i banned for ?
  4. I did not play on any account with a weird name etc.. its so weird.
  5. Ip banned with no notice whatsoever ???
  6. Sweetbutter


    Make magebane's E reduce % magic damage instead of giving him magic armour because an item like spellshards hard counters the E and its very popular which just hurts the hero very much.
  7. Something about silhouette is off. I think she falls off a bit too quick later on in the game against other carries with arcane bomb in the game. Maybe tweak the swap time to make it faster gradually with little or no delay on her level 16 ulti? thoughts?
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