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  1. The system should absolutly let you know if a teammate is being pre-muted.
  2. Introduce 'Behavior score' like in Dota 2. Nice people will play with nice people and bad people will be queued up togheter. Good system overall but not sure how good it will work with HoN's communitypool
  3. Thanks for the great answer elementuser as always kappa
  4. this has been suggested before but nothing was done and none back then thought it was a good idea (of the cultleaders in this game)
  5. Would be nice...just like in dota 2...once pressed "alt" it will show the tower range
  6. Slingslang

    CC 15

    That's just Moba tho, usually it helps with not giving them any attention, a suggestion from me would be to just /ignore and put a nice track on and just do what you think is best for your team (and I don't mean going afk farm for 30min until lose, I mean that mentality "I need shrunken before we can fight, let's wait 2min more b4 we fight"). Just talk to ur team as if that griefer wasn't there and they will soon lose their rage and start doing ABIT better atleast And also, I play for rank, love climbing ranks, I don't care that the season never ends, I wanna achieve stuff, and for me, a
  7. I don't know if it's only me, but I would like to be able to see ur PSR (example, 1750) on ur account info, just like you see "Diamond 3", couldn't there be a number right beside it or somewhere to show you what psr you currently are on? Just like whenever you're inmatch you can see it
  8. My 64xbit version wont work, modmanager says that it can't find the hon.exe file, even though I'm putting it in like this "C:\Program Files\Heroes of Newerth x64" where my HoN is.
  9. Slingslang

    CC 15

    It will change the mentality of the games I believe, which seems to be needed in HoN
  10. Slingslang

    CC 15

    Remove concede entirely, just like in Dota 2, if you KNOW you will be spending like 20 - 60min with your team, it wouldn't be as fun to grief/walk around doing nothing for 20 - 60min. There is more griefing games in HoN than in Dota in my experience. I'm not saying it will solve everything by removing the concede vote, however I do believe people will actually try abit harder if they know they cant just scream "CC 15" and then be semi-afk for 15-25min before the team gets tired of you and cc. But what do I know, monkaS
  11. Good legionaire lvl 13 when the rest are running around lvl 6-7. EzClap *Learning how to ward jungle*
  12. So in Dota Bubbles silence (w) has a small range, it makes the hero alot more fun to play and versatile. Like a real ADHD hero. Im suggesting to change it to such that it is a small range (like a range of the same circle as balphagore's "w" or less) Info about the spell from Dota 2: Cast Animation: 0.1+0.27 Cast Range: Global Max Distance: 300 ( 575) Radius: 400 ( 675) Damage: 70/140/210/280 Silence Duration: 2/2.5/3/3.5 No need for a target, it works as a aoe spell but the range from your hero and where you want to land is 300 (575 with staff), the staff e
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