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  1. So they report me for "verbal abuse" and then im banned, i report more than 20 guys (not intensively, i really take care about reports and u can see for the date of reports) and my reports just sucks and not even 1 with a real action, they report me for 1 game and then im banned, very nice. https://ibb.co/2tZwznn
  2. 10 years playing this game, since the beta, i never switched to other games like lol or other mobas simply because i love hon but every single game i play a lot of ppl just being afk or deliberate afk farming jungle, also blaming and they say a lot of things, i really dont care about reports, im only report the rEALLY abusive players, then im banned and i report A LOT OF PPL (playing a lot of games) and nobody gets a fucking ban, instead, you ban me for say X things, good job guys. You can check all my reports here, nobody is banned, only me, thats hon. https://ibb.co/V
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