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  1. I also had the suspicion that the hosting provider for the HON EU servers is using private peering to my ISP, and it could be a bottleneck and that's why I'm having issues. For this reason I did try a VPN. It decreased the ping that was displayed in game <100, however it only made tha gaming experience worse. I still had delay in game and huge DC symbols all the time. Thanks for the tip regardless I also think it's a good one and can help some people - it just does not help in my case.
  2. Hi, Can anyone tell me why I get crazy lag and packet drops on EU servers? It only happens on EU, I have better ping in US then EU, even though I am in Europe, and I have a fiber to the home connection with extremly low delay to anywhere else, but the HON servers. No lag on any other game, in fact I get really good ping in all other games. It started a couple of months ago, before that it was fine. I have to play on Russian servers because on those I have <100ms. I already got banned for stat manipulation because of ragequitting several games on EU servers in a row becaus
  3. Hi, Earlier you could use nullfire blade to dispel it, no? Now it does not work. Any other way to dispel it? Yes I know harkons is a solution. Ty
  4. Then why does the suspension note say : 5 days in the RAP portal? Pretty sure it's unintended, it happened before.
  5. I think flint needs a nerf, but this one is too strong, making him unplayable. I'd suggest removing the aura is enough, this way he'll be more like a support than a carry, which is not a good direction for a hero only with damage skills. Agree with the artillery nerf, I don't think its too strong, but it is really annyoying to play against, especially when the artillery is turtling in the base. It leads to boring 50 min games. and thanks for changing back the power supply, i hated the recent patch. It took away the early value of minor totems and the power supply itse
  6. I have the same issue. I live in Europe on a gigabit fiber to the home connection. DC symbol is blinkin every 5 seconds and the game is almost unplayable. I I have absolutely no lag except for HON EU servers. I have to play on russian servers, since they do not have the constant DC issue.
  7. Marine___

    Aluna bugged?

    I randomed Aluna and could not pick the w spell. Not even at level 2. There was no W spell at all.
  8. Hello! So should it be working now on the 32 bit client? I get ,,no response from server'' all the time, and my clock is fine. THanks
  9. Hello, I had to leave a game yesterday and I got banned for more than 5 years. Is this a bug? Thanks
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