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  1. I got same crashes 3 games in a row yesterday. I'll tell you if full reinstall helps.
  2. Queueing EU only. You actually were right with your last question. I've checked 3 games where I crashed like this, and all of those games were on "EU203" server. @ElementUser
  3. Thats the console log right after the crash happened (the second crash actually, when i already reconnected to the game and crashed again) . https://drive.google.com/file/d/1WHakoBqytOwuqNxgy2LvCBBvKONV_o6P Basically this: Error: [23:37:39] CHostClient::ReadServerPackets() - Invalid command received: 0x00 Error: [23:37:39] Unhandled exception - CHost::Execute() - CHost::Frame() - Bad packet from server Error: [23:37:39] ****** Fatal Error:CHost::Execute() - CHost::Frame() - Bad packet from server****** Vid: [23:37:39] Direct3D shutting down... I'm pretty sure I was just moving
  4. Thats exactly what they ask you to write here - steps to reproduce the issue. I'll duplicate that in Russian for you. Тебя как раз и просят описать, что именно привело к ошибке, потому что они не могут её воспроизвести. Может, ты какую-то абилку прожал перед тем, как всё рухнуло, или что-то ещё. Ещё им нужен репорт об краше игры, но у меня он в файлах вроде не создавался.
  5. I dont think the crash log was even created anywhere. And the console log got overwritten when I restarted the game. I can post the console log next time (if) the game crashes. And I haven't done anything specific. It was either right click attack or right click move. Different heroes (grinex and deadwood). No active items were used atm. The only hero both games had in common was Solstice, and I don't think they have used something specific too. Probably some cached status problem? Because I was playing fine for a pretty long time, but after the first crash and reconnect I have about 1-2
  6. Same thing happened twice this month. It was ok for ~20 minutes, then I crashed. Restarting the game and reconnecting gives you like a munite or two, of play time, then game crashes again, and this sutiation repeats itself until you get kicked from game coz max dc time has passed. Last game it happened is (159756400). Kinda disappointing to lose double mmr and have increased leave percentage for this reason.
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