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  1. Hi guys, Sometimes when I play Deadwood I notice I don't get assists after I used my ultimate ability. You can check this Match ID 162242950 at IG counter 9:15 approximately. I say something in all chat about it just after it happens. I have had another example where the time between my ultimate and the death of the opponent hero is even shorter. Thanks for reading this. Please tell me if my bug report is going to be looked into. I didn't reproduce this because I am not very familiar with practice mode. However I will post other examples in this thread if you need more matches t
  2. @ElementUser Hi ElementUser, I'm a software developer and I'm using WSL2 / Windows Sub System for Linux along with Docker. If there is anything to be done, please DM me, too. I'm seriously to old to start playing a different MOBA. I really don't want to quit HoN.
  3. People currently dont get into games from the Q. [EU]
  4. Yeah people in the chat rooms IG are going mad. No one knows what is happening.
  5. I cant believe you are doing something like this this late. I nearly forgot my inner complaints about HoN running on one core. Eager to see if your promised FPS increase is gonna happen for me by using the x64 architecture. Was there any reason to do this change now?
  6. Hey guys, I wondered whether there are still some HoN players located close to me. I'd love to have IRL people to play HoN with. I'm living close to Cologne, Germany. If there's anyone here why don't you send me a message ? Best wishes
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