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  1. Thanks,@RedBear that's very helpful! With this much info I'm pretty sure that I will be able to fix those animation problems for the 0.1.7 release
  2. @kaboomkingCould you please provide more information about Bombardier? Have you tried the latest version of HoNAvatarManager? Which avatar have you tried? I've tried a couple avatars and Q seems to be working fine.
  3. Hey,@kaboomking thanks for reporting the problems, I will look into it and hopefully fix it in the next update.
  4. New Release: 0.1.6!!! Hi all, I'm happy to bring this new big release of HoNAvatarManager! What's new Added staff_%heroname%_ult_boost.entity file parsing - now SotM effects should correctly display for all avatars. Fixed throwback avatars parsing - it should now correctly parse hero and staff .entity files. Added early administrator check - now the program will fail at the start if not launched as Administrator rather than at the file copy time. Added Set-HeroAvatarUnpacked cmdlet for easier testing. However, you could use this command instead of the `
  5. Brilliant. All this time I thought it was a database file. Thanks!
  6. Hi,@RedBear do you know a way to fix this kind of issues with animations? For some reason an attack animation works fine in practice game, but bugs in ladder. I don't have an idea what's an issue here honestly
  7. Yea, I will probably do it this week since PowerShell is not something common everyone has experience using ?
  8. Hi, I think I could add this functionality to my HoN Avatar Manager with the next major update.
  9. What about an "Old Mk model"? Do you mean "Throwback Monkey King" avatar?
  10. Hi @Omgitsemil! You could use my program to set the Monkey King avatar, checkout here: Just install the program and use the following command: Set-HeroAvatar -Hero "Monkey King" -Avatar "Queen Of Fools" If you don't want to mess around and download an additional staff, here is a direct link to .s2z resources file with Queen Of Fools avatar: https://gofile.io/d/hhAFUv
  11. Hey @RedBearor @ElementUser, you might know something about it: I'm trying to implement some kind of hot reload for mods testing. Is there a way to delete a resource file while the game is running and load a new resource file instead? I've tried to do something like this: ResourceCmd /heroes/parasite unregister ...but the resources_Parasite.s2z file handle is still locked by the hon.exe ?
  12. @kaboomking after you type Set-HeroAvatar -Hero, don't press Enter, type Space and then press Tab. No, you could set as many avatars as you want without updating the program.
  13. I don't think that the structure of s2z files are changing with the new patches, so it should be working fine. The only updates required is adding new avatars. There is already an instruction, see Examples article. If you're struggling to find the right hero/avatar combination, try this out: Type Set-PSReadlineKeyHandler -Key Tab -Function MenuComplete Type Set-HeroAvatar -Hero Press Tab - this will give you the list of all possible heroes. Select one with arrows and Enter key. Type -Avatar Press Tab - this will give you the list of all possible avat
  14. @Mr`CactusMy main priority right now is to finish the avatar related work (there are still many broken animations and stuff that needs to be managed), but the announcer features is definitely something that could be included next. Thanks ?
  15. [WIP] HoN Avatar Manager Latest release: 0.1.6 Content About How it works How to install How to update How to run Examples Links About Hello everyone! Recently I've been searching for the good old HoN mods that replace the default hero avatars with an existed from the game (some EA only avatars are just too good ). Turns out that they are all pretty outdated and broken, so I decided to make some myself. Thanks to the @RedBear I've managed to find pretty useful information about the HoN modding on an old forum that helps me a lot duri
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