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  1. Hi, the project is no longer maintained, and probably will not be completed in any observable future (at least by me). If you want to modify/continue developing/do any other funny stuff with the code, feel free to fork the project - https://github.com/Semptra/HoNAvatarManager Could someone from the forum admins archive this post or do smth to disable the comments? Thanks.
  2. Hi, I've noticed that there are 2 options to purchase an item with gold coins: Not sure if it's intended or not.
  3. So, do you remember my post about Parasite being able to farm Pazzlebox at 6 min? Here you go: You need to start with Ether Jewel (+120 Max Mana) and 3 Mana Potions. On the screenshot, I got 0 (ZERO) Vagabond Leaders. I think the time could be around 5:30. So, how balanced is Parasite with Pazzlebox min 5?
  4. Fox`Tail


    Ladder could be found here - https://www.honstats.com/account/list Until further notice, no new CoN Season will be released, and the current CoN Season is currently projected to remain as the active season for the foreseeable future. Nope.
  5. Whoops, sorry for the incorrect link, try this one please - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-iCbf-K6EEFm2YkSVPTODbNlesA5ayCU/view?usp=sharing Thanks for the <find> and <replace> explanation, I will try to use this knowledge to generate the more complex avatar a bit later.
  6. Thanks for sharing the potential issues. Could you please check out this one? https://drive.google.com/file/d/12qcq8GtVRMbopHvOi2nki_g9PBFF_4hX/view?usp=sharing It seems to be a correct way now. As I understood, we should only put .effect and .mdf files from the avatar to the honmod, and modify .entity files inside the mod.xml (right now I'm only modifying the hero.entity, but if it's all correct, I'll add ability.entity files here too). Also, why do we need to modify heroes_preview.xml file? What does it affect? One more thing that catches my attention is this questionable find/repla
  7. Sorry for the off-topic, but does GM/FrostBurn staff have access to Items usage (same as for the hero usage)? It would be nice to have a graph with comparison on item's usage from patch to patch to see how the changes affects it.
  8. Alchemist's Bones- Gold Bounty from killing a creep with its active effect increased from 165 Gold to 190 Gold.- Experience Bounty multiplier from killing a creep with its active effect increased from 1.75x to 2x. It seems like a pretty significant boost to an Alchemist Bones. Probably each ranged carry should buy it now, especially some greedy mid heroes that will crazy exp-scale. New Item: Adeve's Cloak Why not making a Dota 2 Aeon Disk alternative instead of this one? Or at least apply a strong dispell effect instead of 15/40% stun reduction. Empath Why is it still not allowed to
  9. Hi @RedBear, here is the sample created by my program - https://drive.google.com/file/d/12qcq8GtVRMbopHvOi2nki_g9PBFF_4hX/view?usp=sharing I know it's not perfect and it contains some additional files, but it is what it is. For example, without copying .model files the model became glitched: when using 2nd skill it applies a teapot texture on the creep.
  10. I know this, everything is closed except for the Mod Manager.
  11. The same issue with x64 HoN version - access to is denied even after running HoNModManager as Administrator.
  12. Hi, it's not yet implemented, I'm just wondering if it's worth the effort creating HoN mod compatible version of the avatars. I could try to do some proof of concept next week.
  13. Hi everyone! I want to gather some feedback about the program. Recently I got myself familiar with .honmod and a new updated HoN Mod Manager, so I have an idea of maybe making a prebuild version of all avatars compatible with the Mod Manager (e.g. .honmod files instead of resources.s2z). This way each avatar could be downloaded separately and set using the manager. I just want to know which way is more convenient for most of the users, current (using the PowerShell module or a separate UI that will be added later) or Mod Manager (existing UI, but each avatar needs to be downloaded separately).
  14. New Release: 0.1.10 What's new Added simple telemetry. Telemetry is enabled by default and will only send data about executing Set-HeroAvatar (e.g. Hero and Avatar parameters) as well as any exception that might appear during the cmdlet execution. No personal data is being sent. This should allow me to track any issues and fix them faster. This will also add about 1-2 seconds to the total execution time, so it might run a little bit slower. You could disable the telemetry at any time by executing Disable-HoNAvatarManagerTelemetry. If you're still think that it might sent some
  15. Hey, I've uploaded a video guide, check out the first topic message.
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