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  1. Thanks @HenryCase . I think actually a big part of this is also to get closer to the old "nostalgic" feeling. I played a lot in late 2009 and the years after that. I'm currently looking at @Anakondas solution. I changed it slightly to just loop over all heroes and try to generate either pog_skin, default, alt or alt2. It fails for some heroes which i have to look into tomorrow.
  2. Hi, Thank you to both of you. I'll have a look at the suggestions ?
  3. Okay i see, thanks a lot. It would be super boring to go through every single hero and their avatars. So if i want to achieve this it has to be automated it i suppose. I looked into "resources1.zip\heroes\accursed". Do you think it would be too buggy to copy-paste the classic-avatars ability_x, effects, sound, clips into each alt-folder? I saw that the hero.entity file has a lot of configuration for each avatar, so i assume it wouldn't work properly, although it does sound like it would be automatable.
  4. I've recently come back to hon after a long break, and find that a lot of the avatars have started to blend it with eachother. If there is a mod that disables all avatars (and/or announcers) i'd be extremely happy. I think there use to be mods for this, but i assume they are long lost and forgotten. If someone has experience or ideas on how a mod like this would be created, i'd also be happy to chip in.
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