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  1. Can you retune Art a little back upwards. The win-rates stopped being too high by a lot. Also I don't think the buff to riptide was enough to make him playable at higher ranks still.
  2. I think the LRM damage nerf is a little bit over tuned. A near 25% damage nerf is a lot. Even if you factor in the nerf to early game/low cost armor items, the damage nerf targets his mid game and beyond. Maybe lightening it from 28% -> 25% would be a lot smoother.
  3. There's a lot of counterplay dude. What you can do yourself: Wards make sure you get stunned behind creeps relative to Artillery void talisman buy armor Decide if you should run or stay What you can do as a friend Wards body block for whoever is being targeted get a storm staff Beyond that, counter pick Artillery if you can with rush down heroes. This is all basic stuff that is more than manageable for any level of player. It's not hard at all.
  4. Post HoNmas Artillery feels pretty strong, but I wouldn't go on to saying overpowered yet. Every game I've played with him I steamrolled because the other team was just full of incompetent players, so I gotta keep playing until I get players that at least build their item's correctly. As for now, I wouldn't mind him getting a creep damage reduction to 80% or something, but it might be too early for that statement. I'd like to see if players start adapting. A lot of gripe I'm tending to see with Artillery in regards to his LRM damage is from people who don't know/wish to build items in res
  5. old riptide and bramble would be nice.
  6. I can't really think of a time besides his initial release that he could ever be considered overpowered. There is and has always been so much easy counter play against artillery for him to ever be considered overpowered.
  7. I'm really loving all these PTP and non auto-attacking focused ideas. It looks like this is the general better direction for Artillery. So what if we made it so that PTP's damage also scales off of his damage too? That way Artillery does scaling mixed damage. Something like 10/20/30/40 + 50% of attack damage. The main issue I'm starting to see is that we're loading up a lot of stuff into the E, which makes sense since it does the least now. Would we maybe want to shift some effects into mortar or LRM in order to balance things out?
  8. A little overlap is fine, because even if Artillery can be more actively auto attacking between the 600-900 range , Flint will outperform him. And to compensate for not being as good as Flint is in that range, he has access to farther ranges of combat.
  9. I was going to settle just for - Increase LRM flat damage back to 12 at least This should allow him a better shot during laning phase - Remove all Creep damage reduction, whether it be flat out removal or like Macrohard's scaling removal This should allow him to be able to farm consistently provided he has enough damage starting around mid game Now he can actually defend base from bigger creeps come end game And if you feel that this would make him a little too much, lop off some of the Special Ammo extra range by 200 or something I thi
  10. But the thing about it is that when it comes to MW, Artillery is already banned for the majority of the games. Throughout 2020 at least, I don't think I've seen a single Artillery in any of the MW games I've played because he was outright banned. Slight QoL buffs won't affect that, because he will always be a hero with a high ban rate in MW. Also, as long as you don't touch the direct damage scaling portion of the LRM, there shouldn't be an issue. The main problem people have with Artillery MW is when he hits you from far away, not when he's shooting creeps for gold. Considering the pace
  11. Are you then willing to put a band aid on him next patch until we can solve the core issue then? And as for fixing that core issue, have any of the ideas I have proposed sound anywhere near receivable? I want to make this an easier process for you with fruitful discussions that provide good/detailed suggestions. But I need to know if my ideas are shit or not.
  12. Is it really impossible to make even slight number adjustments till you can properly look at him then? Things like: -Up LRM damage from 10 to 12 -Lower/Remove LRM damage reduction to creeps -Increase blast radius of LRM by a little -Lower cast range from Special Ammo in compensation My little coding experience tells me these are just variables you can easily tweak. Is it really that hard to change these things mechanically, or do you really think Artillery does not need any help. I can guarantee you small changes like this will be nowhere near the levels of imbalance o
  13. Backburner at this point is equivalent to condemning him to mediocrity forever. You're saying he's hard to balance, then let's talk about how to fix it here. If his extreme long range focus is inherently the problem, which I agree with, then let's tackle that first. Why don't we start with lowering his max range from 2k down to some where around 1500? Shift his effective range downwards, which would encourage him to play with his team.
  14. I can't believe I forgot how much he got gutted. Thanks for posting this
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