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  1. set up a rewards system on grimm to motivate players to come on.
  2. in classic the grimmcrossing map if you already put it in matchmaking, redo the buildings to have towers with more life would already be good because currently a team pusher a genocide and you lose the tower + a really painful barracks.
  3. I used to do a lot of 3v3 grimm matchmaking back then so bad the mode is no longer on the audience and horrible the number of quitting rage and waiting and endless. I hope that one day there will be a return of this map.
  4. Hello I am French I will correct the text with translate sorry in advance. I loved playing ranked a few years ago on grimmcrosing 3v3. why was it deleted? do we have a chance to see her again later if the games restart well? if not to come to your discussion I have already played a lot of times dota 2 but personally I find that it does not have the same gameplay as the hon. hon and + animated + faster than dota so if the fps increases, it will be clearly nice thank you in advance for the future update. and having the right click to denied the creeps added something relaxed in-game to that dama
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