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  1. A friend of mine had the same problem. He would lose all this settings when he turned off HoN. Ironically he bought a new pc a few weeks ago and his problem was solved. So the solution should be around HoN installations etc , my guess. I would suggest running HoN repair tbh, and if that doesnt help,unistall and delete everything, including My Documents sub folder of HoN, and reinstall from scratch. ( HoN takes lots of time to download, so if i was in your position i would wait a little more, for someone else to answer also; maybe there is a less time consuming solution to try )
  2. @Ambushzilla HoN is not dying. Its still here. Queue times are relatively fast. HoN has a dedicated crowd and a strong community. The game is quite hard to be honest. Needs time to adjust. But for me hands down, best MoBa i ever played. If you need need help with anything, or u want to discuss further about the game feel free to pm me. Cheers,
  3. interesting thoughts i have to admit, and i cant say that i can disagree with the way you are putting it. You got a point
  4. Happened to me also 4 consecutive times today. I saw also this happening when Dutch was streaming and Imbaboy today.
  5. some things are inevitable. Smurfing is an all around gaming phenomenon.
  6. This elaborate a bit more, im interested on your thought
  7. @shell -Card graphics are up to date? -If you have time, go to practise mode , and try changing from direct x at open gl and wonder a little around the map,spawn some heroes, use some spells whilst checking ur fps - if u are getting unstable fps which are over 60 ( so lets say 70- 100 ) try ticking the box: vertical sync
  8. -I dont think its easy to be contested.Ofc if u have a good combo short u can get out of ur tower and contest it sure. My points and thoughts regarding this mainly are : a) Man up lanes thrive on 2 vs 2 .You; coming out of ur comfort zone and contesting the pull, is what they want most of the times.(This ofc doesnt apply always, maybe u got levels and 1 item lets say , and u can take the fight.) b) Most of the times carry heroes will just go to farm the wave inside their tower. Meaning the support is left alone to contest the pull( denying creeps , or last hitting them). -If you are laning with a bad support player and overextends he is dead. On the other hand If he stays passive opponents end up farming a double stack or a triple stack + lane creeps. Meaning they get xp and gold from 10 to 13 creeps. Whilst your carry gets 4 creeps and the lane back to the tower. Weighting this,the two long laners always stay on top. Yes you get the lane back , aka Lane control, but point being in this meta, lane control doesnt really exist. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ->The idea of removing pulls, is bad. The idea of reverting it to the old pull concept( 1 pull,the easy camp) is valid- as it was always for many years at HoN . ->This could also be the solution of the inequality that exists between the battle at the safe lane. Old hon map had a bunch of trees around the hard camp( where the medium is now) ( in my mind i have hellbourne side btw) and camp was facing torwards the shop in jungle. I dont know what twist, or easy route can be followed. A trick like what was done at legion side safe camp could be possible. The only thing that maybe be an obstacle is that there are two instances of pulling the camp as there are two exits. So we are talking about different time frames of you being able to pull. I dont know how the aggro mechanic of neutral works( what amount of distance they keep following). ****If distance of aggro with the addition of trees can be easily toggled then it can be a solution / change of neutral camp facing and addition of some trees.**** edit: i think this should be in balance sub section
  9. @cobaye Regarding Xemplar, he seems kinda boring, but he is super strong. He is not my type of Hero i would pick though. But if for example random him, i wouldnt say he has flows or something. Same goes for Warchief.And they do have a position. -Xemplar is best played position 1 or 2 (position 3 can exist for him also if u get a strong nuker ) -Warchief.( position 2 or 3)- seen him also position 1 but not ideal place for him So maybe in your eyes they dont have a position in the game, but believe me they have .In my eyes is all about flavour. There are heroes some people just dont like and dont want to play them ( me myself for example, goldenveil, which i see as useless pick regardless), but for others there is a place for them in the game
  10. Im not complaining. As i said i love the hero.I dont want her to get nerfed!!!!!!!! And yes that was the part i said it could change, as it will give another task for Tarot in teamfights to be able to nuke 2 heroes down. At the moment if u mark a hero, wherever u attack you are getting the bounce effect. So you are nuking 2 heroes down without any effort, and u only need to worry about positioning and items activation etc; whilst at the same time u are getting 100% damage output of Tarot without any particular effort. In the past to get that maximum efficiency u had to mark someone and hit another target, so as the hit will bounce to the marked one. Its not a big skill regardless, but still i believe it can separate the really good carry players in the game ,that can multitask during a fight from the good ones .
  11. @ElementUser I didnt think anything else.As i kinda love the overall concept of the hero.Never crossed my mind to change the abilities of her. Furthermore I dont want her numbers to be dropped. i actually like the position Tarot is atm also. The only thing that i thought to make her more `fair` was what i suggested above. So as to get 100% damage output to be able to quick think during a fight. Mark someone, hit another. But rather seing her numbers get nerfed ( as she already got a nerf last patch i think? )and put her in a bad position i prefer nothing happens to her
  12. Can tarot become her old self ,and put some skill cap on her. -Atm one of the stronger DPS carries in the game, and the only thing u have to do is get 2 -3 items, mark someone and autoattack. -Old Tarot needed to mark someone and then hit another target so the hit will bounce to the marked on. So as you will get maximum damage output even if it required a bit of thinking do to so. -Now everyone can play her with literally not a bit of skill reward. Maybe the only skill -wise thing on her ;is positioning, but this applies to all the carries i guess.
  13. if hag ulties u and then press shrunken yes . But if you pop shrunken and hag ulties afterwards you u are getting the dot ( its not applied during the duration of the shrunken, but still stays there, and damage starts counting after the expiriation of the immune state)
  14. You buy it if you right click on the item and u have available money only for the recipe. Not shown in the components list though. Minor thing, but thought to mention it
  15. welp, i used wrong words, and the meaning was misinterpreted
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