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  1. i can confirm this bug happening. But never remembered or got disturbed enough by it to mention in on the forums.When it happens, I just press again the direct pathing button once and its like it gets untoggled.
  2. i have a feeling that Dr is strong atm, judging solely from watching him at twich. Didn't experience him yet in a game
  3. ->i dont think Draconis benefits from the jungle changes. Strong aspect of the hero was taking triple stack of ancients pretty early. So in my mind he is out of the equation. Regarding Solstice i have already stated in the past that i cant agree with the general kit the hero has( all around abilities , stun, fear, lifesteal, invisible,slow, mov.speed buff/ attack speed buff ) + the fact he is a jungler. Lots of people argue that he aint so strong, statement i can agree with also,coz obv its actually situational how effective he can be. Some factors behind his effectiveness are for example: who is the player playing ( like Dutch destroying a game earlier at legendary), or what rank he is being played. But i do believe he will be overplayed. I can agree with you on that(not that he wasnt already;number 1 used champion) . I still find the hero kinda absurd atm though. I have already tasted in 2 games how fast he can jungle now, and its kinda weird, seeing a strength hero, with no strength items do so much. And still this opinion i have is due to his multi factional kit. This is what offers him the ability to ``excel`` . For sure,I dont want a rework on the hero, i love complex heroes, with lots of buttons.But number twists could be, okeish?... On an opposite argument though this might make the hero useless, so i cant really tell; in the end i guess im fine as he is. Jungle/carry heroes arent a lot tbh, and its good he provides diversity in the hero pool. Thats my point of view anyhow for both of them. ->On the jungle changes, at first glance i didnt like them. But i did stated that if the trade of the pull camp was the revival of jungle, i would take it 10 out of 10 times. and it kinda seems like the case. Game became too monotonous with the 2-1-2 strats. Its good for the overal CoL of the game to have more gamestyles. Its nice seeing again suicide heroes, and junglers. What is better is seeing a Tempest in the game, and actually having a protagonist role, rather than a struggling one . Just love it . Some twists that maybe good to happen in the next patch, eventually will come forth. Every patch needs time. And this patch seems promising, we will see . edit: im interested to see the Salomon /jungle viability
  4. doctornik

    Arcane Bomb

    I like this one tbh.
  5. Regarding the rest of the patch notes: -Thumbs up for the avatar ( feels good to offer something like this) - Thumbs up for the new items.( in paper look nice) - Mk staff: Maybe it could be a nice change. And maybe we could see more pickups of Staff on him/ upgrades - Tundra staff: That seems fun , we will see.Tundras core items though will never change due to the unique role of this hero. So i cant tell without giving it some time. - Hag : That was indeed my suggestion before the nerf, to go from 40s to 60s. 70 seemed to much, and made other items more worth to get than staff. I believe this change can balance out everything. - Ra: I dont know about the spells nerf. In my opinion the agility nerf could be enough.(he already got a nerf last time) - Doctor repulsor: Interesting changes. They need time to see how they pun out, but attractive on paper. - Electrician: It took some time but it happened , agree with the nerfs. - Emerald W: agree with the nerfs - Engi: Best balance change in this patch imo - Gaunlet: I like the slight buff on the hook range. Still though i want the hero to become the skill cap hero it used to be, and not the everyone can play hero. Having the ability to hook someone as easy as gaunlet can,+ level 6 kill potential the hero has, must weights some risks . Gaunlet used to have a skill cap in order to be able to hook someone torwards you. Gaunlet tool kit is quite the bursty one. Imagine putting Devo the ability to hook through creeps. Thats what Gaunlet is atm. A constant thread of killing you without actually having to use any kind of skill. True Gaunlet became more viable to more players atm, but lost his uniqueness. In order to be able to play such a strong mid laner like Gaunlet you need to be able to have some kind of skill. That was the fun part of HoN, rewarding players putting effort to learn a hero. ( if you attained a certain skill to play the hero at his best, you will get the maximum damage input out of him ) - Grinex: I love the buffs, hero need some kind of love again. - Legionnaire: nice addition. minor one, but still a good one. - Lodestone: mana addition is a nice touch. And the slight nerf of cd. Hero needed a slight nerf. - Madman: nice tweeks, were due to happen. Hero was slightly overperforming. - Tempest: At last some love for this hero. Its been long. The top hero regarding big plays throughout HoNs history needed to have a place in the game.I hope this patch changes can revive him! A sum up is that this patch isnt so big, but is quite interesting to be fair. Some of the changes can bring interest and can spice up things. In general good job and a thank you for the time putting into this game, and trying to keep it alive .
  6. I agree with what you wrote. But thats just an extra reason why jungle was not viable in the meta. I never said that the reason i wrote was the only reason. What u wrote is also true. I dont think ur reason is higher in rank regarding my reason.i believe both have equal importance. As in high tmm what i always see are jungle farmers , even by good players still playing,rather jungle gankers. So even good players do not work in favor of their short lane. Meaning the jungle meta change is not only on players individually but design aspect also. Hence the 2-1-2 laning system has many things ( lots more than the ones we discussed)that surrounds its dominance and superiority against jungle strats. On the other hand the answer i wrote basically was that i dont think jungle should have been considered in the pros torwards the safe lane(As EU explained to me at his reply ) and that it was always a disadvantage in the current meta for various reasons. (in some unique cases maybe it worked positivley ofc,but that was the minority of the cases) I didnt try to analyze the jungle meta, coz that would take lots of lines to explain every little detail that made jungle a bad choice.
  7. Well I cant say that i agree in the pros/cons sections about the junglers. the meta was 2-1-2. So junglers were underperforming in general. I cant remember a game i played and i didnt have a guy begging for our teammate to not pick jungle. So i never considered a jungler to be an advantage ever in any game I played. Maybe the only jungler that could gank early on and consider it as an advantage while playing on the short lane was solstice, but he had to follow the unsafe rotation to do so( never played with many solstices that followed this rotation). Also one of the most popular ganker -junglers, in the eyes of Parasite, got diminished from the game,or better, his ganking/ jungling role didnt work anymore like it used to be. The distance of the hard camp to the lane was just not worth it , by just a simple scaling of the pros and cons of doing so. so we had parasite transition to hard farming jungler and from that we got the transition to its most popular built atm-> Mock. Maybe the only jungler i could see in my games and be happy about it was ophelia. But not so many players play her in our days. My only suggestion on what could be the fairer in this , would have been that the perks of gold regarding pull camps, should have leaned torward the easy lane. So the medium camp and the easy camp could swap positions. => But maybe the extra medium camp addition , could bring a bit of life again into junglers and indeed provide equilibrium between the laning systems. If thats the case, i think i can digest the pull camps change in exchange for that . Nevertheless after you analyzed your thought process behind this(and thank you for putting time to do so) , i can see your point of view also. I cant personally say 100% what is correct , as its not my job to do so rather your job . I can just provide arguments and opinions , just for discussion sake. Time will show, as it does everytime. And fortunatley forums will be still here to post our thoughts . No rush .
  8. Im super confused, wasnt already super easy to pull the camps-> advantage unsafe lane. And also wasnt the man up lanes dominating already the meta by destroying safe lanes. How does this change improves the CoL of the game in general? (more specifically the easy lane game experience ) .... So basically im supposed to ward as a safe lane support the camp now , coz else my lane will be messed up. So actually the new safe lane is the long lane? am i getting this right?
  9. Can we get already the patch notes ?
  10. if you read the description it says: poison ;And acts as one. ` removes 6 health per second`.
  11. yes thats how the skill works. either u hit a 100% stun with reduced range, or u risk it to hit more range with a not 100% guarantee stun. Also i dont see any relevance of nitros push back with witch slayer stun mechanics. Actually i dont know what is the argument behind that
  12. All this time in my head,I thought the answer to this was pretty obvious. To require some skill to hit the maximum stun. I dont understand. Its a MoBa game, not SIMS. Even if it was going be an increase in the projectile speed to guarantee a 100% max range stun, whats the point behind this? I dont agree with the softness being implemented throughout the last 3-4 years. MoBas are supposed to be games were u need to utilize mechanical skills and mental skills , to succeed. HoN was supposed to have a hardcore aspect . That was the attractive part. Personally atm i cant enjoy HoN as i used to enjoy it. The reason im holding firm to HoN is purely emotional,as i do love HoN. I am not going to give up on it, no matter the changes.As many people still playing this game do. But still i cant be illogical and not state the reality that exists atm.
  13. I actually did say i would like to see this implemented in the game. My argument is that is not shared to every hon player. Hence its not fair. Forums and reddit are the vast minority of hon player database. Game declared officially that is being stopped developed. Main site pops an error: do not proceed is not safe . You cant ask people that left in hon to check these sites . If this is going to be fair it should be announced somehow in the game. So everyone gets the same advantages and being able to access this stuff. From the moment someone is using it, and obv the other person against him will never know he is doing it, its obv in my eyes not fair. And falls under the category of gold coin exploit. Its also been said in the primary post: This increase your gold more than you can imagine because u don't waste time and attention to buy.
  14. First of all im not even touched by you saying that im childish and caps writing to me like it will do anything. It just shows me with what kind of person im talking to. Im not gonna sit discussing with you anymore,now or in the future. I do have a reply for what u posted, but if you had any proper way of talking i would reply to you. You just showed me its not worth having a discussion with you. have a nice day. I dont know what is the case behind that. For sure general discussion its not the place to post this. And also i dont think anyone hard reads community contributions. In my case, It happened to hard read it as i had free time yesterday and i was curious to see what it was
  15. im talking about the Queue thing, i dont care about the shop size. The queue thing is what gives u gold advantage over other players that in that scenarios will die before buying the item they want Its rewarding to be able to get advantage over other players inside the game, through mods? Thats the purpose of the game? Im not jealous. Your skills or knowledge on this stuff might be good. I just stated what is wrong with all this. If this is actually implemented in the game i would be really happy to see it.
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