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  1. I have edited your post as it is not allowed to publicly call out other players. Please read our rules before posting and please use the in-game report function!
  2. I made a mod that adds support for Cyrillic (Russian) characters when you have the language set to English. Currently you only see empty lines which can be confusing for a lot of us, so this can hopefully prevent some of that confusion. Download link
  3. I think it would be great to see for which skills you have enough mana after using one of your spells. This could be triggered in the same way that cast range indicators are triggered. Meaning, while hovering over with the mouse, or while the skill is selected but not casted. For example, you have 230 mana on Pebbles, you select Stalagmites --> Chuck becomes tinted blue indicating that you don't have enough mana for both Chuck and Stalagmites and vice versa.
  4. Since everything is basically set up for implementing smileys in the game, it seems like it shouldn't take too much effort to finalize. You can already do it yourself via the console, for example: would result in:
  5. Hello, you are in the wrong part of the forums, this is for RAP related posts. I think it's best if you contact customer support about this kind of stuff.
  6. I pledge 8000 GC purchase if this happens.
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