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  1. https://youtu.be/anL-pBPP66s
  2. I notice that two of Berzerker's spells do not give charges to the power supply. The abilities are Chain Spike and Carnage.
  3. Jed961

    Nonsense Tooltip

    When hovering the mouse over the buff granted from Shadowblade's Soul's Sight ability, there seems to be some nonsense towards the end of the text that appears. Soul Form Level 1 Your first attack deals a bonus 16 Magic Damage and applies a 0.6 second Stun. This feature if not used after 5 seconds of entering this form. Passive Bonuses +5 Intelligence The part that reads, "This feature if not used after 5 seconds of entering this form", should definitely be edited.
  4. Hello, I was playing a game of Heroes of Newerth and stumbled across a player that cannot be reported. Here is a screenshot of the player that cannot be reported. Here are two screenshots. https://i.ibb.co/PrgbbBj/New-Bitmap-Image.png https://i.ibb.co/6rHxb2s/Untitled.png
  5. After queuing for a total of five hours, I have yet to join a match. I will rejoin the queue and hopefully get a match!
  6. Jed961

    Jera 3 rd skill

    One of the differences between the cleave damage that Hammerstorm has and Jereziah's Righteous Strike ability is the cooldown on Righteous Strike. There is no cooldown on Hammerstorm's cleave damage, it is applied to every attack that the hero makes. On the other hand, Jereziah's Righteous Strike has a cooldown and is not applied to every attack that Jereziah makes. Only when the ability Righteous Strike is off of cooldown does bonus damage and cleave get applied, and only for one attack before going back on cooldown. The difference between these two skills might be the reason that you are una
  7. This is definitely not a carry item. The carry should be farming a lane, getting last hits, and scaling into the late-game. Buying this item drags the carry into early-game team fights and ganks which the carry has no business participating in. The carry does not need to be ganking in the early stages of the game. This item gains charges as you participate in kills, the sort of behaviour that a carry wishes to avoid early in the game. I think that there is no reason whatsoever for a carry hero to purchase this item.
  8. A few typographical errors that you may consider revising. The errors appear in this passage, From the depths of the brackish waters slept an ancient hunter; a predator only known as Primus,. However once the Hellbourne had laid waste to the world, the sleeping crocodile awoke to find a world unlike the one that he left when she slept. Now filled with anger and hunger that her kin and ecosystem have been destroyed, she vows to lay waste to the demons that did it... And so she arises from the depths; ready to snare and snap and destroy. The first error appears after the word, or
  9. Luckily, I was able to win a total of ten matches in a row while playing Heroes of Newerth.
  10. There is a section of the ladder that is denoted by the word MASTERY, in all capitals. There are a total of four separate columns in this subsection of the ladder. The ladder can be accessed by clicking on the button labeled ladder. The four columns are RANK, PLAYER, LEVEL, and FULL LEVEL HEROES. Column 1: RANK - A number represents the placement of a user on the ladder. Column 2: PLAYER - The name of the player. Column 3: LEVEL - The total number of hero levels attained. Column 4: FULL LEVEL HEROES - Possibly the number of heroes for which level 15 has been attained.
  11. Once in a while a group may queue for a ranked game of matchmaking and never end up being able to play. This is because there are no suitable players for them to play against. The matchmaking system ensures the matches are fair by forming teams of approximately equal skill level. If a team of a certain skill level begins queuing for a match, it is well within the realm of possibilities that there simply is no match to be had. The player base is finite, there is a limited pool of players for the matchmaking system to choose from. For example, if you decided to queue for a game of HoN with a gro
  12. When I play as Engineer in practice mode and start placing a whole bunch of mines there does not seem to be any real bug. The hotkey that you reference is in fact previous unit, not select previous unit. There is no such hotkey as select previous unit. I do notice that the previous unit hotkey does not necessarily select the last mine planted by Engineer, though it seems to me to be working as intended. The default hotkey for previous unit is SHIFT+TAB.
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