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  1. After reading this whole thread, congratz you're the most delusional idiot I've ever seen. You're in such huge denial that it baffles me that people like you exist lmao, well enjoy your toxic game, people like are the ones that killed the community, moron.
  2. I've played since beta too, no need to assume random things ?. I guess its pointless arguing with someone who's blind and in denial.
  3. Sure you do, but if you can't see the current state of the game, then I'm sorry but you're in denial.
  4. The addition of recent new items, sotm changes, nitro rework bootleg windrunner
  5. Calm your tits, like perhaps stop looking at Dota2 patch notes and copy pasting everything into their own ? Create a game that has its own direction and own goals rather than again copy pasting every single piece of change from a different game ? I remember they finally made something fun by removing Kongor and having two extra objectives that had its own rewards, but the problem is HoN playerbase are just stuck on the nostalgia factor. Your game is already dying, and you're still stuck, living in a bubble thinking that its good. Like, the results speak for themselves. But I guess you will sti
  6. HoN has been constantly balancing the game and making changes according to Dota 2 way before they were short staffed. I don't see the point of playing HoN as its pretty much the same as playing Dota2. The game will never be successful or at least alive if its gonna continue being a cheap replica of a successful game. I find it a bit funny that some of you think that its a plus that its more like dota2, yeah that's why the game never flourished into its own thing, while it was close sadly it will be its own demise.
  7. I've been following all of the changes for HoN since forever, I always get excited when HoN releases new patch notes because I always have the idea in my head that MAYBE just MAYBE HoN can become its own thing. But every single patch notes always copy everything from Dota2, sometimes takes the concept and slightly changes the numbers. Why? Why can't HoN be its own thing ? Its just sad.
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