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  1. rip Sapphire, you will be missed.
  2. Was this ever resolved? I have the exact same problems with chat dcing all the time and making it virtually impossible to get into queue.
  3. This was a day 1 problem on x64 that just didn't happen on 32. Also after playing for a while longer, it's not tied to Z specifically, X also can cause it. And it seems random; it can happend multiple times in a match, and may or may not happen at the very first press. But it does feel like the longer it's been since it last happened, the worse the lag.
  4. Title is self explanatory. The first time I press Z to see past chat after opening the new client, the game freezes for a bit. It doesn't cause any disconnects, and it only happens the first time I do it after opening the client. This wasn't happening with the old client.
  5. Imakuni

    Rampage Buff

    I mean... it is a single target ultimate. And pk + sh is quite a big investment. It's like saying "nerf temp because pk + sh = gg".
  6. Imakuni

    Rampage Buff

    Quite frankly, it was really annoying to deal with the magic immune charge, especially early on. I think the charge should stay as is and instead just get stun / damage reduction similar Headress the longer you charge: that way, you keep it open to counter play while reducing the punishment Ramp takes for it. I am all up for his old Ulti, thou. Bring back the heroes chains!
  7. I was in a match (159696515) that had a player DC at level 1. When I used Tome at 26:56 in game (32:05 replay), it added very little extra XP. After a bit of looking around, I believe the reason is that it's taking the sum of XP for all current players and dividing by 5, rather than the amount of remaining ones - in this case, 4. Here's why: the following table shows XP at that point. If you do all the math, it adds to 484 XP if dividing by 5 rather than 4, and looking at the replay, that's exactly what the xp number shows: 484. Current XP 10811 16407
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