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  1. It was said in a previous Heroes Of Newerth spotlight that a new patch and patch notes would arrive today on the 29th of November.. I haven't seen them posted yet. Could we get a ETA or an update on the new patch notes? Did it get rescheduled? Thanks.
  2. I'm getting real sick and tired of playing this game and seeing so much blatant racism and racist remarks from other users. It's not even funny. *censored screenshot*
  3. I recently downloaded the latest patch and the Forest of Calvadar map and Mid Wars map is bugged. I've played the new maps on my friends computer but when I downloaded the new patch on my comp or updates the new hero and item changes but the maps are still the old maps and not updated to the new ones (jungle is bugged as well). I tried re-downloading the patch but I'm still getting the old maps layout and it's bugging out my games. Anyone know how to fix this?
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