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  1. Soul stealer Staff rework -Instead of increasing max soul. now makes dread (E) toggle ability. -Physical mode passively applies -2/-3/-4/-5 armor+ grants soul stealer additional +0.75 damage every soul collected. -Magic mode passively applies -2/-3/-4/-5 magic armor + Grants 2 cast speed every soul collected .
  2. Can someone please make a mod that Auto disconnect if someone in the lobby (connecting phase) that is in your ban list to avoid players who ruin games ill take the match making ban time instead of playing with someone who will grief the game.
  3. Can you make a video of how to install and how to use that would be awesome thanks!
  4. wow that's all in one mod nice ill check it out thanks!
  5. OK i want to explain why OP is saying puppet master is kinda strong in garenaHON. in sea puppet master is pretty popular especially in high rank. because in casual mode where people is playing hide and seek with full items and puppet master is a hero that can one shot any hero when his ult his up (shroud +normal attack with 3rd +timed ult before his normal attack hit) and can push out waves with his 3rd skill and destroy tower faster. people building him agility items like genjuro, geo, wingbow, SH and null. for mobility and surviving which is puppet master is lacking. Now imagine it in
  6. maybe he miss press E? while aiming hook.
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