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  1. I feel like the damage reduction build-up is pretty pointless. Most of the time people who play lodestone charge it up from afar and then rocket drill into a crowd of heroes so the ultimate actually hits people. They do this from afar since if people see lodestone charging up his ultimate, then they got 5 seconds of juking time and he only has a 1.5 second stun. Hence the main reason lodestone players buy PK. Alternatively, I think it would be nice to complement his ultimate with an AOE aura slow so he doesn't have to run around like a headless chicken. Another idea could be he w
  2. After playing a lot of lodestone games I feel like he's really fallen off and been forgotten. I feel like the one main thing wrong with him right now is that he's too much of a suicide bomber and his abilities aren't one-sided as they should be. Most of the time he initiates a team fight he charges his ultimate up and goes in and then uses up his abilities then dies right after because shatterstorm makes him like paper. I think making shatterstorm taper off or reducing the time shatterstorm stays on him would greatly help him be able to keep fighting on instead of 5 seconds of comp
  3. NVM I changed my mind yeah the heal is good I tested in practice a while ago and I got a low amount of healing but I just checked now again and it's much higher for some reason so maybe I was testing it wrong. That replay had that Ichor had a gpm of around 250-300 the whole game so I don't get why bother with the scaling part since he needs items to scale and he sucks at farming. Why not make it a static heal amount? Would make it more balanced throughout the whole game instead of making it stronger late game since the nerf on his W certainly nerfed his early game.
  4. Yeah his heal still sucks; the math don't lie.
  5. Yeah well his ultimate heal still sucks. A spell sunder on a spell caster could still probably easily out damage his heal anyways. Also, at like 2200 hp level 16 he can only pump out a 400 hp heal after 7 seconds while a nymphora can pump a 300 hp heal at lvl 7 after 3 seconds.
  6. Bruh of course it's gonna be a little higher right now since more people are trying him out and nobody has yet to adapt to him. Some Int caster can just buy spell sunder and his ultimate is useless.
  7. Overall, I feel like Ichor got a net nerf this patch. Sure he's a healer who has a heal that "scales" into the late game it has to scale up a LOT to be even good, whereas other healers have great heals right from the start to the end of the game. I feel like by trying to differentiate him you nerfed him into the ground now. His early-mid game just became non-existant since his transfusion was his key ability that made him a viable pick up since he could babysit and protect key heroes throughout the whole game, but barely will be able to now with only 20% damage reduction. His ultimate
  8. The only things a Warbeast uses his ultimate on is escaping, fleeing, or doing kong, so there's not really a lot of things to do with it. No person who plays Warbeast uses his ultimate as a travelling tool for farming, atleast not any good one wouldn't. He wouldn't be able to go for kills or run away from ganks. Like any other jungler/farming hero, he would need to be able to stop farming and be able to TP in and fight, so he wouldn't waste his ultimate which has a 1+ minute cooldown on using it to go to different lanes. I don't know what you mean by beserker's effect is limited t
  9. The stuff I listed counters Shrunken head. Bola goes through shrunken, using storm spirit on self stops warbeast, void talisman can't be countered unless he buys harkons which would be very late game while supports can use it early game because it's cheap. They can also just simply TP away right on sight like most people do when bloodhunter ultimates them because he doesn't have a stun. There's so many ways to stall out the time warbeast has on his ultimate before he becomes useless. I don't get why he can't get a staff of the master where once he kills someone he can get an extra
  10. The same way you countered him as I mentioned before. Bolas, stormspirits, disables, stuns, void talismans, etc. There's so many ways to counter him.
  11. The thing is that warbeast's ultimate cooldown is a whole 65 seconds. He has 16 seconds to chase down and kill people. Sure he has huge movement speed but he has to chase to get every hit in and not get disabled while doing so. He has no lockdown at all and so lots of items/abilities can be used to waste those 16 precious seconds he has to do dmg. I think people forget that most of the time warbeast spends the first 3 seconds of his ultimate just chasing towards his target. Not to mention that people can just teleport out right when they see him just like people do to Bloodhunter when he uses
  12. For war beast, make his staff of the master now taper off slowly. So like 15 seconds of the full ultimate and have his ultimate effects then slowly taper off for 10-15 seconds or something instead of ending abruptly. Something like he slowly loses the movement speed bonus/health bonus or something.
  13. fid1

    Qi Insane Damage

    I don't get how this has still gone unnoticed but Qi is a broken hero. Exhibit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eI8qmbs-Mb8&t=572s at 18:40. Literally one instance of Qi ultimate did that much damage. This recent patch even saw a huge buff for Qi making his ultimate faster and better at lower levels. There's other instances of the ultimate dealing insane amounts of damage in the video as well. I don't get how any carry is supposed to deal with a Qi and react that quickly to an ultimate that can 1 shot them and has 1200 range. The silhouette in the video even had shrunken head
  14. fid1

    War Beast

    I always felt warbeast was lacking since he always had a timer on how effective he was. 16 Seconds of time to deal damage is very short with a relatively quite long cooldown. A lot of disables/storm spirits and time travelling to heroes adds up it just feels like a waiting game for the enemy team until he becomes completely useless and easy to kite after his ult goes away.
  15. fid1


    Qi is a one trick pony that purely relies on scaling of other heroes auto attack damage. He is pretty mediocre in the early/mid game, but in late game is where when everyone else has some damage for his E to actually be good and actually overpowered. He basically destroys all agility carries late game and there's literally nothing they can do about it since it's all superior magic besides his spinning blades. I would like to see him be more relevant in the early/mid game and tone down his scaling of his E for late game.
  16. Anyone else feel like her damage is just way to much? I've seen her so many times burst down heroes even at low levels doing 1k damage almost instantly since she has almost permanent 400 attack speed when she wants. I've also always found silhouette to be much harder to kill than any other ranged hard carry. She's also supposed to be a relatively squishy hero but she her grapple ability has an extremely long range (like half the screen) and a disjoint ultimate with a built in grimoire that makes her way better than almost all ranged carries in terms of survivability. Since her E
  17. I really agree with the movement speed change. He is so weak because of this unnecessary slow ass movement speed just like Glacius. Witch Slayer is like a worse version of Pyromancer currently. All Witch Slayer has is an extra 3.5 second disable over Pyromancer; there stuns are basically the same. On the other hand, Pyromancer has huge damage from his Q and his passive E which more than makes up for the difference in their ultimate damage in the early game, which ALSO surpasses Witch Slayers ultimate damage later. His staff of the master is WAY better with a huge ass 1200 AOE nuke compared to
  18. I fail to see how his current ultimate his better. There's a full second delay between the activation of his horned strike and the effect allowing for the enemy to use abilities and items making it much easier to counter. With chains that bind, the effect is instant and no room for countering when timed with his charge stun. His current ultimate has a laughable toss back effect whereas chains that bind can actually displace a target. The reason Rampage was an actual anti-carry back then was because he could charge through everyone and bind the carry and take him back to his team where they cou
  19. fid1

    Bloodborne Maul

    It seems like a useless item. A hero that would get bloodbourne maul would already need to have good survivability items to handle taking that much damage to reap its rewards. If a tank is already capable of handling that kind of damage, then they would most likely buy other much better items like a sheep or bola for utility or riftshards if they really want more damage output. There's a certain point that becoming more tanky results in diminishing returns in terms of usefulness and that's why you don't see that many behemoth heart pick ups by tanks since utility items are much more impactful
  20. Firstly, his current ultimate is way easier to counter since there is a 1 second delay. Now when he charges and stuns the enemy he can immediately chain up the guy, thus reducing the potential for the enemy to counter with geos, sand wraith w, blinks, storm spirit, void talisman activation, etc. The only way he can now get countered is if another hero is nearby to use those items you listed to save them. Secondly, this can potentially give rampage more damage from his ultimate since he can auto attack or drag the guy really fast synergizing with this movement speed buff from his w. His c
  21. Magebane is just a useless hero and there's just much better heroes to pick to be honest. Pretty much the only way he can survive the early game and farm is if he's against a suicide and he has a support. Compared to other hard carries such as Dark lady or Madman who can actually hold their own much better and farm just as well with their movement abilities, I see no reason to pick Magebane ever in a game. It seems so stupid to me for a hero to have to rely on a single item (Runed Cleaver) in order to be effective in the game and even then Magebane is still a lackluster hero. I don't see the p
  22. fid1

    Rampage Buff

    I still think his ultimate needs to be changed into something better. It can be easily avoided by most carries (since that''s who he's going to be focusing 99% of the time) by a pickup of geometers bane which almost all carries grab these days. A geometers bane can stop both his charge and his ultimate with ease. These easy counters on Rampage especially hurt when considering he's a single target hero and therefore if his abilities fail in a fight he's just a walking creep. At least before Rampage was able to actually disable the carry for a couple of seconds with his chains instead of them ju
  23. fid1

    Rampage Buff

    For a long time I felt the old rampage was fine and was able to do what he was mean't to do. Rush into the enemy team and initiate team fights and cause chaos by chaining a hero and bringing it back. Now I feel that his old role has completely gone and he can no longer effectively initiate and is easily stopped by the enemy team. Reasons: 1. Easily countered/stopped He used to have magic immunity build up on his charge but now literally anything can stop his charge . Stuns, immobilization, you name it. What's even more frustrating is certain heroes can just click 1 button
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