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  1. Iam also Interested... I also want to port the models to Unreal Engine so I can make some realistic movies out of it, I don't know if there any way to do so (maybe the old version of blender) I donow
  2. I would suggest this: buff jungle creeps so jungle pickers won't go afk jungle from minute 1, they need at least some levels to be able to clear some jungle camps. I would like to see legionnaire long lane cutting the creep waves better than afk jungle with whispering helm trying to get all the map farm, you will force them to tp and help their carry which will create more space for your position 1. also tempest as position 4 works totally fine, specially with the new jungle camps that makes long lane easiser to controlle. you can compare it to pr you can keep denieing your ranged creep
  3. use numbers instead of symbols as hotkies
  4. it's not working, it shows an empty menu with no buttons only the background is there any solution to start a practice game?
  5. all you need to do in order to get help is: 1- be kind to everyone else 2- don't act like you know better than everyone else 3- accept judgment from everyone else (including this comment). 4- You won't achieve anything without everyone else 5- "everyone else" is your one and only key to success. Eventually good experience comes from bad judgment. GOOD LUCK friend ?
  6. Hi is there anyway to watch replays from the player perspective camera? it would be really useful for everyone to watch where the player click, how he moves his camera...etc I really wish to see this feature implemented as it helps viewers to learn more from pros replays.
  7. We start accepting after registration closes, we already have 16/32
  8. I have the same issue for about a week ago, not only me some others complained about it also
  9. HoN_OMG

    Kenisis Q bug

    Everytime kenisis get perplexed, his Q refreshes. I tried this with Witch slayer "W" and polly "W" and also sheepstick The video will explain everything.
  10. The main problem here is everyone want to play a core role which means if you only choose mid or safe your Q time will take more then 30 minute at least, imaging dota has 700.000 player online and the Q time take sometimes 40 minute if you don't select hard support+support role in the same time. imaging with HoN player base?
  11. Hi I just wanted to mention these 3 underated items since almost no one is buying them, It would be great to add some stats that improve early game by a lot, if you can't add magic resistence % just try to replace it with somthing related to magic armor i donow how but here is my suggestions Fortified bracer: 6 Strength 3 Agilty 3 Intelligence +4% Magic resistence Soulscream Ring: 6 Agilty 3 Strength 3 Intelligence 5 attack speed Amulet of Exile: 6 Intelligence 3 Strength 3 Agilty +4% spell implification
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