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  1. I think Grimoire of Power should just be reverted to its original release. It used to be one of my favorite items in the game.
  2. Bring the option to play the old music ingame, similiar to which UI you want to play with.
  3. Hello! I was wondering if the eSports avatar Robotron Repulsor will be available to purchase with silver or gold. Or just from the ticket Redemption. As it is one of the best avatars ingame. I wanted to get it back in the day when esports were still a thing but now it seems like it is impossible to get it now unless you were playing HoNtour back in the days. Best regards
  4. iDEXTER

    Rampage Buff

    I think FB should just revert back to the old rampage. (The One with the chain ulti)
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