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  1. UPDATE: Winners: 1st Place: Whyzozerious (2000 Gold coins) 2nd Place: Macrohard (1500 Gold coins) 3rd Place: TheUnboned (1000 Gold coins) Please leave feedback here: Welcome to our Dream Meme Template competition. In this thread you will use the winning meme templates and create your own meme! Other memes may be posted, however BONUS points will be awarded to those who use the original meme templates from Round 1! Rules: ONLY ENTRIES TO THIS COMPETITION WILL BE POSTED HERE. Entries MUST be uploaded to IMGUR or a hosting site. Please submit your e
  2. I understand the frustration, my votes went 50/50 to those who are artistically talented - but I've asked for proof of working on them in the application, and they had indeed. They had taken more time, sure, but the rules don't say "take 30 minutes to draw something in paint" - it says use paint to create a picture. It's honestly fair game, and why shouldn't they be rewarded for hours upon commitment (and story telling). I wouldn't get upset about it mate, I voted for yours. For everything else, closes 2nd of July. Winners announced on the 5th. Paint Scout and Dream Meme #2 a
  3. Honestly on par with this: We decided to stick to the rules that defined what a template is. And we couldn't let one win without the other. Our compromise is to acknowledge the hard work and talent and offer them an incentive to be able to use them on our social media posts for coins. Their efforts do not go unrewarded!
  4. It's a 10/10 meme and probably the best hon related meme I've ever seen, hands down. But the picture it's self is a meme rather than a template. I know you've added icons to explain a situation of the meme, but it's just not a template. For the round 2, we have opened up submissions a bit to allow bonus points for using the winning meme templates but normal memes like this will be allowed.
  5. Winners announced for Dream Meme #1 and Paint Scout #1. Next round will begin Monday!
  6. Winners Announced. Prizes Distributed. Second round will begin Monday!
  7. We gusta. (On a side note, are you able to make it a 1080p poster for a loading screen?)
  8. First round ends on Sunday, winners chosen that Night. Next round on Monday. See thread for more details.
  9. I have updated rules. There will now be a second round starting Monday. If your art piece ends up winning this round, you may submit for round 2, however you will not be eligible for a prize. If you have submitted art for this round, you cannot submit the same art piece for round 2 - you need to post a new one. Thanks and Goodluck!
  10. We might do two rounds of it. The first round ends in 48 hours of this post, and the second round begins straight after.
  11. Just FYI we have extended this til September 2ND so no stress on getting it done in 2 weeks ? good art takes time and I've had a few people enquire about the date. As a direct result we have changed prize distribution. It will be 10k per artwork that's selected for loading screens. Which ever you feel comfortable doing. It just must be original, and must not be majorly photoshopped.
  12. - Usually when you draw a body, you can draw a face. Digitally altering a face onto a digital body completely misses the point of a digital masterpiece. At that point it becomes digital Photoshop. You don't copy Mona Lisa's face onto another body and expect people to take it as a masterpiece - Please don't. - Absolutely. I have so many ideas for this. My body is also ready to moderate the shitstorm that's going to come from it. I love it.
  13. Of course. You may submit as many as you like - but you can only claim one prize.
  14. Peeps, just so we 100% clear. We are expecting things like this: or this: .. So have a real good think: Does my artwork look like this: NOT like this: THINK before you post! We expect atleast 80% of your actual artwork to be drawn, not photoshopped!
  15. what whaaaat that's looking great! Don't stress, you have til the 2nd of july!
  16. One might say you inspired him! All legitimate posts!
  17. As a fellow Aussie we are actively looking into fixing that situation by buying more server space. It will be implemented shortly after the patch. Also please do not advertise people away from the Australian Servers @fattythrow - the more demand, the more influence we have with decision making from higher ups. <3Slif.
  18. Absolutely horrible @dragoniser I love it.
  19. I love seeing a flint pick in MW. I instapick blacksmith, get spellshards, pk, staff, twinblades and just jump on flint all game. His range is literally the only thing that makes him OP.
  20. I remember.. LOCKING THE LAST THREAD CAUSE THIS CONTENT NEEDS TO BE SAVED! Please, less than a week and I want all your honiverstory's!
  21. Hey guys! Just letting you know our HoNiversary Highlights Patch is live up on facebook! Big shoutout to HoNOMG for making this possible. Hero Rework: #Nitro (00:30) | Staff Upgrades: #Kane (02:40), #Balphagore (04:40) | #Aluna (CN) Avatar (03:30) | New rune: Merrick's Rune (04:20) Patch notes and claim page released Friday .. get keen! Cheers! <3Slif
  22. No more lines! Patch video drops in 48 hours, lotsa cool things happening ?
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