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  1. Moremeds,

    First of all, I understand your frustrations, as a fellow Bramble player, let's analyse two of the main points you're concerned with, and please correct me if I'm wrong - I may be oversimplifying it, but here are the points:

    1. Brambles Chomp should be reverted because it needs a set amount of factors to be deemed overpowered.
    2. EU previously said balance won't be influenced by Midwars.

    I'm unfortunately not down to get into a long drawn out argument, my days of theory crafting, hypotheticals and conversations that lead to inevitably no where are long done so I apologise in advance.

    Brambles Chomp should be reverted because it needs a set amount of factors to be deemed overpowered.

    Regardless of factors that influence the opportunity to become overpowered, the fact that it can exist without a tradeoff is what makes it overpowered - in this scenario, we can see Bramble benefitting from a large HP pool affects an auto-attack damage output. There are three beneficiaries of this: more HP makes him harder to kill, getting STR based items increases his base damage, getting more STR items also increases his effectiveness of output auto-attack damage with his passive skill. The difference between other heroes, such as Tarot - is she does not benefit from also being harder to kill, her glass cannon build for damage output is mitigated by total HP of item choices to achieve such a feat. 

    EU previously said balance won't be influenced by Midwars.

    This is a rare situation where an exemption must be made - as this can directly influence a FoC match without its capped potential. Make no mistake, this is one of the rare times an exemption can be made, but there has been plenty of QoL changes in FoC balance that has affected Midwars (looking at shellshocks' rolling ability) but not as blatantly obvious as this change.

    I appreciate the conversation, but you have not swayed me over to requesting a revert to the skill, Bramble is still an extremely viable hero in Midwars and this balance I felt is justified with the games felt both versing and playing it.

  2. Hi Guys.

    So a lot has happened. I had a death in the family, I got married and I'm about to take a week offline on a mini-moon (not a fully honeymoon, but a remote cabin experience).As far as this competition goes, I just wanted to make something clear as you read the results.

    ANY SELECTED ART: 10k Gold Coins.

    To avoid disappointment, I needed to make this clear: The resolution HAS to be 1080p for starters, and the level of drawing had to be of the highest standard and it had to have detail with an immersive background. Our crew has agreed and have selected nettocap's picture to be showcased as a revolving loading screen in the December patch alongside another redditor that posted their submission to me.


    I don't think it's fair that people gave an honest attempt, so I've awarded you with Gold Coins for your efforts in submissions.



    Management have held a discussion and have decided to revisit voting in favour of including `Mazda's second submission as the second winning entry and will also receive the prizepool of 10k Gold Coins as well as be showcased as a Heroes of Newerth Loading Screen. Congrtulations!


    We are running another HoNmas competition; this time it will be a Winter Wonderland theme.


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  3. Just so everyone is aware, I will still be giving out prizes as consolation for entering.

    Only those that get approved as a loading screen will net the 10k prize. Not everyone and not necessarily anyone will be chosen.

    I've recently had someone on reddit submit this as fan art, unaware of the competition (she's from SEA and illegible anyway) but this is the quality and standard that will get you a shot on the loading screen. Please do not be offended if your picture is not chosen, we have a strict bar.


    P.S final warning to change the resolution to 1080p if you're serious about this competition.

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  4. 10 minutes ago, nettocap said:

    Now that the Dream Meme is over, I will post here other ideas I had for the @CuysauruS template. I hope you enjoy these as well haha

      Reveal hidden contents


      Reveal hidden contents


      Reveal hidden contents



    Genuinely woke up my partner with the first meme! Why was it not submitted!!!

  5. Hey guys,

    A huge thank you to everyone for making the 10th HoNiversary one of the more memorable HoNiversaries to date.

    Thank you to everyone who participated in the forum events. thanks to HoN Omg and Game R for hosting events, huge shout out to @breakyCPK for casting the finals, shout out to @ElementUser and @Smilie for working tirelessly behind the scenes making all the in-game events possible - and of course YOU who obviously got this far.

    PS Shout out to the old FB/S2 Crew who took time out of their busy schedules to record content for the Top 5 Honiversary Video, thank you ❤️

    ALSO Please do not forget this masterpiece thread is on-going and closes in a month and a half - time is running out!

    .. OH, ONE LAST THING ..

    Please fill out this form - it will help with planning future events for you guys! (also you can win 1k gold, duh)



  6. Congratulations to all the winners!

    Prizes have been distributed, check your DMs for Nitro avatars.

    Thanks guys ❤️

    We're beginning to wrap things up for our 10th HoNiversary!

    The Paint Scout #2 and Dream Meme #2 ends in 24 hours.


    Goodluck guys!

  7. dcjwgjo.png




    1st Place: TheUnboned (600 Gold coins + RXR9 Scout)
    2nd Place: Macrohard (550 Gold coins + Continental Scout)
    3rd Place: CuysauruS (500 Gold coins + Scoutzo The Clown)

    Thanks guys, please leave feedback here:


    In celebration of those who are terrible artists talented with Paint, we have made a competition just for you!

    Over the next two (2) weeks, we encourage people to post their Best Paint Drawings. They can be drawn in celebration of this thread, or previous artworks you have made.

    They MUST be original, and they MUST be your own. You WILL be asked to present proof so please do not claim artwork of your own. Your post will be deleted and you will be disqualified from the HoNiversary Sub-forum. If your artwork is so horrible, we will ask you to stop, and get help.


    Round #1 found here:





    There are a few rules:

    1. Artwork MUST be your own.
    2. You MUST be able to provide proof on question. (do not take requests personally, we need to verify entries)
    3. Entries MUST be done in the program "Paint" ONLY.
    4. Judging will be sole discretion of Admins and favoured towards Votes on posts.
    5. Note these rules may change.



    1st Place: 600 Gold coins + RXR9 Scout
    2nd Place: 550 Gold coins + Continental Scout
    3rd Place: 500 Gold coins + Scoutzo The Clown


    ** This thread is for Entries Only. To discuss entries, head here**

    Disqualifications carry heavy consequences. Anyone infracted/banned on these threads will have their access to HoNiversary Subforum removed - you've been warned!

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