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  1. As a fellow Aussie we are actively looking into fixing that situation by buying more server space. It will be implemented shortly after the patch. Also please do not advertise people away from the Australian Servers @fattythrow - the more demand, the more influence we have with decision making from higher ups. <3Slif.
  2. Absolutely horrible @dragoniser I love it.
  3. I love seeing a flint pick in MW. I instapick blacksmith, get spellshards, pk, staff, twinblades and just jump on flint all game. His range is literally the only thing that makes him OP.
  4. I remember.. LOCKING THE LAST THREAD CAUSE THIS CONTENT NEEDS TO BE SAVED! Please, less than a week and I want all your honiverstory's!
  5. Hey guys! Just letting you know our HoNiversary Highlights Patch is live up on facebook! Big shoutout to HoNOMG for making this possible. Hero Rework: #Nitro (00:30) | Staff Upgrades: #Kane (02:40), #Balphagore (04:40) | #Aluna (CN) Avatar (03:30) | New rune: Merrick's Rune (04:20) Patch notes and claim page released Friday .. get keen! Cheers! <3Slif
  6. No more lines! Patch video drops in 48 hours, lotsa cool things happening
  7. Lucky you ain't a betting man! Nope, to both! ~ Oo! This is fun! 316 - Radius increased from 1200/1400/1600/1800 to 1200/1500/1800/2100.
  8. We currently have a little fun game over at the Heroes of Newerth subreddit: If you'd like to join in, please feel free to do so. Let the hype for HoNiversary Patch 4.8.4 begin! **Note valid entries are only applicable via Reddit**
  9. I'm going to get this thread locked. As far as these posts go, we actually have a forum competition opening up on June 2nd that will ask for your HoNiverStory with lots of Prizes. Just know, we are well aware of HoNiversary and are working really hard to get things into motion for the June 2nd patch.
  10. Macro, I have missed you. I love laying down and having a good sleep on inevitable deaths (taunt yourself)
  11. This single post alone has sparked an idea. Thank you, and thanks for loving hon and making me laugh
  12. In celebration of avatar sets in HoN, we are having our first Dream Team competition. Simply pick 5 heroes with Avatars in the same set and win a matchmaking game with the complete set! Eligible submissions MUST include a Match ID, the Avatar Set name and for fun, how many attempts it took to win with it! An example is my personal favourite, Punk set (pictured above). Note: If you're having trouble finding avatars to sets, go to HoN Store > Alt Avatars and click on the corresponding set icon: Rules: This competition is open to any matchmaking game variant Submissions cannot be a public match. Your team must win. Multiple entries are accepted, however a valid entry is only accepted for one set per player. You cannot change avatars within a set and enter again. Your team must include avatars from the same set. "Limited edition" cannot be considered a skin set - Set avatars must be in the same set as shown in the spoiler No codex builds please. Do not ruin games. (any games forced leave in match history will disqualify you and your team members). We have the right to amend/cancel this competition if it begins to have an undesired effect on matchmaking. Prize can only be won once. Prizes Winners will be randomly selected from valid entries. This is no typo, All 3 teams (15 contestants) will receive the same prize. Prize (3 teams - 15 participants): 700 Gold coins EACH ** This thread is for Entries Only. To discuss entries, head here** Disqualifications carry heavy consequences. Anyone infracted/banned on these threads will have their access to HoNiversary Subforum removed - you've been warned!
  13. In celebration of the Nitro rework, it leaves us having to fill a tooltip void. Oh? What's a tooltip? I'm glad you asked. It's the "quip" is the grey writing, at the end of an item/ability, like so: This is your opportunity to become part of HoN's history and become immortalised with a tooltip. There are 4 abilities, they are below (open spoiler): Rules Submission must be original. Please use the Spoiler tag and post a link to the picture within the spoiler to keep the forums neat. Please make sure all entries for abilities are in ONE post. You may post for one ability, or all, it's up to you. No swearing. Innuendos are A-Okay, don't make it too much. Less is More. Short is Sweet, etc. Voting is done equal parts by Votes (using reacts) and Admin approval. Prizes Any tooltip that is selected will win: 500 Gold Coins + Your choice of ONE Nitro Avatar: Bosozoku Nitro, Marauder or Danse Macabre AND Your tooltip will be immortalised in-game!
  14. This is the main discussion thread for entries related to HoNiversary. Consider this the "General Discussion" area. Please note: Standard Forum rules apply. To reference a thread and/or post, simply right-click the post link and hit "copy link address button" and paste it into a reply here. The forum will automagically create a preview for the content.
  15. In celebration of you, the player, we would like you to share your story: Did you meet your lover and wife on HoN? (Hello MacroHard) Did you meet your groomsmen playing HoN? (Hello `Nick_) Was HoN your rock, your island when the world was falling apart? (Hello Me) Is your clan on a another level to you? (Shout-out to SeSp) Nostalgia (GM grind crew 2012, baby!) This is your time to shine! If it's a long story, I ask you to please put it in Spoiler tags to keep forum formatting nice and clean. Rules Please keep to the forum rules. Do not post anything offensive, disturbing etc. This is your safe place, but it's also a safe space for others. Keep that in mind with your stories. Avoid negative stories, this is a place of happiness! Entries and posting will close forever on July 2nd. Winners announced July 3rd. Prizes Where else do you get rewarded for sharing your story? Winners will be randomly selected from valid entries. This is no typo, 3 winners will receive the same amount. 1st Place: 1500 Gold coins2nd Place: 1500 Gold coins3rd Place: 1500 Gold coins. ** This thread is for Entries Only. To discuss entries, head here** Disqualifications carry heavy consequences. Anyone infracted/banned on these threads will have their access to HoNiversary Subforum removed - you've been warned!
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