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  1. its absolutely random situation.
  2. may be its going on, when we take avatars? PLZ help how i can play? its impossible. i going dota if u not help. https://prnt.sc/un7hg3
  3. may be its going on, when we take avatars?
  4. Technical support! HELP!!! I cant play at all. Every minute in game fatal error after fresh update. https://prnt.sc/un03c0 Delete game & load new i tryed. What i need to do?
  5. Dear technical support. Could you help me. My game was crushing every day. Bad packet from the server. I have no idea what to do. Please help me. https://prnt.sc/txk27p
  6. Уважаемая техподдержка. Вы можете мне помочь. Моя игра каждый день давила. Плохой пакет от сервера. Понятия не имею, что мне делать. Пожалуйста, помогите мне. https://prnt.sc/txk27p
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