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  1. I just used Artillery and i had riftshards lvl 4 and savage mace and i was doing like 20-50 per misile at min 40 and cant get a crit with the Q i had to atk and stop casting my Q cuz was very useless even to kill creeps--
  2. hello i cant select region in the old interface, i still using it cause is better for me :¨P
  3. Hello can you bring back the old Nitro or disable the new or remaster is very annoying and op looks like a LOL hero ?
  4. Hello, i dont know if i can post this here but i need help :P as the title says, is it possible to play hon using a proxy connection? since when I connect from a proxy I can log in to hon, to the chat server, to the store, to everything, but I cannot create games, or connect to games or mentor games when I connect to a game it doesn't load and says "no response from server" I tried proxifier or SSTap but it doesn't connect to games and it disconnects me every momentis there any way to configure hon to add my proxy without programs? for exa
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