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  1. Not sure about the "Players could not disconnect from match" but I've had an instance a few months ago where a 50~min win took nearly a day (24h) before stats & MMR change were recorded and searchable.
  2. Not a fan, just because I've played HoN for 7 years without ban pick and don't really feel that more bans have increased the quality of games.
  3. I basically took a random sampling of players from a high bracket game - https://hon-stats.herokuapp.com/match/161264747 - and guesstimated their boots preferences from their last 20+ games: https://hon-stats.herokuapp.com/player/shorkan - looks like 7-3 split in favor of steamboots https://hon-stats.herokuapp.com/player/_AP0CALYPSE_ - 9-1 split in favor of ghost marchers https://hon-stats.herokuapp.com/player/Bazooi - 6-4 split in favor of steamboots https://hon-stats.herokuapp.com/player/AKUM4` - all ghost marchers https://hon-stats.herokuapp.com/player/CaptainHuGGe
  4. I second the Ghost Marchers point. At the very least rebuff phased effect to 5-6 seconds and/or increase MS addition to 65 to still hold a speed niche over Steamboots. Edit: Just to explain myself more thoroughly, I've always been a diehard advocate for Steamboots because as a mid player I truly believe its raw strength + stat-swap paired with bottle/power supply makes Steamboots the significantly better boots choice for the majority of the hero pool. Imo this was still true when Ghost Marchers offered good competition with +70MS, +24 damage, and at least 4s of phase. So, following this l
  5. Just want to highlight how much I appreciate Mana Battery being returned to the game - felt like a fresh breath of nostalgia to even just see the icon and although the game impact isn't too big, it's a reminder to me of some great days of HoN in the past when you can start off with a mana battery and decide later to build it into a Power Supply (or not). But more importantly, I appreciate it as an example of FB staff willing to listen to players for input and very glad it was implemented so quickly when several players jumped on the issue in a recent thread.
  6. What no ghostm archers pls lmao. always go steamboots and learn to treadswap - you shouldn't struggle with mana between bottle, power supply, steamboots. Aim for PK by 15 minutes latest - you could have it as early as 11-12 min in good games (350-400 gpm) while also already having steamboots, bottle, power supply. Also spellshards isn't worth it in serious games - you will never get the chance to get solo kills more than 3x times in serious games and more often than not you'll need to work with a teammate, so the added solo-kill potential from spellshards isn't worth it. In most
  7. Adding to the chorus of +1 Minor Totem buildups, I'd like to suggest Healing Ornament having its recipe removed in factor of more minor totems as part of its build up (it's another early-game laning item that competes with Soulscream Ring/Power Supply/Iron Shield and imo giving it more stats makes it more viable to compete with those other options).
  8. I rarely play supports and always start with Zamos (for lack of knowledge) so I won't disagree with your points there. But I play mid often followed by carry, and you've hit at the core of the problem: Hatchet + Shield, but mostly Hatchet, are quintessential items and too strong for what they do. Let's look at some of the most common variations of a melee mid hero starting build in Gold-Legendary TMM: 1) Generic = Hatchet + Shield + blights (pot/totems optional), 2) Bottle rush = Hatchet + blights/pot, 3) Maximal last-hitting = Hatchet + 3-4x totems + blights (even between these builds, t
  9. Imo it's been this way since very early in this game's history when hatchet + buckler became really strong and so if you're melee there's no more point going 2x +3 primary stat items, 2x totems, and 2x regen anymore. Hatchet has since gotten buffed so if you're a ranged farmer, you all but need to pick it up as well. And since the inception of Zamos Orb, 90% of support heroes will start with it. I don't like how rigid this all is, but I appreciate some efforts made to try and diversify early starting builds e.g. Lunar Tear/Golden Apple etc. What I'd like to see is a nerf to Hatchet for bo
  10. I'm not convinced about +40 damage at all levels.... Gladiator's whip alone only does +15 damage at lvl 1 and I'd imagine Shadowblade's bonus damage should scale (linearly) with levels e.g. 20/30/40/50.
  11. This is a very thorough analysis, my hats off to you sir! I just want to include a note that ties things even more to practice: ballpark avg. hero armor on a team starts to go pass 10 armor at around 25-30min game (usually the distribution is such that there are 1-2 heroes with >10 armor (AGI carry/Bulwark carrier), 1-2 heroes with ~7-10 armor (priority 2-3 farmers), and 1-2 heroes with 5-7 armor etc. (supports) at around such a time stamp), so use your best judgment to determine whether a Shieldbreaker would still make sense at different points of the game.
  12. You don't even need Cleaver on Shadowblade anymore for him to snowball - his strong laning presence also makes him a viable choice now for solo mid. He has the bulkiness, base damage, and armor to compete against strong melee midlaners e.g. Deadwood/Tremble and the harass potential, range, armor to compete with even strong ranged midlaners e.g. Pyro, Ellonia, Hag etc. Few if any INT ranged heroes can trade hits since Shadowblade has their long range AND more hp + armor.
  13. Ehh you're not wrong on all counts. I suggested physical damage semi-carries like MK/DM/Tremble etc. that can use Shieldbreaker well but it's true in practice you're still better off with other items that grant also mobility/survivability in addition to damage e.g. Shroud/Firebrand etc. Having Lex Talionis in game also negates the need for Shieldbreaker since those heroes can have nearly the same -armor effect for much cheaper. That said, Silhouette is actually the perfect example of a hard carry able to put Shieldbreaker to really good use - I still Game 1 of Hon Tour World Finals (2014?
  14. Well... yeah if Shieldbreaker doesn't allow those heroes like MK/DM/Tremble/Nomad to deal more consistent damage than a Riftshards during the mid-game then there wouldn't be much point to suggesting it lol. In terms of the math, Riftshards will usually start doing more consistent damage than Shieldbreaker once hero armor values become higher (as it diminishes the -armor effect of Shieldbreaker) especially towards late game. You'll also notice heroes like MK/DM/Tremble who can effectively utilize Shieldbreakers possess physical damage spells/-armor spells that are further augmented by the -armo
  15. When the enemy team don't have a lot of AGI carries and are mostly STR/INT heroes, but still excluding push lineups as they will typically stack physical armor (and going glass cannon against them is a terrible idea). Shieldbreaker is also a mid-game item whereas Riftshards is a late game item. Physical damage carries that are reliant on snowballing mid-game e.g. Drunken, MK, Tremble, Nomad can put Shieldbreaker to use reliably. Usually, this means you want Lvl 1 Shieldbreaker picked up by 25min at the latest since it loses effectiveness late game when most heroes have higher armor. And i
  16. This is a fair answer, and I do agree there's been an increasing shift towards removing complexity for arguably improved quality of life changes e.g. buffing hatchet/addition of zamos/removal of mana battery resulting in more limited starting item pools (i miss the days when 2x +3 stat items, 2x totems, 2x regen builds were commonplace, which were also much more amenable to interesting variations). And certainly increasing the number of ways a game can be played imo is generally good. I've been somewhat on the fence throughout this thread but I feel convinced now I wouldn't want the 2min power
  17. I'm curious to hear your thoughts on what makes the 2min power rune (or even a 0min power rune) "hardcore" for the game. I pointed out in an earlier post that the power rune holds more benefit for less-skilled mid players counting on their luck to get them through a matchup/lane where they're not skilled enough to win e.g. a gold player losing mid v.s. Testie but then lucking into a DD rune enabling him to claw his way back to 4min bottle + boots. Essentially, the power rune is more likely to reward poor play than skilled play (if you're dominating the lane to begin with due to skilled lane co
  18. Update: the game AND stats just got recorded, and it took about 13 hours. This thread can be closed but perhaps can be a useful benchmark if someone encounters any similar issues in the future.
  19. Interestingly, the opposite happened for me - it doesn't look like the stats got recorded, but I got the mmr boost from the game. However, this mmr boost isn't recorded properly on hon-stats.herokuapp (the site pretended i dropped to 'x' mmr from a previous loss when I actually went to 'x' mmr from 'x - 5' mmr thanks to the bugged game.
  20. Wondering if anyone's encountered this bug recently: a tmm game not being recorded in stats/recent matches/mmr even after 12 hours. I checked my stats on the new honbot hon-stats.herokuapp but they didn't have it recorded either (happy to PM acount details/match time with an SGM or FB staff).
  21. I've thought about this for a while and I feel these rune dynamics tend to most help weak players and do the most to harm skilled players. Say a low Diamond mid goes up against a Legendary with a relatively equal hero match up - the Legendary will more likely have better lane control and harass ability, and is favored to win the lane. The Diamond hedges his bet on the rune and manages to get an Illu/DD rune, which allows him to turn the lane around. If the reverse scenario were to happen - the Legendary ends up getting the power rune since he times the creep push before 2min - then it simply s
  22. I'm curious to see some strong arguments in support of the current power rune spawn at 2min. I really can't think of other arguments besides making the matchup/gameplay more random and to shake things up. However, this can be a good thing in one-sided matchups though e.g. camping rune as Pebbles when you're against Arach in hopes of getting Haste/DD to turn the lane around. The question is whether this is a strong enough of a justifition.
  23. After patch last week or two weeks ago, we no longer have music during the picking phase and imo it's a big bummer. The music in the picking phase is supposed to hype you up (default music) or add a sense of excitement/celebration (christms/halloween music). Wondering if we can get picking phase music again - and perhaps if implementable, choice for players to choose what music they'd like? There were some old tracks like Deadlift picking phase music that was just god-tier and would be a shame if they're not replayed.
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