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  1. Is the link to the Discord available in the forums? Wasn't successful in finding it at least in General Discussions.
  2. To address your point about junglers tending to overwhelming games, I don't argue that it could be true for the sampling of games you've played/watched on stream, but in the grand scheme of things that idea doesn't hold up with the data. Below are win% of the most common junglers pulled directly from Hero Usage % (which can be viewed in the Learnatorium section in-game) : 1. Solstice 47%W / 53%L 2. Legionnaire: 51%W / 49%L 3. Parasite: 51%W / 49%L 4. Draconis: 51%W / 49%L 5. Salomon: 48%W / 52%L 6. Tempest: 49%W / 51%L 7. Keeper of the Forest: 51%W / 49%L
  3. I'd like to suggest the use of this website "https://hon-stats.herokuapp.com/" made by CraZ_Killa and originally posted on Reddit ( ) as a quick tool to search and compile relevant match IDs regarding what you feel as KotF being broken.
  4. Anyone got somewhat of an FPS drop after the latest patch? Averaged around 30-40 fps in old HoN before moving to HoN x64 and was enjoying an insane 50-70 fps over the Xmas event, but after the most recent patch following Xmas fps went down to about 40-50 and even lower during teamfights. Still better than old HoN but wondering if this has been the case for other people. Uninstalled and reinstalled HoN x64 twice, optimized battery for performance, maximized performance on my Nvidia graphics card and have been playing on lowest graphic settings on HoN but doesn't seem to fix the probl
  5. You technically do have time to open up everyone's stats within the ban phase, but in practice people just view their opposing team's blue/pink most played heroes. I grant you its anecdotal, but at least a third of my >50 games over the past few months as blue/pink at least one if not both of my top 2 heroes (solid but not meta-worthy heroes like ss/pebbles) get banned. People seem to want more bans and although I haven't heard any arguments I surmise they might be for balance reasons? I'm all for reasoned captain pick-like approaches to bans but at the end of the day, I find that peop
  6. I mentioned it in an earlier post but I feel the buffs to jungle e.g. taking on medium + hard camp at same point, can drink potions while taking damage etc. were necessary to prevent the team that has a jungle to be too disadvantaged versus a team that doesn't run junglers. Even if gold/xp gains from jungling are very bad, you can't really stop anyone outside of high bracket games to forgo jungle if they're just keen on not playing with a teammate. Hell, nerfing Pred's E so he 100% can't jungle anymore still didn't stop stubborn players still pushing for it just so they can play alone. Making
  7. Why couldn't old controllable Boris return? Increasing the hero's skill ceiling to enable higher porential while adjusting numbers to increase punishment for not utilizing the hero effectively isn't mutually exclusive.
  8. I love this idea. Maliken is probably my favorite hard carry to play and with how good Tclaw + Hypercrown are currently, you're almost always worse off going even an Insanitarius anywhere in your build when you also need Whispering (or the new Elder) + Shrunken right after your farming item. And Maliken was one of the best users of Insanitarius a few years back - now it's seen on almost no one save for Berzerker and the odd Hammer (which now even Twinblades is superior on). More to the topic on hand, as a lot of people have suggested it's hard to find even a slot for Bloodborne on STR ca
  9. I played Tremble quite a bit back when Boris was controllable, but haven't played more than half a dozen games with the new Tremble so won't comment on balance. But even just from a game design perspective removing controllable Boris really hurts the fun of the hero - and by extension the variability in the game since no other hero has quite that niche with Boris. Making the hero "bland", as Ondis puts it.
  10. DR is already really strong even with that 1-sec nerf, and thanks to Grimoire that nerf is practically non-existent. You might be disabled in that 1-sec window of not being able to use Shrunken, but you can simply pop a Grimoire and that all disappears. 100% in favor of NOT removing that 1-sec window, which gives enemy teams more breathing room in managing DR before he balls out of control.
  11. I'd say it's easier now for the average jungle player to not completely fuck his team, but there's still a significant gap between average jungle execution and skilled jungle execution - the former might be passable for Gold and maybe Diamond games, but any higher you get punished severely for not knowing the optimum rotations for the jungle hero in question. It's the difference between a 350gpm Draconis (not bad) and a 500gpm Draconis. As Lunarios also pointed out, there's still the art of balancing jungling v.s. team contributions that the average jungler won't know how to optimize. As a mid
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