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  1. == Matchmaking Maps & Modes == Every Patch I rush to this segment to see if there are other fun modes but I always get disappointed. I really miss Riftwars and Devo wars.
  2. Could be a regular down time due to the new patch though
  3. Now after updating to the 4.9.0 patch, I get this error all the time. I can't join any game other than public games.
  4. I don't know about FoC but in midwars IT IS FREAKING STUPID. Once he gets staff (which is easy to get early in midwars) he spams Q every 2 seconds to steel 10 strength form all enemy heroes! Can you imagine how broken this is? It definitely needs a nerf in midwars. btw Is there another place to report it or will staff members read it here?
  5. You're standing around the tower for 2.5 minutes doing nothing? You do have a "different" way of playing
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